Marine & Environmental Sciences Faculty Articles

Marine & Environmental Sciences Faculty Articles


A world leader in marine biological research with focus on coral reef science and shark conservation, The Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Oceanographic Center has been at the forefront of graduate and undergraduate marine science education and oceanographic research for over 49 years. Students, scientists, faculty and staff come to the Center from all corners of the globe, with the common goal of learning from the ocean's living classrooms - in one of the most diverse ecosystems known to man.

 The Oceanographic Center serves as a national, regional, and community resource for information. There are several institutes, the National Coral Reef Institute for research and training on coral reef assessment, monitoring, and restoration; the Guy Harvey Research Institute for fish research and conservation, and the Save Our Seas Shark Center specializing in shark studies. The Center also implements the Broward County Sea Turtle Renesting Program. The Center's facilities include a research library for the many disciplines of marine science, conference room, classrooms, staging area, electron microscopy laboratory, darkroom, machine shop, physical oceanography laboratory, computer center, wetlab/classroom coral workshop, filtered seawater facility and research laboratories.


Submissions from 2017


Coral Larvae are Poor Swimmers and Require Fine-Scale Reef Structure to Settle, Tom Hata, Joshua S. Madin, Vivian R. Cumbo, Mark W. Denny, Joana Figueiredo, Saki Harii, Christopher J. Thomas, and Andrew H. Baird

Manganese Oxide Particles as Cytoprotective, Oxygen Generating Agents, Mohammad Hossein Tootoonchi, Mazdak Hashempour, Patricia Blackwelder, and Christopher A. Fraker


DNA Analysis of Surfactant-Associated Bacteria in a Natural Sea Slick Observed by TerraSAR-X and RADARSAT-2 Over the Gulf of Mexico, Kathryn Howe, Cayla Whitney Dean, John Alexander Kluge, Alexander Soloviev, Aurelien Tartar, Mahmood S. Shivji, Susanne Lehner, Hui Shen, and William Perrie


Biogeophysical and Physiological Processes Drive Movement Patterns in a Marine Predator, Lucy A. Howey, Bradley M. Wetherbee, Emily R. Tolentino, and Mahmood S. Shivji

Forecasting Lionfish Sources and Sinks in the Atlantic: Are Gulf of Mexico Reef Fisheries at Risk?, Matthew Johnston, Andrea Bernard, and Mahmood S. Shivji

A Bank Divided: Quantifying a Spatial and Temporal Connectivity Break Between the Campeche Bank and the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico, Matthew W. Johnston and Andrea Bernard

Diversity of Midwater Cephalopods in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Comparison of Two Collecting Methods, Heather Judkins, Michael Vecchione, April Cook, and Tracey Sutton

A Description of the South Florida Nighttime Recreational Tournament Fishery for Swordfish, Xiphias gladius, David Kerstetter, Amber C. Metallo, Katie S. Davis, and Elaine J. Brewer

Targeted Catch-and-Release of Prohibited Sharks: Sand Tigers in Coastal Delaware Waters, James P. Kilfoil, Bradley M. Wetherbee, John K. Carlson, and Dewayne A. Fox

Effects of EMF Emissions from Undersea Electric Cables on Coral Reef Fish, Audie Kirk Kilfoyle, Robert F. Jermain, Manhar R. Dhanak, Joseph P. Huston, and Richard E. Spieler


The Role of Physiological Traits in Assortment Among and Within Fish Shoals, Shaun S. Killen, Stefano Marras, Lauren E. Nadler, and Paolo Domenici


Short-Term Toxicity of 1-Methylnaphthalene to Americamysis bahia and 5 Deep-Sea Crustaceans, Anthony H. Knap, Nicholas R. Turner, Gopal Bera, Dorothy-Ellen A. Renegar, Tamara Frank, Jose Sericano, and Bernhard Riegl


Short‐term toxicity of 1‐methylnaphthalene to Americamysis bahia and 5 deep‐sea crustaceans, Anthony H. Knap, Nicholas R. Turner, Gopal Bera, Dorothy-Ellen A. Renegar, Tamara Frank, Jose Sericano, and Bernhard Riegl

Temporal Dynamics of Black Band Disease Affecting Pillar Coral (Dendrogyra cylindrus) following Two Consecutive Hyperthermal Events on the Florida Reef Tract, Cynthia L. Lewis, Karen L. Neely, Laurie L. Richardson, and Mauricio Rodriguez-Lanetty

