A world leader in marine biological research with focus on coral reef science and shark conservation, The Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Oceanographic Center has been at the forefront of graduate and undergraduate marine science education and oceanographic research for over 49 years. Students, scientists, faculty and staff come to the Center from all corners of the globe, with the common goal of learning from the ocean's living classrooms - in one of the most diverse ecosystems known to man.

 The Oceanographic Center serves as a national, regional, and community resource for information. There are several institutes, the National Coral Reef Institute for research and training on coral reef assessment, monitoring, and restoration; the Guy Harvey Research Institute for fish research and conservation, and the Save Our Seas Shark Center specializing in shark studies. The Center also implements the Broward County Sea Turtle Renesting Program. The Center's facilities include a research library for the many disciplines of marine science, conference room, classrooms, staging area, electron microscopy laboratory, darkroom, machine shop, physical oceanography laboratory, computer center, wetlab/classroom coral workshop, filtered seawater facility and research laboratories.


Submissions from 2003


Energetic Baroclinic Super-Tidal Oscillations on the Southeast Florida shelf, Alexander Soloviev, Mark E. Luther, and Robert H. Weisberg


Coastal Observatory Investigates Energetic Current Oscillations on Southeast Florida Shelf, Alexander Soloviev, Rebekah J. Walker, Robert H. Weisberg, and Mark E. Luther

High-Latitude Acropora cervicornis Thickets Off Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, Bernardo Vargas-Ángel, James Darwin Thomas, and S. Michael Hoke


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Submissions from 2002

Special Issue of Coral Reefs, on Remote Sensing of Coral Reefs, Serge Andrefouet and Bernhard Riegl


Characteristics of Shark Bycatch Observed on Pelagic Longlines Off the Southeastern United States, 1992-2000, Lawrence R. Beerkircher, Enric Cortes, and Mahmood S. Shivji

Density, Spatial Distribution and Size Structure of Sea Urchins in Florida Keys Coral Reef and Hard-Bottom Habitats, Mark Chiappone, Dione W. Swanson, and Steven Miller

Large-Scale Surveys on the Florida Reef Tract Indicate Poor Recovery of the Long-Spined Sea Urchin Diadema antillarum, Mark Chiappone, Dione W. Swanson, Steven Miller, and S. G. Smith

Occurrence and Biological Impacts of Fishing Gear and Other Marine Debris in the Florida Keys, Mark Chiappone, A. White, Dione W. Swanson, and Steven Miller

Effects of a Decrease in Downwelling Irradiance on the Daytime Vertical Distribution Patterns of Zooplankton and Micronekton, Tamara M. Frank and Edith A. Widder

High Resolution Ground Verification, Cluster Analysis and Optical Model of Reef Substrate Coverage on Landsat TM Imagery (Red Sea, Egypt), Samuel J. Purkis, J. A. M. Kenter, E. K. Oikonomou, and I. S. Robinson

Holocene Coral Reef Rubble and Its Binding Agents, M. Rasser and Bernhard Riegl

Effects of the 1996 and 1998 Positive Sea-Surface Temperature Anomalies on Corals, Coral Diseases and Fish in the Arabian Gulf (Dubai, UAE), Bernhard Riegl


Artificial Keys to the Genera of Living Stalked Crinoids (Echinodermata), Michel Roux, Charles G. Messing, and Nadia Améziane

Air-Sea Gas Exchange: Cool Skin and Gas Transfer Velocity in the North Atlantic Ocean During GasEx-98, P. Schlussel and Alexander Soloviev


Very High-Frequency Radar Mapping of Surface Currents, Lynn K. Shay, Thomas M. Cook, Hartmut Peters, Arthur Mariano, Robert H. Weisberg, P. Edgar An, Alexander Soloviev, and Mark E. Luther

Sharp Frontal Interfaces in the Near-Surface Layer of the Tropical Ocean, Alexander Soloviev, Roger Lukas, and Hiroshi Matsuura

