Marine & Environmental Sciences Faculty Articles

Marine & Environmental Sciences Faculty Articles


A world leader in marine biological research with focus on coral reef science and shark conservation, The Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Oceanographic Center has been at the forefront of graduate and undergraduate marine science education and oceanographic research for over 49 years. Students, scientists, faculty and staff come to the Center from all corners of the globe, with the common goal of learning from the ocean's living classrooms - in one of the most diverse ecosystems known to man.

 The Oceanographic Center serves as a national, regional, and community resource for information. There are several institutes, the National Coral Reef Institute for research and training on coral reef assessment, monitoring, and restoration; the Guy Harvey Research Institute for fish research and conservation, and the Save Our Seas Shark Center specializing in shark studies. The Center also implements the Broward County Sea Turtle Renesting Program. The Center's facilities include a research library for the many disciplines of marine science, conference room, classrooms, staging area, electron microscopy laboratory, darkroom, machine shop, physical oceanography laboratory, computer center, wetlab/classroom coral workshop, filtered seawater facility and research laboratories.


Submissions from 2009

Practicing Fisheries Conservation Biology within Harvesting Regimes, David W. Kerstetter


Movements and Habitat Utilization of Two Longbill Spearfish Tetrapturus pfluegeri in the Eastern Tropical South Atlantic Ocean, David W. Kerstetter, Eric S. Orbesen, S. Robert Snodgrass, and Eric Prince

The Effects of Trawling on the Physical Condition of the Norway Lobster Nephrops norvegicus in Relation to Seasonal Cycles in the Clyde Sea Area, Rosanna Milligan, A. Albalat, R. J. A. Atkinson, and D. M. Neil

Using a Combined Approach to Explain the Morphological and Ecological Diversity in Phanogenia gracilis Harlaub, 1893 (Echinodermata: Crinoidea) sensu lato: Two Species or Intraspecific Variation?, Christopher L. Owen, Charles G. Messing, Greg W. Rouse, and Mahmood S. Shivji

Recent Region-wide Declines in Caribbean Reef Fish Abundance, Michelle J. Paddack, John D. Reynolds, Consuelo Aguilar, Richard S. Appeldoorn, James Beets, Edward W. Burkett, Paul M. Chittaro, Kristen Clarke, Rene Esteves, Ana C. Fonseca, Graham E. Forrester, Alan M. Friedlander, Jorge Garcia-Sais, Gaspar Gonzalez-Sanson, Lance K. B. Jordan, David B. McClellan, Margaret W. Miller, Philip P. Molloy, Peter J. Mumby, Ivan Nagelkerken, Michael Nemeth, Raul Navas-Camacho, Joanna Pitt, Nicholas V.C. Polunin, Maria Catalina Reyes-Nivia, D. Ross Robertson, Alberto Rodriguez-Ramirez, Eva Salas, Struan R. Smith, Richard E. Spieler, Mark A. Steele, Ivor D. Williams, Clare L. Wormald, Andrew R. Watkinson, and Isabelle M. Cote

Species Delineation and Evolutionary History of the Globally Distributed Spotted Eagle Ray (Aetobatus narinari), Vincent P. Richards, Marcy Henning, Wayne Witzell, and Mahmood S. Shivji

Coral Reefs: Threats and Conservation in an Era of Global Change, Bernhard Riegl, Andy Bruckner, Steve L. Coles, Philip Renaud, and Richard E. Dodge


Markov Models for Linking Environments and Facies in Space and Time (Recent Arabian Gulf, Miocene Paratethys), Bernhard Riegl and Samuel J. Purkis

Model of Coral Population Response to Accelerated Bleaching and Mass Mortality in a Changing Climate, Bernhard Riegl and Samuel J. Purkis

Monitored and Modeled Coral Population Dynamics and the Refuge Concept, Bernhard Riegl, Samuel J. Purkis, Jennifer R. Keck, and Gwilym Rowlands


New Perspectives on Ecological Mechanisms Affecting Coral Recruitment on Reefs, Raphael Ritson-Williams, Suzanne N. Arnold, Nicole D. Fogarty, Robert S. Steneck, Mark J. A. Vermeij, and Valerie J. Paul