Bioaccumulation and Biomagnification of Mercury and Methylmercury in Four Sympatric Coastal Sharks in a Protected Subtropical Lagoon, Adam G. Matulik, David Kerstetter, Neil Hammerschlag, Timohty Divoll, Chad R. Hammerschmidt, and David C. Evers

Influence of Oceanographic Conditions on Abundance and Distribution of Post-Larval and Juvenile Carangid Fishes in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, John A. Mohan, Tracey Sutton, April Cook, Kevin M. Boswell, and RJ David Wells


The Sponge Microbiome Project, Lucas Moitinho-Silva, Shaun Nielsen, Amnon Amir, Antonio Gonzalez, Gail Ackermann, Carlo Cerrano, Carmen Astudillo-Garcia, Cole Easson, Detmer Sipkema, Fang Liu, Georg Steinert, Giorgos Kotoulas, Grace McCormack, Guofang Feng, James J. Bell, Jan Vicente, Johannes R. Bjork, Jose M. Montoya, Julie B. Olson, Julie Reveillaud, Laura Steindler, Mari-Carmen Pineda, Maria V. Marra, Micha Ilan, Michael W. Taylor, Paraskevi Polymenakou, Patrick M. Erwin, Peter J. Schupp, Rachel L. Simister, Rob Knight, Robert W. Thacker, Rodrigo Costa, Russell T. Hill, Susanna Lopez-Legentil, Thanos Dailianis, Timothy Ravasi, Ute Hentschel, Zhiyong Li, Nicole S. Webster, and Torsten Thomas

Ports and Pests: Assessing the Threat of Aquatic Invasive Species Introduced by Maritime Shipping Activity in Cuba, Charleen O'Brien, Matthew W. Johnston, and David Kerstetter


Primary Utricle Structure of Six Halimeda Species and Potential Relevance for Ocean Acidification Tolerance, Katherine E. Peach, Marguerite S. Koch, Patricia Blackwelder, Debbie Guerrero-Given, and Naomi Kamasawa

Calcification and Photophysiology Responses to Elevated pCO2 in Six Halimeda Species from Contrasting Irradiance Environments on Little Cayman Island Reefs, Katherine E. Peach, Marguerite S. Koch, Patricia Blackwelder, and Carrie Manfrino

Carbon Dots: Promising Biomaterials for Bone-Specific Imaging and Drug Delivery, Zhili Peng, Esmail H. Miyanji, Yiqun Zhou, Joel Pardo, Sajini D. Hettiarachchi, Shanghao Li, Patricia Blackwelder, Isaac Skromne, and Roger M. Leblanc

Terrigenous Sediment-Dominated Reef Platform Infilling: An Unexpected Precursor to Reef Island Formation and a Test of the Reef Platform Size–Island Age Model in the Pacific, Chris T. Perry, Paul S. Kench, Scott G. Smithers, Bernhard Riegl, P. Gulliver, and J. J. Daniells

An Update of the Visual_HEA Software to Improve the Implementation of the Habitat Equivalency Analysis Method, Sylvain Pioch, Matthew W. Johnston, Anne-Charlotte Vaissiere, Fanny Berger, Celine Jacob, and Richard E. Dodge


Thirty Years of Research on Crown-of-Thorns Starfish (1986–2016): Scientific Advances and Emerging Opportunities, Morgan S. Pratchett, Clemon F. Caballes, Jennifer C. Wilmes, Samuel Matthews, Camille Mellin, Hugh P. A. Sweatman, Lauren E. Nadler, Jon Brodie, Cassandra A. Thompson, Jessica Hoey, Arthur R. Bos, Maria Byrne, Vanessa Messmer, Sofia A. V. Fortunato, Carla C. M. Chen, Alexandra C. E. Buck, Russell C. Babcock, and Sven Uthicke


Body Size and Substrate Type Modulate Movement by the Western Pacific Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish, Acanthaster solaris, Morgan S. Pratchett, Zara-Louise Cowan, Lauren E. Nadler, Clemon F. Caballes, Andrew S. Hoey, Vanessa Messmer, Cameron S. Fletcher, David A. Westcott, and Scott D. Ling