Book Review of Committee on the Evaluation, Design, and Monitoring of Marine Reserves and Protected Areas in the United States; Ocean Studies Board; Commission on Geosciences, Environment, and Resources; National Research Council (2001) Marine Protected Areas: Tools for Sustaining Ocean Ecosystems, James Darwin Thomas

Sexual Reproduction of Acropora cervicornis in Nearshore Waters Off Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, Bernardo Vargas-Ángel and James Darwin Thomas


In Situ Observations on Three Species of Large-Finned Deep-Sea Squids, M. Vecchione, C. F. E. Roper, Edith A. Widder, and Tamara M. Frank


Fish Assemblages Associated with Artificial Reefs of Concrete Aggregates or Quarry Stone Offshore Miami Beach, Florida, USA, Brian K. Walker, Bruce Henderson, and Richard E. Spieler

Submissions from 2001


A Century of Environmental Variability in Oyster Bay Using Ostracode Ecological and Isotopic Data as Paleoenvironmental Tools, Carlos A. Alvarez-Zarikian, Peter Koenraad Swart, Terri Hood, Patricia Blackwelder, Terry A. Nelsen, and Charles Featherstone

Comparatively High Densities of the Long-Spined Sea Urchin in the Dry Tortugas, Florida, Mark Chiappone, Steven Miller, Dione W. Swanson, Jerald Ault, and S. G. Smith


Responses of Three Coral Communities to the 1997–98 El Niño–Southern Oscillation: Galápagos Islands, Ecuador, Joshua S. Feingold

Temporal Records of δ13C and δ15N in North Pacific Pinnipeds: Inferences Regarding Environmental Change and Diet, Amy Hirons, Donald M. Schell, and Bruce P. Finney

Growth Rates of Vibrissae of Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina) and Steller Sea Lions (Eumetopias jubatus), Amy Hirons, Donald M. Schell, and David J. St. Aubin


Review of the Marine Mammals of the Gulf of Mexico, Edward O. Keith

Degradation of Emergent and Submerged Macrophytes in an Oxbow Lake of an Embanked Backwater System: Implications for the Terrestrialization Process, Alexander K. T. Kirschner, Bernhard Riegl, and Branko Velimirov

Serological Changes Associated with Gill-Net Capture and Restraint in Three Species of Sharks, C. Manire, R. Hueter, Eric V. Hull, and Richard E. Spieler

A Revision of the Zenometridae (new rank) (Echinodermata, Crinoidea, Comatulidina), Charles G. Messing and Christopher M. White

An Extensive Deep Reef Terrace on the Tortugas Bank, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Steven Miller, Mark Chiappone, Dione W. Swanson, Jerald Ault, S. G. Smith, G. Meester, J. Luo, E. Franklin, James A. Bohnsack, Doug Harper, and David B. McClellan


Applying Habitat Equivalency Analysis for Coral Reef Damage Assessment and Restoration, J. Walter Milon and Richard E. Dodge (editor)

Rapid and Simultaneous Identification of Body Parts from the Morphologically Similar Sharks Carcharhinus obscurus and Carcharhinus plumbeus (Carcharhinidae) Using Multiplex PCR, Melissa Pank, Michael Stanhope, Lisa Natanson, Nancy Kohler, and Mahmood S. Shivji


A Preliminary Checklist of the Shallow-Water Crinoids of the Kerama Islands, Okinawa, Japan., Nicolas J. Pilcher and Charles G. Messing


Degradation of Reef Structure, Coral and Fish Communities in the Red Sea by Ship Groundings and Dynamite Fisheries, Bernhard Riegl

Inhibition of Reef Framework by Frequent Disturbance: Examples From the Arabian Gulf, South Africa, and the Cayman Islands, Bernhard Riegl


Mapping and Monitoring of Coral Communities and Their Spatial Patterns Using a Surface-Based Video Method from a Vessel, Bernhard Riegl, Jan L. Korrubel, and Charles Martin