Can Circle Hook Use Benefit Billfishes?, Joseph E. Serafy, David W. Kerstetter, and Patrick H. Rice

Morphometric Convergence and Molecular Divergence: the Taxonomic Status and Evolutionary History of Gymnura crebripunctata and Gymnura marmorata in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, W. D. Smith, J. J. Bizzarro, Vincent P. Richards, J. Nielsen, F. Marquez-Flarias, and Mahmood S. Shivji

Isozoanthus antumbrosus, a New Species of Zoanthid (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Zoanthidea) Symbiotic with Hydrozoa from the Caribbean, with a Key to Hydroid and Sponge-Symbiotic Zoanthid Species, Timothy D. Swain

Phylogeny‐Based Species Delimitations and the Evolution of Host Associations in Symbiotic Zoanthids (Anthozoa, Zoanthidea) of the Wider Caribbean Region, Timothy D. Swain

Spatiotemporal Variability in a Sandflat Elasmobranch Fauna in Shark Bay, Australia, Jeremy Vaudo and Michael Heithaus

A Novel Vertebrate Eye Using Both Refractive and Reflective Optics, Hans-Joachim Wagner, Ron H. Douglas, Tamara M. Frank, Nicholas W. Roberts, and Julian C. Partridge


Relationship of Reef Fish Assemblages and Topographic Complexity on Southeastern Florida Coral Reef Habitats, Brian K. Walker, Lance K. B. Jordan, and Richard E. Spieler

The Structure and Sensitivity of the Eye of Different Life History Stages of the Ontogenetic Migrator Gnathophausia ingens, Elizabeth A. G. Whitehill, Tamara M. Frank, and Mary K. Olds


Leucothoidae, Kristine N. White and James Darwin Thomas

Submissions from 2008

Climate Change and Coral Reef Bleaching: An Ecological Assessment of Long-Term Impacts, Recovery Trends and Future Outlook, Andrew Baker, Peter W. Glynn, and Bernhard Riegl

Differences in Acoustic Signals from Delphinids in the Western North Atlantic and Northern Gulf of Mexico, Susan C. Baron, Anthony Martinez, Lance P. Garrison, and Edward O. Keith

Urchins in the Meadow: Paleobiological and Evolutionary Implications of Cidaroid Predation on Crinoids, Tomasz K. Baumiller, Rich Mooi, and Charles G. Messing

Parasites of the Deep-Sea Smelt Bathylagus euryops (Argentiniformes: Microstomatidae) from the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone (CGFZ), Markus W. Busch, Sven Klimpel, Tracey Sutton, and Uwe Piatkowski

A Call to Action for Coral Reefs, Richard E. Dodge, Charles E. Birkeland, Marea Hatziolos, Joan Kleypas, Stephen R. Palumbi, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Robert van Woesik, John C. Ogden, Richard B. Aronson, Billy D. Causey, and Francis Staub


Emerald Crabs Keep Bubble Algae Under Control, Joana Figueiredo

Egg Volume, Energy Content and Fatty Acid Profile of Maja brachydactyla (Crustacea: Brachyura: Majidae) During Embryogenesis, Joana Figueiredo and Luis Narciso

Efficiency of Using Emerald Crabs Mithraculus sculptus to Control Bubble Alga Ventricaria ventricosa (syn. Valonia ventricosa) in Aquaria Habitats, Joana Figueiredo, Luis Narciso, Ralph Turingan, and Junda Lin

Fecundity, Brood Loss and Egg Development Through Embryogenesis of Armases cinereum (Decapoda: Grapsidae), Joana Figueiredo, Gil Penha-Lopes, Justin Anto, Luis Narciso, and Junda Lin

Potential Fertility and Egg Development (Volume, Water, Lipid, and Fatty Acid Content) Through Embryogenesis of Uca rapax (Decapoda: Brachyura: Ocypodidae), Joana Figueiredo, Gil Penha-Lopes, Justin Anto, Luis Narciso, and Junda Lin

