HCBE Faculty Articles

HCBE Faculty Articles


A selection of faculty published articles from the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship.


Submissions from 2019

Operationalizing Thought Leadership for Online B2B Marketing, James Barry and John T. Gironda

Moderating Effects of Institutional Factors on Relationship Quality: A Comparative Analysis of the US, Brazil, and China, James Barry and Sandra Simas Graca

Who Reacts to News?, Doina Chichernea, Collin Gilstrap, Kershen Huang, and Alex Petkevich

Variance in U.S. Hospital Charges in Neonatal Care on the Modal DRG=603: Data-Driven Attributions to Diagnoses, Treatments, Severity of Patient and Characteristics of Hospital, Ravi Chinta, Anne Fiedler, and Mark Aeschleman

Transformational Leadership Style and Organizational Culture in Government, Shawn DeBerry and Ravi Chinta


Leverage, Debt Maturity, and Social Capital, Kershen Huang and Chenguang Shang

Who Follows the Unethical Leader? The Association Between Followers’ Personal Characteristics and Intentions to Comply in Committing Organizational Fraud, Eric N. Johnson, Linda Kidwell, Jordan Lowe, and Phillip M. J. Reckers


Credit Unions during the Crisis: Did they Provide Liquidity?, Pankaj K. Maskara and Florence Neymotin


Showing Up after the Storm: Our "Fickle" Bleeding Heart?, Florence Neymotin and J. Preston Jones


An Investigation of Skill Requirements for Business and Data Analytics Positions: A Content Analysis of Job Advertisements, Amit Verma, Kirill M. Yurov, Peggy L. Lane, and Yuliya V. Yurova

Submissions from 2018


Pricing Currency Call Options, Rebecca Abraham


The Valuation of Currency Put Options, Rebecca Abraham


Is Earnings Yield a Security Return Model Anomaly?, Rebecca Abraham and Charlie W. Harrington


Determinants and Consequences of Share Repurchase Decisions, Rebecca Abraham, J. Harris, and Joel Auerbach


Nonprofit Governance as Succession Planning, James K. Agbodzakey, Felix Kumah-Abiwu, and Jennifer O'Flannery Anderson


Multi-Dimensional Nature of Innovation at Amazon, Jesse Arnett, Brion Goldfinch, and Ravi Chinta

Supply Chain Food Waste Reduction and the Triple Bottom Line, Ryan Atkins, Kimberly Deranek, and Guénola’ Nonet

Entrepreneurial Overconfidence and Firm Survival: An Analysis Using the Kauffman Firm Survey, Hyungkee Young Baek and Florence Neymotin


A Dyadic Examination of Inspirational Factors Driving B2B Social Media Influence, James Barry and John Gironda


Developing Social Selling Influence: An Archetypal Examination of Content Strategies and Influence Tactics, James Barry and John Gironda


Humor Effectiveness in Social Video Engagement, James Barry and Sandra Simas Graca

Building a Human Brand: Brand Anthropomorphism Unravelled, Michael Bendixen, Russell Abratt, and Sivan Portal

Stakeholder Engagement in Corporate Reporting: Towards Building a Strong Reputation, Nivea Blackburn, Val Hooper, Russell Abratt, and Judy Brown

Defamation by Slander and Libel in the Workplace and Recommendations to Avoid Legal Liability, F. J. Cavico and Bahaudin Mujtaba


Examining the Efficacy of the Common Law Tort of Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Bullying in the Context of the Employment Relationship, F. J. Cavico, Bahaudin Mujtaba, Eleanor Lawrence, and Stephen C. Muffler


The Dynamics of Borrower Reputation Following Financial Misreporting, Sudheer Chava, Kershen Huang, and Shane A. Johnson


Gender Parity in “Critical Thinking Proficiency” Among Undergraduate Business Majors: An Empirical Validation of Across Academic Achievement Levels, Ravi Chinta, Claudette Chin-Loy, and Tais S. Barreto

Different Strokes for Different Folks: Generational Differences, Social Salience, and Social Performance, Kevin C. Cox, Steve A. Stewart, Jason Lortie, and Tais Barreto

The Continuing Struggle for Health Equity in America, Daniel Dawes

Does ‘Gender’ Mediate or Moderate the Relationship between ‘Quality of Work Life’ and ‘Organizational Commitment’?: Evidence from SMEs in Egypt, Tarek A. El Badawy, Ravi Chinta, and Mariam M. Magdy


Can XBRL Detailed Tagging of Footnotes Improve Financial Analysts' Information Environment?, Andrew J. Felo, Joung W. Kim, and Jeehae Lim


Roster Survival: An Exploratory Study of College Football Recruits in the Power Five Conferences, Jeffrey J. Fountain and Peter S. Finley

Millennials and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Role of Job Crafting and Career Anchor on Service, Baiyun Gong, Regina A. Greenwood, David S. Hoyte, Arlene Ramkissoon, and Xin He

The Generation for Change: Millennial, Their Career Orientation, and Role Innovation, Baiyun Gong, Arlene Ramkissoon, Regina A. Greenwood, and David S. Hoyte

When Things Go Right in Disasters: The Moderating Effect of Specific Knowledge on Task Performance, Arvind Gudi, Weidong Xia, and Irma Becerra-Fernandez

Strategy Behaviors of Firms in Times of External Shocks and Their Impact on Operating Performance – An Event Study, TeWhan Hahn, Ravi Chinta, and Darshana Palkar

Stakeholder Participation in the Governmental Accounting Standard-Setting Process, Linda Kidwell and Suzanne Lowensohn


Former Members of the U.S. Congress and Fraud Enforcement: Does it help to have Politically Connected Friends on the Board?, Emre Kuvvet and Pankaj Kumar Maskara

Developing Leadership Potential in Graduate Students with Assessment, Self-Awareness, Reflection and Coaching, Eleanor Lawrence, Margaret W. Dunn, and Suri Weisfeld-Spolter

Do Golden Parachutes Matter? Evidence from Firms that Ultimately Filed for Bankruptcy, Pankaj K. Maskara and Laura S. Miller

Novelty and Usefulness Trade-Off: Cultural Cognitive Differences and Creative Idea Evaluation, Marina McCarthy, Chao C. Chen, and Robert McNamee


The Influence of Institutional Regulatory Pressure on Nonprofit Hospital Audit Quality, Michele M. McGowan, Siew Chan, Yuliya Yurova, Chunhui Liu, and Raymond Wong


Do Undergraduate Public Administration, Policy, and Affairs Programs Mimic Graduate Curricula?, David Ryan Miller


Helping Non-English Speakers Speak English in the Workplace, Veronique Moron and Bahaudin Mujtaba


The Duty of Loyalty in the Employment Relationship: Legal Analysis and Recommendations for Employers and Workers, Bahaudin Mujtaba, F. J. Cavico, and Stephen C. Muffler


An Analysis of the Relationship between Regulatory Control and Corruption based on Product and Market Regulation and Corruption Perceptions Indices, Bahaudin Mujtaba, Robert McClelland, Peter Williamson, Nile M. Khanfar, and F. J. Cavico

Brands That Do Good: Insight into Social Brand Equity, Claire Naidoo and Russell Abratt


A Framework for Predicting Media Event Coverage, Evsey Neymotin and Florence Neymotin

Educational Overconfidence and the Path to Business, Florence Neymotin


The Impact of State Subsidies for Family Leave on Foster Care and Adoptions, Florence Neymotin

Interpreting Societal Culture Value Dimensions, Mark F. Peterson and Tais Barreto

Social Bonds and Millennial Consumers' Activity in Social Networks, Maria Petrescu, Costinel Dobre, and Anca-Maria Milovan-Ciuta


Online Piracy in the Context of Routine Activities and Subjective Norms, Maria Petrescu, John T. Gironda, and Pradeep K. Korgaonkar


Consumer Aspirations and Subjective Well-Being, Maria Petrescu and Aycan Kara


Reciprocal Influences and Effects of Viral NWOM Campaigns in Social Media, Maria Petrescu, Tamara Mangleburg, Selima Ben Mrad, and Kathleen O'Leary


Ad Scepticism and Retouch-Free Disclaimers: are They Worth it?, Maria Petrescu, Michela Mingione, John Gironda, and Herbert Brotspies

Effects of Web-Based Instruction and Patient Preferences on Patient-Reported Outcomes and Learning for Women with Advanced Ovarian Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Sue V. Petzel, Rachel Vogel, Julie Cragg, Molly McClellan, Daniel Chan, Julie Jacko, François Sainfort, and Melissa A. Geller

The Role of Brand Authenticity in Developing Brand Trust, Sivan Portal, Russell Abratt, and Michael T. Bendixen


Congruence between Course Modality and Professor Communication: A Study of Pedagogical Impact using Sales Techniques, Cindy B. Rippé, Suri Weisfeld-Spolter, Shannon Cummins, and Yuliya V. Yurova

Managing Across a Corporate and Product Brand Portfolio: Evidence from a Large South African Service Organization, Louise Sevel, Russell Abratt, and Nicola Kleyn


Market Performance Implications of Modularization: Evidence from Global Auto Firms Operating in China, Belay Seyoum and Yunshan Lian

Environmental Responsibility, External Assurance, and Firm Valuation, Divesh S. Sharma, Vineeta D. Sharma, and Barri A. Litt

Does Female Ownership of Business Attenuate the Impact of Business Experience on Profitability: An Empirical Study of Small Businesses, Zhi Tao, Ravi Chinta, and Bahaudin Mujtaba

Rethinking Business Segmentation: A Conceptual Model and Strategic Insights, Art T. Weinstein and Herbert V. Brotspies

Integrating Affect, Cognition, and Culture in Hispanic Financial Planning, Suri Weisfeld-Spolter, Fiona Sussan, Cindy B. Rippé, and Stephen J. Gould

Authentic Moral Leadership, Attributed Charisma, and Cynicism about Change in the Context of a Presidential Election: Understanding the Moderating Role of Crisis Perceptions, Ethlyn Anne Williams, Rajnandini Pillai, Bryan Joab Deptula, and Kevin B. Lowe


Did Charisma “Trump” Narcissism in 2016? Leader Narcissism, Attributed Charisma, Value Congruence and Voter Choice, Ethlyn Anne Williams, Rajnandini K. Pillai, Bryan J. Deptula, Kevin B. Lowe, and Kate Marie McCombs

Individual Adoption of HR Analytics: A Fine Grained View of the Early Stages Leading to Adoption, Yuliya V. Yurova, Regina A. Greenwood, Roslyn Vargas, Cynthia P. Ruppel, and Leslie C. Tworoger

Submissions from 2017

Corporate Identity, Strategy and Change, Russell Abratt and Michela Mingione

Governance and Relationship Flexibility Under Conditions of Supply Market Dynamism, Ryan Atkins

Earnings Yield as a Predictor of Return on Assets, Return on Equity, Economic Value Added and the Equity Multiplier, Joel Auerbach, Rebecca Abraham, and Judith Harris

Family Firm Succession and Performance, Hyungkee Young Baek and David D. Cho

Culture Impact on Perceptions of Communication Effectiveness, James Barry and Sandra S. Graca

An Institutional View of the Communication Flows between Relation-Based and Rule-Based Countries, James Barry, Sandra S. Graca, and Patricia M. Doney

Are Brand Benefits Perceived Differently in Less Developed Economies? A Scale Development and Validation, Samy Belaid, Selima Ben Mrad, Jérôme Lacoeuilhe, and Maria Petrescu

The Behavioral Consequences of Internal Brand Management Among Frontline Employees, Michael Bendixen, Rose du Preez, and Russell Abratt

Consumer Initial Trust towards Internet-Only Banks in France?, Selima Ben Mrad, Kaabachi Souheila, and Maria Petrescu

Unintended Consequences of Regulatory Restraints to Control Sexual Abuse of Female Prisoners in Correctional Facilities, Eddie R. Cargor Sr., Ravi Chinta, and Ralph E. Ioimo

Failure Is an Option: The Entrepreneurial Governance Framework, John Carroll

The Retaliation Doctrine Under Title VII of U.S. Civil Rights Law: A Primer for Managers and Employees, F. J. Cavico and Bahaudin Mujtaba

Diversity, Disparate Impact, and Discrimination Pursuant to Title VII of US Civil Rights Laws: A Primer for Management, Frank J. Cavico and Bahaudin Mujtaba

Wells Fargo's Fake Accounts Scandal and Its Legal and Ethical Implications for Management, Frank J. Cavico and Bahaudin Mujtaba


Restaurant Liability for Contaminated Food and Beverages Pursuant to Negligence, Warranty, and Strict Liability Laws, Frank J. Cavico, Bahaudin Mujtaba, Stephen C. Muffler, Marissa Samuel, and Nicolas-Michel Polito

Decision Support System (DSS) Use and Decision Performance: DSS Motivation and Its Antecedents, Siew H. Chan, Qian Song, Saonee Sarker, and R. David Plumlee


Does Maturity Matter? The Case of Treasury Futures Volume, Doina Chichernea, Christopher P. Crandall, Kershen Huang, and Alex Petkevich


Main Effects of Executive Pay and Board Diversity on Sustainability: Evidence from the Top Global 100 Firms, Ravi Chinta

Personal Wealth and Perceptions of Barriers to Women’s Entrepreneurship in the State of Alabama: The Mediating Effects of Affordable Child Care, Ravi Chinta, Anthony Andall, and Shawn Best


Protecting Our Head Space:The Dismantling of the Affordable Care Act may have Dire Consequences for those Seeking Mental Health Benefits, Daniel Dawes


Determinants of Retirement Portfolio Sustainability and Their Relative Impacts, Jack De Jong Jr. and John H. Robinson


An intersubjective perspective on the role of communal sharing in synergistic co-mentoring: Implications for Human Resource Development, Bryan J. Deptula and Ethlyn A. Williams

Lean Adoption in a Small and Medium Enterprise: Model Validation, Kimberly Deranek, Shweta Chopra, and Gretchen A. Mosher

ERP Simulation Effects on Knowledge and Attitudes of Experienced Users, Kimberly Deranek, Alexander McLeod, and Edie Schmidt

External Auditors' Evaluation of the Internal Audit Function: An Empirical Investigation, Renu Desai, Vikram Desai, Theresa Libby, and Rajendra P. Srivastava

'Collectivism' and 'Assertiveness' as Determinants of Innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises in Egypt, Tarek A. El Badawy, Ravi Chinta, and Mariam M. Magdy


Reexamination of the Relationship between Institutional Ownership Horizon and Corporate Social Responsibility, Otgontsetseg Erhemjamts and Kershen Huang

Currency Volatility and Bid-Ask Spreads of ADRs and Local Shares, Antonio Figueiredo and Ali M. Parhizgari

Contemporaneous ADR Pricing: Intraday Dynamics during Overlapping Trading Hours, Antonio Figueiredo and A. M. Parhizgari

The Evolution and Future of the BRICS: Unbundling Politics from Economics, Antonio Figueiredo, Manuchehr Shahrokhi, Huifang Cheng, Krishnan Dandapani, Ali M. Parhizgari, and Yochanan Shachmurove

Road Racing and Youth Running: Cross Country Coaches' Perspectives, Peter Finley, Jeffrey J. Fountain, and Douglas P. Finley

Selection Issues of Formative Models, Lori Allen Ford