Cryptic Tissues Inside Acropora Frameworks (Indonesia): A Mechanism to Enhance Tissue Survival in Hard Times While Also Increasing Framework Density, Bernhard Riegl and Werner Pillar

Soft Coral Mimesis by an Aeolidiid Nudibranch, Bernhard Riegl and Josef Schaffelner

A System for High-Resolution Zooplankton Imaging, Scott Samson, T. L. Hopkins, Andrew Remsen, Lawrence Langebrake, Tracey Sutton, and Jim Patten


Site-Dependent Differences in Artificial Reef Function: Implications for Coral Reef Restoration, Robin L. Sherman, David S. Gilliam, and Richard E. Spieler


An Approach to Parameterization of the Oceanic Turbulent Boundary Layer in the Western Pacific Warm Pool, Alexander Soloviev, Roger Lukas, and Peter Hacker


Environmental Analysis of Cores from the Helike Delta, Gulf of Corinth, Greece, S. Soter, Patricia Blackwelder, C. Tziavos, D. Katsonopoulou, Terri Hood, and Carlos A. Alvarez Zarikian

Circadian Timing of Meal Feeding and Growth in Fishes, Richard E. Spieler


Artificial Substrate and Coral Reef Restoration: What Do We Need to Know to Know What We Need, Richard E. Spieler, David S. Gilliam, and Robin L. Sherman

Multisensor Sampling of Pelagic Ecosystem Variables in a Coastal Environment to Estimate Zooplankton Grazing Impact, Tracey Sutton, T. L. Hopkins, Andrew Remsen, and Scott Burghhart


NCRI 3-D Visualization of Coral Reef Habitat, Brian K. Walker


Gross Brain Morphology in the Yellow Stingray, Urobatis jamaicensis, Brian K. Walker and Robin L. Sherman

The Speed of an Isolume: A Shrimp's Eye View, Edith A. Widder and Tamara M. Frank

Submissions from 2000

Temporal Resolution in Mesopelagic Crustaceans, Tamara M. Frank


Andros Island Flora and Fauna in the New Millennium, Jose V. Lopez, Cheryl L. Peterson, Felix Morales, and Luther Brown


ACTH4 -10, Substance P, and Dizolcipine (Mk-801) Accelerate Functional Recovery After Hemilabyrinthectomy in Goldfish, Rosana Mattioli, Joseph P. Huston, and Richard E. Spieler

Biostromal Coral Facies—A Miocene Example from the Leitha Limestone (Austria) and its Actualistic Interpretation, Bernhard Riegl and Werner Piller

Mapping of Benthic Habitats in Northern Safaga Bay (Red Sea, Egypt): A Tool for Proactive Management, Bernhard Riegl and Werner Piller


VHF Radar Detects Oceanic Submesoscale Vortex Along Florida Coast, Lynn K. Shay, Thomas M. Cook, Brian K. Haus, Jorge Martinez, Hartmut Peters, Arthur Mariano, John VanLeer, Edgar An, Samuel Smith, Alexander Soloviev, Robert H. Weisberg, and Mark E. Luther


Horizontal Structure of the Upper Ocean Velocity and Density Fields in the Western Equatorial Pacific Warm Pool: Depth Range from 20 to 250 m, Alexander Soloviev, Roger Lukas, and Peter Hacker

Submissions from 1999

Comparative Study of Temporal Resolution in the Visual Systems of Mesopelagic Crustaceans, Tamara M. Frank

Comparative Study of the Spectral Sensitivities of Mesopelagic Crustaceans, Tamara M. Frank and Edith A. Widder

Ultrastructural Analysis of Folliculogenesis in the Ovary of the Yellow Spotted Stingray, Urolophus jamaicensis, William C. Hamlett, M. Jezior, and Richard E. Spieler

The Daily Feeding Rhythm to Demand Feeders and the Effects of Timed Meal-Feeding on the Growth of Juvenile Florida Pompano, Trachinotus carolinus, Matthew J. Heilman and Richard E. Spieler