Productivity and Profitability of Mithraculus forceps Aquaculture, Joana Figueiredo, Gil Penha-Lopes, Junda Lin, and Luis Narciso

Effect of Starvation During Late Megalopa Stage of Mithraculus forceps (Brachyura: Majidae) on Larval Duration, Synchronism of Metamorphosis, Survival to Juvenile, and Newly Metamorphosed Juvenile Size, Joana Figueiredo, Gil Penha-Lopes, Luis Narciso, and Junda Lin

Reproductive Ecology of the Azooxanthellate Coral Tubastraea coccinea in the Equatorial Eastern Pacific: Part V. Dendrophylliidae, Peter W. Glynn, Susan B. Colley, J. L. Mate, J. Cortes, Hector M. Guzman, R. L. Bailey, Joshua S. Feingold, and I. C. Enochs

Immunosuppression Cascade in the Florida Manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris), Katherine M. Halvorsen and Edward O. Keith


Additional Records of Deep-Sea Fishes from Off Greater New England, Karsten E. Hartel, Christopher P. Kenaley, John K. Galbraith, and Tracey Sutton

Variation in Penis Morphology and Mating Ability in the Acorn Barnacle, Semibalanus balanoides, J. Matthew Hoch


Behavior of an Escolar Lepidocybium flavobrunneum in the Windward Passage as Determined by Popup Satellite Archival Tagging, David Kerstetter, P. H. Rice, Derke Snodgrass, and Eric Prince

Measuring the Length of a Pelagic Longline Set: Applications for Management, David W. Kerstetter

Postrelease Survival of Sailfish Caught by Commercial Pelagic Longline Gear in the Southern Gulf of Mexico, David W. Kerstetter and John E. Graves


Live Release of a Bigeye Sand Tiger Odontaspis noronhai (Elasmobranchii: Lamniformes) in the Western North Atlantic Ocean, David W. Kerstetter and Mae Taylor

Zooplankton and Karenia brevis in the Gulf of Mexico, Kristen M. Lester, Cynthia A. Heil, Mary B. Neely, Danylle N. Spence, Susan Murasko, T. L. Hopkins, Tracey Sutton, Scott Burghhart, Richard N. Bohrer, Andrew Remsen, Gabriel A. Vargo, and John J. Walsh


Comparison of Bacterial Diversity within the Coral Reef Sponge, Axinella corrugata, and the Encrusting Coral Erythropodium caribaeorum, Jose V. Lopez, L. K. Ranzer, A. Ledger, B. Schoch, A. Duckworth, P. J. McCarthy, and R. G. Kerr


Giant Deep-Sea Protist Produces Bilaterian-like Traces, Mikhail V. Matz, Tamara M. Frank, N. Justin Marshall, Edith A. Widder, and Sonke Johnsen


Diverse Bacterial PKS Sequences Derived from Okadaic Acid-Producing Dinoflagellates, Roberto Perez, Li Liu, Jose V. Lopez, Tianying An, and Kathleen S. Rein

Predictability of Reef Fish Diversity and Abundance Using Remote Sensing Data in Diego Garcia (Chagos Archipelago), Samuel J. Purkis, N. A. J. Graham, and Bernhard Riegl

The Role of Topography in Promoting Fractal Patchiness in a Carbonate Shelf Landscape, Samuel J. Purkis and Kevin E. Kohler

A Revision of the Comatulid Genus Stephanometra AH Clark With a Rediagnosis of the Genus Lamprometra AH Clark (Echinodermata: Crinoidea), Dana L. Rankin and Charles G. Messing


A Tale of Germs, Storms, and Bombs: Geomorphology and Coral Assemblage Structure at Vieques (Puerto Rico) Compared to St. Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands), Bernhard Riegl, Ryan P. Moyer, Brian K. Walker, Kevin E. Kohler, David S. Gilliam, and Richard E. Dodge

The 2005 Coral-Bleaching Event Roatan (Honduras): Use of Pseudoinvariant Features (PIFs) in Satellite Assessments, Gwilym Rowlands, Samuel J. Purkis, and Bernhard Riegl