Complex Interplay between Depositional and Petrophysical Environments in Holocene Tidal Carbonates (Al Ruwais, Qatar), Samuel J. Purkis, John Rivers, Christian J. Strohmenger, Christopher Warren, Ruqaiya Yousif, Luis Ramirez, and Bernhard Riegl


Distribution and Habitat Use of the Golden Crab Chaceon fenneri off Eastern Florida Based on In Situ Submersible and ROV Observations and Potential for Impacts to Deep Water Coral/Sponge Habitat, John Reed, Stephanie Farrington, Charles Messing, and Andre David

Pruning the Pearlsides: Reconciling Morphology and Molecules in Mesopelagic Fishes (Maurolicus: Sternoptychidae), D. J. Reese, I. Byrkjedal, and Tracey Sutton


Acute and Sub-Acute Toxicity of the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon 1-Methylnaphthalene to the Shallow-Water Coral Porites divaricata: Application of a Novel Exposure Protocol, Dorothy-Ellen A. Renegar, Nick Turner, Bernhard Riegl, Richard E. Dodge, Anthony H. Knap, and Paul Schuler

Global Biogeochemical Provinces of the Mesopelagic Zone, Gabriel Reygondeau, Lionel Guidi, Gregory Beaugrand, Stephanie A. Henson, Philippe Koubbi, Brian R. MacKenzie, Tracey Sutton, Martine Fioroni, and Olivier Maury

Stalked Crinoids Collected off California with Descriptions of Three New Genera and Two New Species of Hyocrinidae (Echinodermata), Michel Roux and Charles Messing

Regional Restoration Benchmarks for Acropora cervicornis, S. Schopmeyer, Diego Lirman, Erich Bartels, David S. Gilliam, Elizabeth Goergen, Sean P. Griffin, Meaghan E. Johnson, Caitlin Lustic, Kerry Maxwell, and Cory Walter


Non‐Linear Thresholds Characterize the Relationship Between Reef Fishes and Mangrove Habitat, Geoffrey S. Shideler, Rafael J. Araujo, Brian K. Walker, Jeremiah Blondeau, and Joseph E. Serafy


Southward Flow on the Western Flank of the Florida Current, Alexander Soloviev, Amy Hirons, Christopher Maingot, Cayla Whitney Dean, Richard E. Dodge, Alexander E. Yankovsky, Jon Wood, Robert H. Weisberg, Mark E. Luther, and Julian P. McCreary


Is the State of the Air-Sea Interface a Factor in Rapid Intensification and Rapid Decline of Tropical Cyclones?, Alexander Soloviev, Roger Lukas, Mark A. Donelan, Brian K. Haus, and Isaac Ginis


DNA Analysis of Traded Shark Fins and Mobulid Gill Plates Reveals a High Proportion of Species of Conservation Concern, Dirk Steinke, Andrea Bernard, Rebekah L. Horn, Paul Hilton, Robert H. Hanner, and Mahmood S. Shivji

The Genera and Species of Comatulidae (Comatulida: Crinoidea): Taxonomic Revisions and a Molecular and Morphological Guide, Mindi M. Summers, Charles Messing, and Greg W. Rouse


A Global Biogeographic Classification of the Mesopelagic Zone, Tracey Sutton, Malcolm R. Clark, Daniel C. Dunn, Patrick N. Halpin, Alex D. Rogers, John Guinotte, Steven J. Bograd, Martin V. Angel, Jose Angel A. Perez, Karen Wishner, Richard L. Haedrich, Dhugal Lindsay, Jeffrey C. Drazen, Alexander Vereshchaka, Uwe Piatkowski, Telmo Morato, Katarzyna Blachowiak-Samolyk, Bruce H. Robison, Kristina Gjerde, Annelies Pierrot-Bults, Patricio Bernal, Gabriel Reygondeau, and Mikko Heino


Language Learning Under Classroom Conditions During the Transition to Hybrid Instruction: A Case-Study of Student Performance During the Implementation of Instructional Technology, Lisbeth O. Swain and Timothy D. Swain

Consensus Thermotolerance Ranking for 110 Symbiodinium Phylotypes: An Exemplar Utilization of a Novel Iterative Partial-Rank Aggregation Tool with Broad Application Potential, Timothy D. Swain, John Chandler, Vadim Backman, and Luisa A. Marcelino

