Capstones from 1998

Capstone: Freshwater Wetlands Compensatory Mitigation: Is "No-Net-Loss" a Reality?, Sarah Suggs

Capstone: Global Sea-Level Rise and its Impacts on Coastal Areas, Bisman Nababan

Capstone: Remote Sensing Use in Coastal Zone Management: With Emphasis on Identification of Nearshore Hardbottom Communities and Sensitive Marine Communities, Roy Leavitt

Capstone: Summary of Current Information on the Anemonefishes (Genera Amphiprion and Premnas), Elizabeth M. Lu

Capstones from 1997

Capstone: The Role of Volunteer Recreational Scuba Divers in Coral Reef Ecosystem Survey and Monitoring: A Status Report on Programs, Methods, Criticisms and Implications for the Future, Alexander Frederick Brylske

Capstone: A Review of Florida Bay Biology and History, with an Emphasis on Phytoplankton Compositions, Erin L. Kerby

Capstone: An Analysis and the Effectiveness of the Current Rescue and Rehabilitation Techniques for Live Stranded Cetaceans, Michele L. Biringer

Capstone: Ciguatera Fish Poisoning: Origin and Chemistry of Toxins, Pharmacology in Mammalian Systems, and Public Health Impacts in the Caribbean, Clay Beauregard

Capstone: Reducing Bycatch of the Harbour Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) in the Northwestern Atlantic, Gregory Y. Bonnet

Capstone: The Effects of Nutrient Pollution on Coral Reef Communities, Carin Klein

Capstone: The Effects of Oil Spills on the Rhizophora (Red Mangrove) Ecosystem in the Southern United States, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Regions, Jennifer Parris

Capstone: The Relationship Between Environmental Quality and Fish Health and the Impact of Degraded Ecosystems on Fish Populations and Future Fish Abundance, Neysa Foy Gabriel

Capstone: The Relationship Between the Hydrodynamic Environment, the Food Environment, and Egg Production of the Calanoid Copepod, Acartia tonsa, Susan Finkle

Capstone: The Use of Satellite Imagery in Coastal Zone Management (Selected Studies and Applicability), Drew C. Brown

Capstones from 1996

Capstone: Factors Affecting Rhizophora mangle (Red Mangrove) Recruitment in Florida, Kathy Baier

Capstone: Florida Stormwater Management Practices - Emphasizing Wet Detention Basins, Todd L. Hiteshew

Capstone: Orcinus orca: "Flaccid" Fin Syndrome - Natural or Captive Phenomenon, Wende Alexandra Evans

Capstone: Sea Turtle Nest Relocation as a Management Tool in Florida, Michelle Zurawski

Capstone: The Biology of Trichechus manatus and the Effect of Florida's Power Plants on the Manatee, Christopher Lee Gudeman

Capstone: The Conservation and Management of the Amazon River Dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) in South America, Scott William Byrnes

Capstone: The Effect of Produced Water on the Marine Environment and Alternative Disposal Methods, Yasser M. Kattan

Capstones from 1995

Capstone: Coral Reefs of the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman: Effects of Oil Pollution, Salama Al-Marri

Capstone: Environmental Education at Nova Southeastern University: An Assessment, Sara C. Schenker

Capstone: Review of Sea Turtle Management Options in the Sultanate of Oman, Saleh Al-Hinai

Capstone: Selachian Dentition From the Devonian to the Present, with Descriptions of Tooth Sets from Extant Coastal Galeoids of East Central Florida, Gregroy Robert Fairclough

Capstone: Shark Fisheries: Value and Management, Roseline Hernandez Marston

Capstone: The Biolac (R) Aeration System - A Bioremedial Plan for Wastewater Technology, Christine Marie Hofmann Hall

Capstone: The Conservation of the West Indian Manatee in Florida, Heather Alicia Carman

Capstone: The Effects of Coastal Management Practices on Regional Sand Movement between Hillsboro Inlet and Port Everglades Inlet, Inger Elisabeth Hansen

Capstone: The Use of Dispersants to Treat Oil Spills in the Marine Environment, Saoud Al-Habsi

Capstones from 1994

Capstone: Ecological Restoration and Its Application to Anthropogenically Damaged Coral Reefs, Eric D. Fleek