Scleractinian Coral Recruitment to Reefs Physically Damaged by Ship Groundings, E. T. Rubin, Alison L. Moulding, Jose V. Lopez, David S. Gilliam, V. N. Kosmynin, and Richard E. Dodge

Vertical Structure, Biomass and Topographic Association of Deep-Pelagic Fishes in Relation to a Mid-Ocean Ridge System, Tracey Sutton, F. M. Porteiro, M. Heino, I. Byrkjedal, G. Langhelle, C. I. H. Anderson, J. Horne, H. Soiland, Tone Falkenhaug, O. R. Godo, and Odd Aksel Bergstad


Mapping Coral Reef Habitats in Southeast Florida Using a Combined Technique Approach, Brian K. Walker, Bernhard Riegl, and Richard E. Dodge

Submissions from 2007

Geomorphology of the Southeast Florida Continental Reef Tract (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, USA), Kenneth Banks, Bernhard Riegl, E. A. Shinn, Werner Pillar, and Richard E. Dodge


Stalked Crinoid Locomotion, and its Ecological and Evolutionary Implications, Tomasz K. Baumiller and Charles G. Messing

Seasonal Occurrence of Atlantic Cutlassfish, Trichiurus lepturus, in Southeastern Florida with Notes on Reproduction and Stomach Contents, David R. Bryan and Shaun M. Gill


Deep-Diving and Diel Changes in Vertical Habitat Use by Caribbean Reef Sharks Carcharhinus perezi, Demian D. Chapman, Ellen K. Pikitch, Elizabeth A. Babcock, and Mahmood S. Shivji

Virgin Birth in a Hammerhead Shark, Demian D. Chapman, Mahmood S. Shivji, Ed Louis, Julie Sommer, Hugh Fletcher, and Paulo A. Prodohl

Vision in the Hyperiid Amphipod Scina crassicornis, Jonathan H. Cohen and Tamara M. Frank


Preliminary Observations on the Reproductive Cycle and Uterine Fecundity of the Yellow Stingray, Urobatis jamaicensis (Elasmobranchii: Mylioba tiformes: Urolophidae) in Southeast Florida, U.S.A., Daniel P. Fahy, Richard E. Spieler, and William C. Hamlett

Polymorphic Microsatellite Markers for Studies of the Conservation and Reproductive Genetics of Imperilled Sand Tiger Sharks (Carcharias taurus), Kevin A. Feldheim, Adam J. Stow, Heidi Ahonen, Demian D. Chapman, Mahmood S. Shivji, Vic Peddemors, and Sabine Wintner


Diversity and Biogeography of the Scleractinian Coral Fauna of Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Peter W. Glynn, Gerard M. Wellington, Bernhard Riegl, Donald B. Olson, Eric Borneman, and Evie A. Wieters

Mercury Transport and Bioaccumulation in Riverbank Communities of the Alvarado Lagoon System, Veracruz State, Mexico, Jane L. Guentzel, Enrique Portilla, Katherine M. Keith, and Edward O. Keith

Habitat Utilization and Vertical Movements of White Marlin (Tetrapturus albidus) Released from Commercial and Recreational Fishing Gears in the Western North Atlantic Ocean: Inferences from Short Duration Pop-up Archival Satellite Tags, Andrij Horodysky, David W. Kerstetter, Robert J. Latour, and John E. Graves

A Quantitative Ecological Assessment of Diving Sites in the Egyptian Red Sea During a Period of Severe Anchor Damage: A Baseline for Restoration and Sustainable Tourism Management, S. C. Jameson, M. S. A. Ammar, E. Saadalla, H. M. Mostafa, and Bernhard Riegl

Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotopic Signatures of Subsurface Nitrate Seaward of the Florida Keys Reef Tract, James J. Leichter, Adina Paytan, Scott Wankel, Katharine Hanson, Steven Miller, and Mark A. Altabet


First Observations on the Re-Established Southeast Florida Recreational Swordfish Tournament Fishery, Juan C. Levesquee and David W. Kerstetter