Bleaching Response of Coral Species in the Context of Assemblage Response, Timothy D. Swain, Emily DuBois, Scott J. Goldberg, Vadim Backman, and Luisa A. Marcelino

Towards Integrative Systematics of Anthozoa (Cnidaria): Evolution of Form in the Order Zoanthidea, Timothy D. Swain, Anna M. Strimaitis, Kim E. Reuter, and William Boudreau

Revising Mariametridae: the genera Dichrometra, Lamprometra, and Liparometra (Echinodermata: Crinoidea), Kristian H. Taylor, Greg W. Rouse, and Charles Messing

Systematics of Himerometra (Echinodermata: Crinoidea: Himerometridae) based on morphology and molecular data, Kristian Taylor, Greg W. Rouse, and Charles Messing

Petroleum Hydrocarbon Toxicity to Corals: a Review, Nick Turner and Dorothy-Ellen A. Renegar

Horizontal and Vertical Movements of White Marlin, Kajikia albida, Tagged Off the Yucatan Peninsula, Jeremy Vaudo, Michael Byrne, Bradley M. Wetherbee, Guy Harvey, and A. Mendillo Jr.

Long-Term Satellite Tracking Reveals Region-Specific Movements of a Large Pelagic Predator, the Shortfin Mako Shark, in the Western North Atlantic Ocean, Jeremy Vaudo, Michael Byrne, Bradley M. Wetherbee, Guy Harvey, and Mahmood S. Shivji

Combined Gut Content and Stable Isotope Trophic Analysis of the Pelagic Stingray Pteroplaytrygon violacea (Bonaparte, 1832) Diet from the Western North Atlantic Ocean, Tiffany A. Weidner, Amy Hirons, A. Leavitt, and David Kerstetter

Comparison of coral diversity between big and small atolls: a case study of Yongle atoll and Lingyang reef, Xisha Islands, central of South China Sea, Meixia Zhao, Kefu Yu, Qi Shi, Hongqiang Yan, Bernhard Riegl, Qiaomin Zhang, Hongqiang Yan, Tianran Chen, Guohui Liu, and Ziyun Lin

Gel-like Carbon Dots: Characterization and their Potential Applications, Yiqun Zhou, Alexandra Desserre, Shiv Sharma, Shanghao Li, M. Hensley Marksberry, Charles C. Chusuei, Patricia Blackwelder, and Roger M. Leblanc

Submissions from 2016

Promnestic Effects of Intranasally Applied Pregnenolone in Rats, Laila Abdel-Hafiz, Owen Y. Chao, Joseph P. Huston, Susanne Nikolaus, Richard E. Spieler, Maria A. de Souza Silva, and Claudia Mattern


Lipid Composition of Oil Extracted from Wasted Norway Lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) Heads and Comparison with Oil Extracted from Antarctic Krill (Euphasia superba), Amaya Albalat, Lauren E. Nadler, Nicholas Foo, James R. Dick, Andrew J. R. Watts, Heather Philp, Douglas M. Neil, and Oscar Monroig

Using Probabilities of Enterococci Exceedance and Logistic Regression to Evaluate Long Term Weekly Beach Monitoring Data, Diana Ixchel Aranda, Jose V. Lopez, Helena M. Solo-Gabriele, and Jay Fleisher

Global Population Genetic Dynamics of a Highly Migratory, Apex Predator Shark, Andrea Bernard, Kevin A. Feldheim, Michael Heithaus, Sabine Wintner, Bradley M. Wetherbee, and Mahmood S. Shivji

The Ups and Downs of Coral Reef Fishes: The Genetic Characteristics of a Formerly Severely Overfished but Currently Recovering Nassau Grouper Fish Spawning Aggregation, Andrea M. Bernard, Kevin Feldheim, Richard S. Nemeth, Elizabeth Kadison, Jeremiah Blondeau, and Mahmood S. Shivji

Demographics of a Nearshore Mating Queen Conch (Lobatus gigas) Aggregation on the Southeast Florida Reef Tract, Charlotte A. Berry, Ronald L. Hill, and Brian K. Walker


Satellite and In Situ Salinity: Understanding Near-Surface Stratification and Sub-Footprint Variability, J. Boutin, Y. Chao, We Asher, T. Delcroix, R. Drucker, K. Drushka, N. Kolodziejczyk, T. Lee, Reul Nicolas, G. Reverdin, J. Schanze, Alexander Soloviev, L. Yu, J. Anderson, L. Brucker, E. Dinnat, As Garcia, W. I. Jones, C. Maes, T. Meissner, W. Tang, N. Vinogradova, and B. Ward