Capstone: Carcinogenesis in Fish Livers: Is Pollution a Factor?, Monika Grossmann

Capstone: Gymnodinium breve as a Causative Agent in the Occurence of Florida Red Tides, Melanie Denes

Capstone: The Review of Sea Turtle Management in the U.S.A., Jung-Hee Cho

Capstone: Toxic Phytoplankton, Lloyd Krassner

Capstones from 1993

Capstone: A Comprehensive Approach to Dune Restoration in South Florida; Key Elements in the Coral Cove Project Palm Beach County, Florida, Kevin E. McAllister

Capstones from 1992

Capstone: Ocean Dumping of Sewage Sludge in the United States: A Management Review, Li-Chieh Chang

Capstone: The Management of Oil Spilled in the Coastal Zone, Steven A. Chasens

Capstone: Gelatinous Zooplankton: Validity of the Concept and Roles of Component Organisms as Predators, Prey and Sources of Marine Aggregates, Denice Teeples

Capstone: Methodology Comparison and Evaluation of Proposed Revisions (14 Aug 1991) to the 1989 Federal Manual for Identifying and Delineating Jurisdictional Wetlands, Bryan W. Alcox

Capstone: Wetlands Considerations for Proper Mitigation, Dean Teeples

Capstones from 1991

Capstone: Global Warming, Sea Level Rise, and Saltwater Intrusion: Some Management Considerations, Werner Tiemann Jr.

Capstone: Artificial Reefs: Their Usefulness in Recruiting Juvenile Fishes and Increasing Fisheries Production, Andrew Barienbrock

Capstone: Alternatives to Conventional Wastewater Treatment: An Ecological, Economic, and Legal Overview, Laura Goepfert

Capstone: Controlling Coastal Erosion on Barrier Islands Along the Eastern Coast of the United States, Linda Moscato

Capstone: Factors Influencing Recruitment of Larval Coral Reef Fishes, Kathleen P. Edgerton

Capstone: Review of Coral Life History and Instrumental Methods for Trace Metal Analysis in Coral, Carla Jean Rollins

Capstone: The Ecological Consequences of Exotic Fish in Florida Waters, Robert J. Brock

Capstone: Wetlands Mitigation Report for City Centre Port St. Lucie, Florida, Joanne Carol Hidalgo

Capstones from 1990

Capstone: A Review of Fish Trapping, Glenda Hiley Kelley

Capstone: Freshwater Prawn Farm Culture Techniques and the Development of Prawn Culture in Jamaica, Amiram Alon

Capstone: Salton Sea, Lasty Best

Capstone: Sampling Techniques for the Enumeration of Juvenile Fish, Craig C. Onque'

Capstone: The Feasability of an Effective Defense Against Shark Attack, David K. Getz

Capstones from 1989

Capstone: Development and Social Behavior of Two Captive Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin Calves (Tursiopsis truncates), Jeffrey D. Weller

Capstone: Evidence for Electromagnetic Detection in Cetacea, Kim H. Driver

Capstone: The Assessment of Groundwater and Soil Hydrocarbon Contamination, James R. Gould

Capstone: Tracking of Florida's Sea Turtles and Manatees Using Radio and Satellite Telemetry, Kraig Raymond Hankins

Capstones from 1988

Capstone: User Fees - A Survey and Assessment Among Six Major Deep Water Ports in Florida, Peter J. Barlas

Capstone: The Effect of Demersal Reef Fishes on Gorgonian Coral Growth: Trophic Interactions in Coral Reefs, Kevin G. Kuta

Capstone: An Overview of South Florida Beach Renourishment and Restoration, Willard Garrett

Capstone: A Review of Techniques for Transplantation of Turtle Grass, Thalassia testudinum, Eric W. Kulz

Capstone: The Coastal and Marine Areas of Uruguay, Gustavo Werther Calvo Damasco

Capstones from 1986

Capstone: Evaluation of Sludge Compost as Growing Medium for Sea Oats, Donald Anderson Stone

Capstones from 1985

Capstone: Guidelines for Aquatic Preserve Management in South Florida: A Study of the Loxahatchee River - Lake Worth Creek and the Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserves, Stacy D. Myers III