Algal Blooms on Coral Reefs: What Are the Causes?, Terry Hughes, Alina Szmant, Robert S. Steneck, Robert Carpenter, and Steven Miller

A Coral Damage Index and its Application to Diving Sites in the Egyptian Red Sea, S. C. Jameson, M. S. A. Ammar, E. Saadalla, H. M. Mostafa, and Bernhard Riegl

Predicting High-Frequency Upwelling: Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Temperature Anomalies on a Florida Coral Reef, James Leichter and Steven Miller

Spectral Sensitivity of Vision and Bioluminescence in the Midwater Shrimp Sergestes similis, S. M. Lindsay, Tamara M. Frank, J. Kent, and Michael I. Latz


Molecular Techniques Reveal Wide Phyletic Diversity of Heterotrophic Microbes Associated with Discodermia spp. (Porifera: Demospongiae), Jose V. Lopez, Peter J. McCarthy, Kathleen E. Janda, Robin Willoughby, and Shirley A. Pomponi

Lack of Chemical Defense in Two Species of Stalked Crinoids: Support for the Predation Hypothesis for Mesozoic Bathymetric Restriction, James B. McClintock, Bill J. Baker, Tomasz K. Baumiller, and Charles G. Messing

Effects of Nutrients versus Herbivores on Reef Algae: A New Method for Manipulating Nutrients on Coral Reefs, M. W. Miller, M. E. Hay, Steven Miller, D. Malone, E. E. Sotka, and Alina Szmant

Corals in a Non-Reef Setting in the Southern Arabian Gulf (Dubai, UAE): Fauna and Community Structure in Response to Recurring Mass Mortality, Bernhard Riegl

Ecological Parameters of Dynamited Reefs in the Northern Red Sea and their Relevance to Reef Rehabilitation, Bernhard Riegl and K. E. Luke

Coral Frameworks Revisited - Reefs and Coral Carpets in the Northern Red Sea, Bernhard Riegl and Werner Piller

A Preliminary Examination of Depth Associated Spatial Variation in Fish Assemblages on Small Artificial Reefs, Robin L. Sherman, David S. Gilliam, and Richard E. Spieler


A Near-Surface Microstructure Sensor System Used During TOGA COARE. Part II: Turbulence Measurements, Alexander Soloviev, Roger Lukas, Peter Hacker, H. Schoeberlein, M. Baker, and A. Arjannikov

Host-Plant Specialization by a Non-Herbivorous Amphipod: Advantages for the Amphipod and Costs for the Seaweed, Erik E. Sotka, Mark E. Hay, and James Darwin Thomas

Post-Trial Administration of H1 Histamine Receptor Blocker Improves Appetitive Reversal Learning and Memory in Goldfish, Carassius auratus, Richard E. Spieler, Carrie A. Nelson, Joseph P. Huston, and Rosana Mattioli


The Use of Proxy Chemical Records in Coral Skeletons to Ascertain Past Environmental Conditions in Florida Bay, Peter Koenraad Swart, Genevieve F. Healy, Lisa Greer, Michael Lutz, Amel Saied, Daniel Anderegg, Richard E. Dodge (editor), and David Rudnick


Moolapheonoides utmas, New Species, from Coral Reefs in the Madang Lagoon, Papua New Guinea (Amphipoda, Cyproideidae), James Darwin Thomas

Submissions from 1998

Coral Diseases and Drupella cornus Invasion in the Red Sea, Arnfried Antonius and Bernhard Riegl


Florida Coral Reef Damage from Nuclear Submarine Grounding and Proposed Restoration, Kenneth Banks, Richard E. Dodge (editor), Lou Fisher, David K. Stout, and Walter Jaap


Mesures directes et modélisation de la croissance rapide d'un crinoïde pédonculé bathyal au large des Bahamas (Direct Measurement and Inferred Model of Rapid Growth in a Bathyal Stalked Crinoid from Bahamas Islands), Jérôme David, Charles G. Messing, Tomasz K. Baumiller, Nadia Améziane, and Michel Roux


