Marine & Environmental Sciences Faculty Articles

Marine & Environmental Sciences Faculty Articles


A world leader in marine biological research with focus on coral reef science and shark conservation, The Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Oceanographic Center has been at the forefront of graduate and undergraduate marine science education and oceanographic research for over 49 years. Students, scientists, faculty and staff come to the Center from all corners of the globe, with the common goal of learning from the ocean's living classrooms - in one of the most diverse ecosystems known to man.

 The Oceanographic Center serves as a national, regional, and community resource for information. There are several institutes, the National Coral Reef Institute for research and training on coral reef assessment, monitoring, and restoration; the Guy Harvey Research Institute for fish research and conservation, and the Save Our Seas Shark Center specializing in shark studies. The Center also implements the Broward County Sea Turtle Renesting Program. The Center's facilities include a research library for the many disciplines of marine science, conference room, classrooms, staging area, electron microscopy laboratory, darkroom, machine shop, physical oceanography laboratory, computer center, wetlab/classroom coral workshop, filtered seawater facility and research laboratories.


Submissions from 2012


Visualizing Lateral Anisotropy in Modern Carbonates, Samuel J. Purkis and Brigitte Vlaswinkel


Vertical-To-Lateral Transitions Among Cretaceous Carbonate Facies—A Means To 3-D Framework Construction Via Markov Analysis, Samuel J. Purkis, Brigitte Vlaswinkel, and Nuno Gracias


Red Sea Coral Reef Trajectories Over 2 Decades Suggest Increasing Community Homogenization and Decline in Coral Size, Bernhard Riegl, Andrew W. Bruckner, Gwilym Rowlands, Samuel J. Purkis, and Philip Renaud


Human Impact on Atolls Leads to Coral Loss and Community Homogenisation: A Modeling Study, Bernhard Riegl, Charles R. C. Sheppard, and Samuel J. Purkis

Satellite Imaging Coral Reef Resilience at Regional Scale. A Case-Study From Saudi Arabia, Gwilym Rowlands, Samuel J. Purkis, Bernhard Riegl, Liisa Metsamaa, Andrew Bruckner, and Philip Renaud

Raised Reef on Larak Suggests Acropora Dominance on the Persian Gulf Coral Reefs Since the Pleistocene, Kaveh Samimi-Namin and Bernhard Riegl

In Situ Coral Nurseries Serve as Genetic Repositories for Coral Reef Restoration After an Extreme Cold-Water Event, S. Schopmeyer, Diego Lirman, Erich Bartels, James Byrne, David S. Gilliam, John Hunt, Meaghan E. Johnson, Elizabeth Anne Larson, Kerry Maxwell, Ken Nedimyer, and Cory Walter


Circle Hooks in Commercial, Recreational, and Artisanal Fisheries: Research Status and Needs for Improved Conservation and Management, Joseph E. Serafy, Steven J. Cooke, Guillermo A. Diaz, John E. Graves, Martin Hall, Mahmood S. Shivji, and Yonat Swimmer

Reefs and Islands of the Chagos Archipelago, Indian Ocean: Why It Is the World's Largest No-Take Marine Protected Area, Charles R. C. Sheppard, Mebs Ateweberhan, B. W. Bowen, P. Carr, Chaolun Allen Chen, C. Clubbe, M. T. Craig, R. Ebinghaus, J. Eble, N. Fitzsimmons, M. R. Gaither, C-H. Gan, M. Gollock, Nestor Guzman, N. A. J. Graham, A. Harris, Rachel Jones, Shashank Keshavmurthy, H. Koldewey, Carl Lundin, J. A. Mortimer, David Obura, M. Pfeiffer, Andrew R. G. Price, Samuel J. Purkis, P. Raines, J. W. Readman, Bernhard Riegl, A. Rogers, Michael H. Schleyer, M. R. Seaward, Anne L. S. Sheppard - United Kingdom, Jerker Tamelander, John R. Turner, Shakil Visram, C. Vogler, S. Vogt, H. Wolschke, J. M-C. Yang, Sung-Yin Yang, and C. Yesson


Air-Sea Interface in Hurricane Conditions, Alexander Soloviev, A. Fujimura, and Silvia Matt


3D Sonar Measurements in Wakes of Ships of Opportunity, Alexander Soloviev, Christopher Maingot, Mike Agor, Lou Nash, and Keith Dixon

Context-Dependent Effects of Symbiosis: Zoanthidea Colonization Generally Improves Demospongiae Condition in Native Habitats, Timothy D. Swain

Evidence for the Southward Migration of Mud Banks in Florida Bay, Kristian Taylor and Samuel J. Purkis


First Descriptions of Endoparasite Fauna of Elasmobranch and Mesopelagic Teleost Bycatch Fishes from the Western North Atlantic Pelagic Longline Fishery, Mae Taylor, Harold E. Laubach, and David W. Kerstetter

A New Genus and Species of Didymocheliid Amphipod from Hexactinellid Sponges (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Didymocheliidae) from the Western Atlantic Ocean, James Darwin Thomas and Les Watling

Site Specialists, Diet Generalists? Isotopic Variation, Site Fidelity, and Foraging by Loggerhead Turtles in Shark Bay, Western Australia, Jordan A. Thomson, Michael Heithaus, Derek A. Burkholder, Jeremy Vaudo, Aaron Wirsing, and Lawrence M. Dill

Diel and Seasonal Variation in the Use of a Nearshore Sandflat by a Ray Community in a Near Pristine System, Jeremy Vaudo and Michael Heithaus


Spatial Analyses of Benthic Habitats to Define Coral Reef Ecosystem Regions and Potential Biogeographic Boundaries along a Latitudinal Gradient, Brian K. Walker


Small-Scale Mapping of Indeterminate Arborescent Acroporid Coral (Acropora cervicornis) Patches, Brian K. Walker, E. A. Larson, Alison L. Moulding, and David S. Gilliam


Pyrosequencing of Bacterial Symbionts within Axinella corrugata Sponges: Diversity and Seasonal Variability, James R. White, Jignasa Patel, Andrea Ottesen, Gabriela Arce, Patricia Blackwelder, and Jose V. Lopez

Submissions from 2011


Fishing Gear Modifications to Reduce Elasmobranch Mortality in Pelagic and Bottom Longline Fisheries Off Northeast Brazil, Andre S. Afonso, Fabio H.V. