Capstones from 2007

Capstone: The Role of Bioeroding Sponges in the Benthic Community Clionaid Sponges as Bioindicators of Eutrophication, Stacy E. Prekel

Capstone: Impacts of African Dust on Caribbean Corals and Human Health, Kristina Evans

Capstone: The Atlantic Bluefin Fishery: A Case for Unity Through Policy Change, Danielle Parker

Capstone: Use of Satellite and Airborne Remote Sensing to Map Coral Reefs for Coastal Management and Conservation Applications, Amanda M. Bittinger

Capstones from 2006

Capstone: A Review of Nutrient Loading and Effects on South Florida Estuarine and Coastal Systems, Kelly Logan

Capstone: Avoidance and Minimization of Potential Impacts to Seagrass Communities in Broward County, Florida Resulting from Docks and Related Over-water Structures, Julie A. Krawczyk

Capstone: The Biology and Ecology of Shallow Tropical Western Atlantic Gorgonians, Lauren S. Floyd

Capstone: A Historical Review and Present Status of Marine Mammal Morbillivirus, Rachel Ariane Sayre

Capstone: Applying Life History Traits of the Florida Manatee, Trichechus Manatus latirostris, to Future Conservation Strategies, Corinne Annunziata

Capstone: A Review of Coral Reef Diseases and Disease Management in the Caribbean, Michele E. Morgado

Capstone: The Urbanization of the Coastal Zone: Florida, Mark Music

Capstone: Viral Pathogens of Economically Important Penaeid Shrimp, Marisa J. Magrino

Capstone: An Analysis of Serologic and Physiologic Data from Standed Steno bredanensis, Danica Walcutt

Capstone: An Overview of Persistent Organic Pollutants: With Emphasis on Endocrine Disruption in Harbor Seals, Lindsay Dreger

Capstone: The Florida Manatee, Trichechus manatus latirostris, Papillomavirus: Can it Help Prevent Human Cervical Cancer?, Scott Withers

Capstone: Establishing and Maintaining Fully Functional Marine Protected Areas, Brendan M. Bray

Capstone: A Review of the Biology and Ecology of Gastropod Corallivores, Dana Wingate

Capstone: A Possible Management Plan to Prevent the Decline of Steller Sea Lions (Eumetopias jubatus) in Alaskan Waters, Becca Raffel

Capstone: A Survey of Artificial Reef System Methods in the Caribbean Sea, R. A. Schiffbauer

Capstone: Evolution of Aquaria and the Marine Ornamental Industry: Concentration on Live Rock, Stefanie Ouellette

Capstone: Issues Concerning Endocrine Disrupter Chemicals (EDCs) Associated with Coastal Areas, Angela L. Delaney

Capstone: Marine Debris: The Impacts and Effects of Derelict Fishing Gear, Amy E. Hall

Capstone: Marine Protected Areas as a Method for Integrating Marine Resource Conservation and Fisheries Management in the Caribbean: Case study in Trinidad and Tobago, WI., Meiling Ewing-Chow

Capstone: Reef Resilience: Using Marine Protected Areas to Mitigate Natural and Anthropogenic Impacts to Coral Reef Ecosystems, Michael Loomis

Capstones from 2005

Capstone: An Environmental Review of the Condado Lagoon Ecosystem Restoration Project, Yvonne L. Haberer

Capstone: The Effect of Temperature on Loggerhead Sea Turtles, Caretta caretta, with Emphasis on Nesting in Broward County, Florida, Nicole Marie Roddy

Capstone: Organochlorine Residues in Asian Coastal Marine Organisms and the Toxiological Effects on Them and Humans That Consume Them, David Radtke

Capstone: The Effects of Land Derived Nutrients on Marine Protected Areas Within the Wider Caribbean Region, Jesse Webster

Capstone: The Use of Aquatic Macrophytes in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems: A Review, Todd Shuskey

Capstone: An Overview of Beach Erosion and the Impacts of Coastal Development with an Emphasis on the USA East Coast, Leah Motzko

Capstone: Harmful Algal Blooms: Impacts on Finfish and Shellfish Industries, Allison Rangolan

Capstone: The State of Florida’s Seagrasses: An Assessment of Planting Techniques and Management Strategies, Brian Shepard

Capstone: Cetaceans and Acoustics: The Effects of Anthropogenic Sound Pollution, Sara B. Uhl

Capstone: The Golden Crab (Chaceon fenneri), with Particular Emphasis on the Southeast Florida Fishery, Steve Kish III

Capstone: Water Availability in Florida, Kevin Rock

Capstones from 2004

Capstone: Determining Indicators and Methods to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Port Honduras Marine Reserve, Southern Belize, Nicolle Marie Cushion

Capstone: Coral Reef Assessment and Restoration Following Human-Induced Injuries in South Florida: An Overview of Methods and Legal Authority with Recommendations for Regional Consistency, Anne McCarthy

Capstone: The Cambrian Explosion: The Appearance and Evolution of Calcification in the Geologic Record Including a Case Study of Modern Calcification in a Living Species of Ostracod, Triebelina coronata, J. D. Schiffbauer

Capstone: Investigating Thermal Infrared Imaging Technology for Passive Marine Mammal Detection, Amy Lynne Paine

Capstone: Where Have All the Acropora Gone? A Review of the Demise of Acropora palmata and Acropora cervicornis Throughout the Caribbean, Heather Ann Halter

Capstone: A Synopsis of Earth's Changing Climate Since the Cretaceous Period: Past, Present, and Future Implications, Angela Desta Gauthier

Capstone: Sea Turtles Use Multiple Cues for Seafinding, Offshore Migration, and Nest Site Selection: Urban Development Disrupts Cue Recognition, Amber C. Hester

Capstone: The Identification of Drinking Water as a National and Regional Strategic Resource, Within a Coastal Zone Management Framework, in Broward County, Florida, John P. O'Sullivan

Capstone: An Examination of Tetrodotoxin Origin in Cultured and Wild Puffer Fishes, Constantine A. Chigounis

Capstone: Ballast Water: The Introduction of Nonindigenous Species, Sarah E. Grubs

Capstone: Marine Biopiracy: Legal, Economic, and Social Aspects of Prospecting For and Profiting From Biodiversity, Randy Lee Sears Jr.

Capstone: Sustainable Development of Coral Reefs & Related Rsources in Southeast Asia, Michelle G. Cho

Capstones from 2003

Capstone: Protozoal Parasites of Marine Fishes, Debra Draper

Capstone: Marine Fish Assemblage on the Deep Artificial Reefs of Broward County, Florida, USA, Erik W. Neugaard

Capstone: A Review of the Distribution, Seasonal Occurrence and Demography of Selected Species of Large Coastal Sharks From the U.S. Coast and Gulf of Mexico, Matthew Broscious

Capstone: Distribution and Movement of the Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus): Study and Analysis, and Their Implication on Management, Renee Geithner

Capstone: Fish Use of Mitigated Salt Marshes in the United States, Ian Gibson

Capstone: Marine Aquariums: Their Use in Education, Science, Conservation, and Impacts on Coral Reef Biodiversity, Kevin L. Rowe

Capstone: The Effects of Dispersant and Dispersed Oil on the Marine Environment, Ali M. Qasem

Capstone: The Recovery of Scleractinian Corals Following Natural Stress, Christa Jewett

Capstone: A Review of the Wetland Identification, Delineation, and Management Strategies Used in the United States, Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean, Ronald J. Lauck Jr.

Capstone: Intraspecific and Interspecific Sound Variations in Cetacea, With Special Reference to: Megapera novaengliae and Tursiops truncatus, Alicia Beltran

Capstone: Risk-Based Environmental Planning Strategies for Oil Spill Contingency Plans, Austin R. Ives

Capstone: The Dinoflagellate Heterocapsa circularisquama and Its Toxic Effect on the Bivalves of Japan, Alexander Bowland

Capstones from 2002

Capstone: Effects of Nest Relocation on Hatching Success with Analysis of Unsuccessful Eggs (1999-2001) of Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) Nests in Broward County, Florida, Karen Walby

Capstone: Pharmaceutical Pollution: Problems and Management in the Aquatic Environment, Emerald Gustowt

Capstone: The Transplantation of Scleractinian Corals as Applicable to Reef Rehabilitation, Richard C. DeVictor

Capstone: The Use of Derelict Vessels as Artificial Reefs, Paul T. Arena

Capstone: A Review of Marine Protected Areas: Their Objectives, Design and Success, Amanda Burgos

Capstone: Effectiveness of Flipper Tagging for Sea Turtle Management, Amy Woodhead

Capstone: Estimating Fish Populations: A Review, Michele Clayton

Capstone: Chlorination and Chlorination By-Products: The Fate and Effect on Marine Systems, Catrina M. Nelson

Capstone: A Review on the Biological Role and the Economic Importance of Wood Deteriorating Organisms in the Marine Environment, Eduardo J. Koenig

Capstone: An Overview of Biological Indicators - From Protozoa to Fish, Sean M. Ahern