Reproductive Accomodations for Gestation in the Atlantic Guitarfish, Rhinobatos lentiginosus, Rhinobatidae, William C. Hamlett, Matthew K. Hysell, John Galvin, and Richard E. Spieler


Midwater Fishes and Shrimps as Competitors and Resource Partitioning in Low Latitude Oligotrophic Ecosystems, T. L. Hopkins and Tracey Sutton

A New Coral Disease from the Southern Arabian Gulf, Jan L. Korrubel and Bernhard Riegl

Conditioned Place-Preference Analysis in the Goldfish with the H1 Histamine Antagonist Chlorpheniramine, Rosana Mattioli, Carrie A. Nelson, Joseph P. Huston, and Richard E. Spieler

Revision of the Recent Indo-West Pacific Comatulid Genus Comaster Agassiz. Part 1. The Type Species of Comaster and Phanogenia Loven (Echinodermata: Crinoidea: Comasteridae), Charles G. Messing

Florida's Mystery Coral-Killer Identified, Laurie L. Richardson, Walter Goldberg, Kevin G. Kuta, Richard B. Aronson, Garriet W. Smith, Kim B. Ritchie, John C. Halas, Joshua S. Feingold, and Steven L. Miller

A New Reef Marine Reserve in the Southern Arabian Gulf-Jebel Ali (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), Bernhard Riegl


A Near-Surface Microstructure Sensor System Used During TOGA COARE. Part I: Bow Measurements., Alexander Soloviev, Roger Lukas, Sharon DeCarlo, Jefrey Snyder, A. Arjannikov, Vyacheslav Turenko, M. Baker, and Dmitry Khlebnikov


Comments on ‘‘Air–Sea Gas Transfer: Mechanisms and Parameterization’’, Alexander Soloviev and Peter Schlüssel

Stable Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Corals from the Gulf of Guinea as Indicators of Periods of Extreme Precipitation Conditions in the Sub-Sahara, Peter Koenraad Swart, Kathy S. White, David Enfield, Richard E. Dodge, and Peter Milne

Submissions from 1997


A Possible Link Between Coral Diseases and a Corallivorous Snail (Drupella cornus) Outbreak in the Red Sea, Arnfried Antonius and Bernhard Riegl

The Correlation of Downwelling Irradiance and Staggered Vertical Migration Patterns of Zooplankton in Wilkinson Basin, Gulf of Maine, Tamara M. Frank and Edith A. Widder


Discrimination of Species in the Montastrea annularis Complex using Multiple Genetic Loci, Jose V. Lopez and Nancy Knowlton

Distribution and Environmental Control of Coral Assemblages in Northern Safaga Bay (Red Sea, Egypt), Bernhard Riegl and W. E. Piller

Cool and Freshwater Skin of the Ocean During Rainfall, Peter Schlüssel, Alexander Soloviev, and William J. Emery


Observation of Large Diurnal Warming Events in the Near-Surface Layer of the Western Equatorial Pacific Warm Pool, Alexander Soloviev and Roger Lukas


Sharp Frontal Interfaces in the Near-Surface Layer of the Ocean in the Western Equatorial Pacific Warm Pool, Alexander Soloviev and Roger Lukas

Submissions from 1996

Benthic Foraminifera from the NECOP Study Area Impacted by the Mississippi River Plume and Seasonal Hypoxia, Patricia Blackwelder, Terri Hood, Carlos A. Alvarez Zarikian, Terry A. Nelsen, and Brent McKee

A Short-Wavelength Photoreceptor Class in a Deep-Sea Shrimp, Thomas W. Cronin and Tamara M. Frank

Coral Survivors of the 1982–83 El Niño-Southern Oscillation, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador, Joshua S. Feingold

UV Light in the Deep‐Sea: In Situ Measurements of Downwelling Irradiance in Relation to the Visual Threshold Sensitivity of UV‐Sensitive Crustaceans, Tamara M. Frank and Edith A. Widder