Low Florida Coral Calcification Rates in the Plio-Pleistocene, Thomas C. Brachert, Markus Reuter, Stefan Kruger, James S. Klaus, Kevin P. Helmle, and Janice M. Lough

A Sensor Package for Mapping pH and Oxygen from Mobile Platforms, Philip Bresnahan, Taylor Wirth, Todd R. Martz, Andreas J. Andersson, Tyler Cyronak, Sydney D'Angelo, Jimmy Pennise, W. Kendall Melville, Luc Lenain, and Nicholas Statom


Spectral Sensitivity, Spatial Resolution and Temporal Resolution and Their Implications for Conspecific Signalling in Cleaner Shrimp, Eleanor M. Caves, Tamara M. Frank, and Sonke Johnsen

A Framework for Understanding Climate Change Impacts on Coral Reef Social-Ecological Systems, Josh Eli Cinner, Morgan S. Pratchett, Nicholas Anthony James Graham, Vanessa Messmer, Mariana Menezes, Prata Bezerra Fuentes, Tracy Ainsworth, Natalie Ban, Line Kolind Bay, Jessica Blythe, Delphine Dissard, Simon Dunn, Louisa Evans, Michael Fabinyi, Pedro Fidelman, Joana Figueiredo, Ashley John Frisch, Christopher John Fulton, Christina Chemtai Hicks, Vimoksalehi Lukoschek, Jennie Mallela, Aurelie Moya, Lucie Penin, Jodie Lynn Rummer, Stefan Walker, and David Hall Williamson


Comparing Chemistry and Census-Based Estimates of Net Ecosystem Calcification on a Rim Reef in Bermuda, Travis A. Courtney, Andreas J. Andersson, Nicholas R. Bates, Andrew R. Collins, Tyler Cyronak, Samantha J. de Putron, Bradley D. Eyre, Rebecca Garley, Eric J. Hochberg, Rodney Johnson, Sylvia Musielewicz, Tim J. Noyes, Christopher L. Sabine, Adrienne J. Sutton, Jessy Toncin, and Aline Tribollet

The Synergistic Effects of Ocean Acidification and Organic Metabolism on Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) Dissolution in Coral Reef Sediments, Tyler Cyronak and Bradley D. Eyre

Response to Waldbusser et al. (2016): “Calcium Carbonate Saturation State: On Myths and This or That Stories”, Tyler Cyronak, Kai G. Schulz, and Paul L. Jokiel

The Omega Myth: What Really Drives Lower Calcification Rates in an Acidifying Ocean, Tyler Cyronak, Kai G. Schulz, and Paul L. Jokiel


Investigating the Spatial Distribution and Effects of Nearshore Topography on Acropora cervicornis Abundance in Southeast Florida, Nicole D'Antonio, David S. Gilliam, and Brian K. Walker

Biomixing Due to Diel Vertical Migrations of Zooplankton: Comparison of Computational Fluid Dynamics Model with Observations, Cayla Whitney Dean, Alexander Soloviev, Amy Hirons, Tamara M. Frank, and Jon Wood

Diel Variation in the Vertical Distribution of Deep-Water Scattering Layers in the Gulf of Mexico, Marta D'Elia, Joseph D. Warren, Ican Rodriguez-Pinto, Tracey Sutton, April Cook, and Kevin M. Boswell


