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Employing Polyethnography to Navigate Researcher Positionality on Weight Bias
Nancy Arthur, Darren E. Lund, Shelly Russell-Mayhew, Sarah Nutter, Emily Williams, Monica Sesma Vazquez, and Anusha Kassan


Zidovudine-associated adverse reactions in a longitudinal study of asymptomatic HIV-1-infected homosexual males.
M K. Baum, J J. Javier, E Mantero-Atienza, R S. Beach, Mary A. Fletcher, H E. Sauberlich, D Feaster, and G Shor-Posner


X-chromosome Linked Mutations Affecting Mosaic Expression of the Mouse X Chromosome
Verne M. Chapman, Stephen G. Grant, Rebecca A. Benz, Darla R. Miller, and Dennis A. Stephenson


X-chromosome Gene Order in Different Mus Species Crosses
Dennis A. Stephenson, Stephen G. Grant, Linda J. Mullins, Amy E. Scolese, Amanda J. O'Reilly, and Verne M. Chapman


Wrote Foreword in: Practical Tips in Finding the Evidence, An Allied Health Primer
Karen Grimmer-Somers, Saravana Kumar, Anthea Worley, Guy Martin Nehrenz, and Alexandra Young


Workup for proteinuria.
Samuel K. Snyder and J S. John


WNT10B/β-catenin Signalling Induces HMGA2 and Proliferation in Metastatic Triple-negative Breast Cancer
Peter Wend, Stephanie Runke, Korinna Wend, Brenda Anchondo, Maria Yesayan, Meghan Jardon, Natalie Hardie, Christoph Loddenkemper, Ilya Ulasov, Maciej S. Lesniak, Rebecca Wolsky, Laurent A. Bentolila, Stephen G. Grant, David Elashoff, Stephan Lehr, Jean J. Latimer, Shikha Bose, Hussain Sattar, Susan A. Krum, and Gustavo A. Miranda-Carboni

*Updated as of 05/27/17.