Capstone: Beach Nourishment and its Effects on the Coastal Zone, Jody Sisk

Capstone: Comparison and Determination of Microbial Fecal Indicators in Marine Waters, Laura A. Bauman

Capstone: Invasions of Marine and Estuarine Environments by Non-indigenous Species: A Global Problem and its Management, Melinda Parrott

Capstones from 2001

Capstone: Seasonal and Annual Variations in Sizes of Nesting Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta) in Broward County, Florida as Estimated by Crawl Track Width, Joan Marie Dorrian-Flores

Capstone: Population Dynamics of Four Northern Seals: Population Estimates and the Influence of Internal and External Factors on Population Flux, Jennifer Doland

Capstone: Integrated Coastal Resource Management Plans in Small Island Developing States: Case Study Andros Island Bahamas, Kimberly G. Ferran

Capstone: Sea Turtle Nesting Preferences and Month by Month Study of Sea Turtle Nesting on Broward County Beaches (1992 thru 2000), Gretel M. Porcaro

Capstone: Analysis of Offshore Sea Turtle Occurence and Habitat Structure with Comparison to Onshore Nesting Data from Brevard and Indian River Counties, Sheila Sexton

Capstone: Global Shark Bycatch: Assessment and Solutions, Sean J. Heiss

Capstone: Solid Waste Landfills in Miami-Dade County: The Leachate Problem, Maurice John Lecours

Capstones from 2000

Capstone: Kings Bay / Crystal River Restoration Action Plan Crystal River, Florida, U.S.A., Denise L. Bristol

Capstone: A Review of the Commercial and Recreational Shark Fishing Industry and its Management Within the South Eastern United States Atlantic Ocean; with Sugguestions for Management, Alexia C. Morgan

Capstone: A Diver Operated Protocol for Mapping the Distribution of the Scleractinian Coral, A. cervicornis Off Fort Lauderdale, Florida, German R. Mendez

Capstone: Nutritional Considerations for Tilapia in Aquaculture, Kevin M. Kittredge

Capstone: No-Take Marine Reserves for Reef Fisheries and Ecosystem Management, Mark Chiappone

Capstone: A Review of the Impacts Associated from Florida's Red Tide Toxic Dinoflagellate, Gymnodinium breve, and Suggestions for Prediction, Management, and Control, Marella G. Crane

Capstone: Effects of Anthropogenic Eutrophication and Hypoxic Events in Long Island Sound, Brian P. Sharpe

Capstone: An Overview of the Red Drum Fishery and its Management with a Focus on Florida, Kenneth Liddell

Capstone: Guidelines for Protecting and Cleaning Cultural Properties Affected by Oil Spills, Richard R. Wingrove

Capstone: The Florida Bay and Adjacent Marine Systems Science Program: An Effective Model for Science Program Management?, Dawn M. Boyer (nee Welcher)

Capstones from 1999

Capstone: Manatee Protection From Flood Gates in Miami-Dade County, Florida U.S.A., Keven Eileen Mayo

Capstone: Oil Spill Cleanup Methods and the Use of ArcView (R) / GIS Desktop Software to Show Appropriate Response Techniques, Jose M. Rios

Capstone: Rehabilitation and Patho-Physiological Effects of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill on Sea Otters (Enhydra lutris), Rashmee Subbaiah

Capstone: The Effects of Human Induced Disturbances on the Nesting Distribution and Behavior of Sea Turtles Along the Coastal Southeastern United States and Caribbean Territories: A Critical Review, Pedro M. Gonzalez-Hernandez

Capstone: The Use of Artificial Reefs for Rehabilitation and Mitigation of Anthropogenically Damaged Coral Reefs in South Florida, Susan Teel

Capstones from 1998

Capstone: Restoration of Coastal Wetlands in Miami-Dade County, Florida, Gary R. Milano

Capstone: A Review and Analysis of Entrepreneurial Wetland Mitigation Banking in Florida, Jin-Seok Kim

Capstone: A Review of Mercury in the Aquatic Environment: Mercury in FIsh, Steve Christensen

Capstone: A Review of the Distribution, Migration, and Reproduction of Selected Species in Five Families of Coastal and Pelagic Sharks in the Western North Atlantic Ocean (Alopiidae, Ginglymostomatidae, Lamnidae, Carcharhinidae, Sphyrnidae), Suzanne Piccini

Capstone: Considerations for Developing and Implementing a Prescribed Fire Management Plan for Southeast Florida Coastal Scrub Ecosystems, Kevin J. Petrovsky

Capstone: Coral Reef Monitoring and Assessment Needs and Methods, Mark Ford