The Risk of Polyspermy in Three Congeneric Sea Urchins and its Implications for Gametic Incompatibility and Reproductive Isolation, Don R. Levitan, Casey P. terHorst, and Nicole D. Fogarty

Caudal Spine Shedding Periodicity and Site Fidelity of Round Stingrays, Urobatis halleri (Cooper), at Seal Beach, California: Implications for Stingray-related Injury Management, Christopher G. Lowe, Greg J. Moss, Greg Hoisington IV, Jeremy Vaudo, Daniel P. Cartamil, Megan M. Marcotte, and Yannis P. Papastamatiou

Genetic Tracking of Basking Shark Products in International Trade, Jennifer E. Magnussen, Ellen K. Pikitch, S. C. Clarke, C. Nicholson, A. Rus Hoelzel, and Mahmood S. Shivji


The Crinoid Fauna (Echinodermata: Crinoidea) of Palau, Charles G. Messing

In Situ Growth Rates in Tropical Western Atlantic Sea Lilies (Echinodermata: Crinoidea), Charles G. Messing, Jérôme David, Michel Roux, Nadia Améziane, and Tomasz K. Baumiller


Employing Spatial Metrics in Urban Land-Use / Land-Cover Mapping: Comparing the Getis and Geary Indices, Soe W. Myint, Elizabeth A. Wentz, and Samuel J. Purkis

The Response of Gastric pH and Motility to Fasting and Feeding in Free Swimming Blacktip Reef Sharks, Carcharhinus melanopterus, Yannis P. Papastamatiou, Samuel J. Purkis, and Kim N. Holland

Modelling Survival and Growth of Mithraculus forceps' Larvae and Juveniles (A. Milne Edwards, 1875) (Decapoda: Brachyura: Majidae) in Aquaculture, Gil Penha-Lopes, Joana Figueiredo, and Luis Narciso


The Statistics of Natural Shapes in Modern Coral Reef Landscapes, Samuel J. Purkis, Kevin E. Kohler, Bernhard Riegl, and Steven O. Rohmann

Genetic Connectivity in the Florida Reef System: Comparative Phylogeography of Commensal Invertebrates With Contrasting Reproductive Strategies, Vincent P. Richards, James Darwin Thomas, Michael J. Stanhope, and Mahmood S. Shivji

Sedimentary Facies of the Eastern Pacific's Northernmost Reef-Like Setting (Cabo Pulmo, Mexico), Bernhard Riegl, J. Halfar, Samuel J. Purkis, and L. Godinez-Orta

Coupled Renewal Model of Ocean Viscous Sublayer, Thermal Skin Effect and Interfacial Gas Transfer Velocity, Alexander Soloviev

An Approach to Estimation of Near-Surface Turbulence and CO2 Transfer Velocity from Remote Sensing Data, Alexander Soloviev, Mark A. Donelan, Hans Graber, Brian K. Haus, and Peter Schluessel

Diversity and Specificity of Caribbean Sponge–Zoanthid Symbioses: A Foundation for Understanding the Adaptive Significance of Symbioses and Generating Hypotheses About Higher‐Order Systematics, Timothy D. Swain and Janie L. Wulff


New Species and Host Associations of Commensal Leucothoid Amphipods from Coral Reefs in Florida and Belize (Crustacea:Amphipoda), James Darwin Thomas and Kristine N. Klebba

Cellular Reactions to Sedimentation and Temperature Stress in the Caribbean Coral Montastraea cavernosa, Bernardo Vargas-Ángel, Esther C. Peters, Esti Kramarsky-Winter, David S. Gilliam, and Richard E. Dodge

Submissions from 2006

Possible Causes, Consequences of Changes and Future of Coral Reefs in Dahab, Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea Egypt, Mohamed S. A. Ammar, Jessica Bouwmeester, Bernhard Riegl, Jacques Hausser, and Alexander Keck