Evolutionary Heritage Influences Amazon Tree Ecology, Fernanda Coelho de Souza, Kyle G. Dexter, Oliver L. Phillips, Roel J. W. Brienen, Jerome Chave, David Galbraith, Gabriela Lopez Gonzalez, Abel Monteagudo M., R. Toby Pennington, Lourens Poorter, Miguel Alexiades, Esteban Alvarez Davila, Ana Andrade, Luiz E. O. C. Aragao, Alejandro Araujo-Murakami, Eric Arets, Gerardo A. Aymard C., Christopher Baraloto, Jorcely Barroso, Damien Bonal, Rene G. A. Boot, Jose Luis C. Camargo, James A. Comiskey, Fernando Cornejo Valverde, Plinio Barbosa de Camargo, Anthony Di Fiore, Fernando Elias, Terry L. Erwin, Ted R. Feldpausch, Leandro Ferreira, Nikolaos M. Fyllas, Manuel Gloor, Bruno Herault, Rafael Herrera, Niro Higuchi, Euridice N. Honorio Coronado, Timothy Killeen, William F. Laurance, Susan G. W. Laurance, Jon Lloyd, Thomas E. Lovejoy, Yadvinder Malhi, Leandro Maracahipes, Beatriz S. Marimon, Ben-Hur Marimon Jr., Casimiro Mendoza, Paulo S. Morandi, David Neill, Percy Nunez Vargas, Edmar A. Oliveira, Eddie Lenza, Walter Palacios, Maria C. Penuela-Mora, John J. Pipoly III, Nigel C. A. Pitman, Adriana Prieto, Carlos A. Quesada, Hirma Ramirez-Angulo, Agustin Rudas, Kalle Ruokolainen, Rafael P. Salomao, Marcos Silveira, Juliana Stropp, Hans ter Steege, Raquel Thomas, Peter van der Hout, Geertje van der Heijden, Peter J. van der Meer, Rodolfo V. Vasquez, Simone A. Vieira, Emilio Vilanova, Vincent A. Vos, Ophelia Wang, Kenneth R. Young, and Roderick J. Zagt


Genomic Variation Among Populations of Threatened Coral: Acropora cervicornis, C. Drury, K. E. Dale, J. M. Panlilio, S. V. Miller, D. Lirman, E. A. Larson, E. Bartels, D. L. Crawford, and M. F. Oleksiak


How Did the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Impact Deep-Sea Ecosystems?, Charles R. Fisher, Paul A. Montagna, and Tracey Sutton


Sponge distribution and the presence of photosymbionts in Moorea, French Polynesia, Christopher J. Freeman and Cole Easson

Coupled Model Simulation of Wind Stress Effect on Far Wakes of Ships in SAR Images, Atsushi Fujimura, Alexander Soloviev, Shin Hyung Rhee, and Roland Romeiser

Depth as a Driver of Evolution in the Deep Sea: Insights from Grenadiers (Gadiformes: Macrouridae) of the Genus Coryphaenoides, Michelle R. Gaither, Biagio Violi, Howard W. I. Gray, Francis Neat, Jeffrey C. Drazen, R. Dean Grubbs, Adela Roa-Varon, Tracey Sutton, and A. Rus Hoelzel

Effects of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles Derived from Consumer Products on the Marine Diatom Thalassiosira Pseudonana, Andrea Galletti, Seokju Seo, Sung Hee Joo, Chunming Su, and Patricia Blackwelder

Sponge Biodiversity of Beauchene and the Sea Lion Islands and South-East East Falkland, Falkland Islands, with a Description of Nine New Species, Claire Goodwin, Jennifer Jones, Karen L. Neely, and Paul Brickle


Improving the Spatial Allocation of Functional Group Biomasses in Spatially-Explicit Ecosystem Models: Insights from Three Gulf of Mexico Models, Arnaud Gruss, Elizabeth A. Babcock, Skyler Sagarese, Michael Drexler, David D. Chagaris, Cameron H. Ainsworth, Brad Penta, Sergio DeRada, and Tracey Sutton

Effects of Excavating-Sponge Removal on Coral Growth, Ari Halperin, Andia Chaves Fonnegra, and David S. Gilliam

Ecology and Evolution of Phenotypic Plasticity in the Penis and Cirri of Barnacles, J. Matthew Hoch, Daniel T. Schneck, and Christopher J. Neufeld


On the Nature of the Frontal Zone of the Choctawhatchee Bay Plume in the Gulf of Mexico, K. D. Huguenard, D. J. Bogucki, D. G. Ortiz-Suslow, N. J. M. Laxague, J. H. MacMahan, T. M. Ozgokmen, Brian K. Haus, A. J. H. M. Reniers, J. Hargrove, Alexander Soloviev, and H. Graber

The Non-Native Royal Damsel (Neopomacentrus cyanomos) in the Southern Gulf of Mexico: An Invasion Risk?, Matthew Johnston and John L. Akins

Forecasting the Success of Invasive Marine Species; Lessons Learned from Purposeful Reef Fish Releases in the Hawaiian Islands, Matthew W. Johnston, Samuel J. Purkis, and Richard E. Dodge

Combined Stomach Content and δ13C/δ15N Analyses of Oilfish, Escolar, Snake Mackerel and Lancetfish in the Western North Atlantic, Heidi R. Keller, Amy Hirons, and David W. Kerstetter


Surfactant-Associated Bacteria in the Near-Surface Layer of the Ocean, Naoko Kurata, Katie E. Vella, Bryan Hamilton, Mahmood S. Shivji, Alexander Soloviev, Silvia Matt, Aurelien Tartar, and William Perrie

Crossing the Blood–Brain–Barrier with Transferrin Conjugated Carbon Dots: A Zebrafish Model Study, Shanghao Li, Zhili Peng, Julia Dallman, James Baker, Abdelhameed M. Othman, Patricia Blackwelder, and Roger M. Leblanc


Extant Crinoidea (Echinodermata) of Singapore, Charles Messing and Teresa S. Tay


High Resolution Study of the Spatial Distributions of Abyssal Fishes by Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Rosanna Milligan, K. J. Morris, B. J. Bett, J. M. Durden, D. O. B. Jones, K. Robert, H. A. Ruhl, and D. M. Bailey


Fish Communities Associated with Cold-Water Corals Vary with Depth and Substratum Type, Rosanna Milligan, Gemma Spence, J. Murray Roberts, and David M. Bailey

Shoaling Reduces Metabolic Rate in a Gregarious Coral Reef Fish Species, Lauren E. Nadler, Shaun S. Killen, Eva C. McClure, Philip L. Munday, and Mark I. McCormick


Effect of Elevated Carbon Dioxide on Shoal Familiarity and Metabolism in a Coral Reef Fish, Lauren E. Nadler, Shaun S. Killen, Mark I. McCormick, Sue-Ann Watson, and Philip L. Munday


Sex on the Reef: Observations of Coral Spawning in Dry Tortugas National Park, Karen L. Neely and Tracy A. Ziegler


Top Predators Negate the Effect of Mesopredators on Prey Physiology, Maria Palacios, Shaun S. Killen, Lauren E. Nadler, James R. White, and Mark I. McCormick


Effects of Elevated pCO2 and Irradiance on Growth, Photosynthesis and Calcification in Halimeda discoidea, K. E. Peach, M. S. Koch, and Patricia Blackwelder

Differences in Pigmentation Between Life Cycle Stages in Scrippsiella lachrymosa (dinophyceae), Agneta Persson, Barry Smith, Tyler Cyronak, Emily Cooper, and Giacomo R. DiTullio


Comparative Use of a Caribbean Mesophotic Coral Ecosystem and Association with Fish Spawning Aggregations by Three Species of Shark, Alexandra E. Pickard, Jeremy Vaudo, Bradley M. Wetherbee, Richard S. Nemeth, Jeremiah Blondeau, Elizabeth Kadison, and Mahmood S. Shivji

A Half-Century of Coastline Change in Diego Garcia – the Largest Atoll Island in the Chagos, Samuel J. Purkis, Rob Gardiner, and Matthew Johnston

Patterns of Population Structure and Dispersal in the Long-Lived "Redwood" of the Coral Reef, the Giant Barrel Sponge (Xestospongia muta), Vincent P. Richards, Andrea Bernard, Kevin Feldheim, and Mahmood S. Shivji

Effect of Closed v. Intermittent‐Flow Respirometry on Hypoxia Tolerance in the Shiner Perch Cymatogaster aggregata, S. Snyder, Lauren E. Nadler, J. S. Bayley, M. B. S. Svendsen, J. L. Johansen, Paolo Domenici, and J. F. Steffensen


Surface Dynamics of Crude and Weathered Oil in the Presence of Dispersants: Laboratory Experiment and Numerical Simulation, Alexander Soloviev, Brian K. Haus, Michael G. McGauley, Cayla Whitney Dean, David G. Ortiz-Suslow, Nathan J. M. Laxague, and Tamay M. Ozgokmen

Fecundity and Sexual Maturity of the Coral Siderastrea siderea at High Latitude Along the Florida Reef Tract, USA, Adam T. St. Gelais, Andia Chaves-Fonnegra, Allison Brownlee, Vladimir N. Kosmynin, Alison L. Moulding, and David S. Gilliam