About Nova Southeastern University Institutional Repository NSUWorks

NSUWorks is a service of the Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Libraries. NSUWorks brings together all of the university’s research, scholarly and creative works in a centralized location with the aim of preserving and providing online open access to these works.

NSUWorks - Benefits

Provides online open access to NSU’s intellectual output from a centralized system. Statistical evidence shows that articles published and made openly accessible in institutional repositories can lead to substantial increases in citation impact. [Swan, Alma (2010). The open access citation advantage: Studies and results to date. Retrieved from http://eprints.ecs.soton.ac.uk/id/eprint/18516]

Publishing research in NSUWorks fulfills the requirement mandated by many funding agencies that researchers provide open access archiving for sponsored research to increase the use of the information generated.

Provides a workspace for collaborative projects and development and sharing of teaching materials.

Provides 24/7 online access to NSU research, scholarly and creative works to local and global communities.

More than one user can have access to the same resource simultaneously. This eliminates the constraint of distance especially for NSU distant learners.

Increase the global visibility of NSU scholarly output on Google and other search engines.

Provides long-term archiving and preservation of NSU scholarly research. Ensures intellectual works remain permanently accessible. Provides online access to ‘grey information resources’ such as technical reports, working papers, image galleries, datasets, and other materials that are important to scholars but are not typically published in traditional channels.

Supports NSU Core values (academic excellence and scholarship/research) and NSU Vision 2020 whereby the university will be recognized by accrediting agencies, the academic community, and the general public as a premier, private, not-for-profit university of quality and distinction.

Who do I contact for additional information?

Gena Meroth
University Archivist
Nova Southeastern University, Archives

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