Species Assemblages of Enterococcus Indicate Potential Sources of Fecal Bacteria at a South Florida Recreational Beach, Tonya Davidian Bonilla, Kara L. Nowosielski, Nwadiuto Esiobu, Donald S. McCorquodale Jr., and Andrew Rogerson

Identification of Shark Species Composition and Proportion in the Hong Kong Shark Fin Market Based on Molecular Genetics and Trade Records, Shelley C. Clarke, Jennifer E. Magnussen, Debra Abercrombie, Murdoch K. McAllister, and Mahmood S. Shivji

Visual Physiology of the Antarctic Amphipod Abyssorchomene plebs, Jonathan H. Cohen and Tamara M. Frank

Revision of the Pentacrinid Stalked Crinoids of the Genus Endoxocrinus (Echinodermata, Crinoidea), with a Study of Environmental Control of Characters and Its Consequences for Taxonomy, Jérôme David, Michel Roux, Charles G. Messing, and Nadia Améziane

Distribution and Abundance of Micronekton and Macrozooplankton in the NW Weddell Sea: Relation to a Spring Ice-Edge Bloom, Joseph Donnelly, Tracey Sutton, and Joseph J. Torres

Productivity Improvement of Lysmata seticaudata (Risso, 1816) Larval Rearing Protocol Through Modelling, Joana Figueiredo and L. Narciso

Habitat of Juvenile Caribbean Reef Sharks, Carcharhinus perezi, at Two Oceanic Insular Marine Protected Areas in the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean: Fernando de Noronha Archipelago and Atol das Rocas, Brazil, Ricardo C. Garla, Demian D. Chapman, Mahmood S. Shivji, Bradley M. Wetherbee, and A. F. Amorim

Movement Patterns of Young Caribbean Reef Sharks, Carcharhinus perezi, at Fernando de Noronha Archipelago, Brazil: the Potential of Marine Protected Areas for Conservation of a Nursery Ground, Ricardo C. Garla, Demian D. Chapman, Bradley M. Wetherbee, and Mahmood S. Shivji

Oceanography, Sedimentology and Acoustic Mapping of a Bryomol Carbonate Factory in the Northern Gulf of California, Mexico, J. Halfar, M. Strasser, Bernhard Riegl, and Lucio Godinez-Orta


Documenting Decadal Spatial Changes in Seagrass and Acropora palmata Cover by Aerial Photography Analysis in Vieques, Puerto Rico: 1937-2000, Luz Raquel Hernandez-Cruz, Samuel J. Purkis, and Bernhard Riegl


Sedimentology and Acoustic Mapping of Modern Rhodolith Facies on a Non-Tropical Carbonate Shelf (Gulf of California, Mexico), Steffen Hetzinger, Jochen Halfar, Bernhard Riegl, and Lucio Godinez-Orta


Effects of Circle Versus J-style Hooks on Target and Non-Target Species in a Pelagic Longline Fishery, David W. Kerstetter and John E. Graves


Survival of White Marlin (Tetrapturus albidus) Released from Commercial Pelagic Longline Gear in the Western North Atlantic, David W. Kerstetter and John E. Graves

A Modern Soft-Bottom, Shallow Water Crinoid Fauna (Echinodermata) from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, Charles G. Messing, D. L. Meyer, U. E. Siebeck, L. S. Jermiin, D. I. Vaney, and G. W. Rouse


Metabolites from the Marine-Derived Fungus Chromocleista sp. Isolated from a Deep-Water Sediment Sample Collected in the Gulf of Mexico, Young Chul Park, Sarath P. Gunasekera, Jose V. Lopez, Peter J. McCarthy, and Amy E. Wright

Can Larvae Produced From Stored Sperm in the Ornamental Crab Mithraculus forceps (A. Milne Edwards, 1875) (Decapoda: Brachyura: Majidae) Be Used in Aquaculture?, Gil Penha-Lopes, Andrew L. Rhyne, Joana Figueiredo, Junda Lin, and Luis Narciso

White Vesicles in the Skin of Aplysia californica Cooper: A Proposed Excretory Function, Jeffrey S. Prince, Matthew J. Lynn, and Patricia Blackwelder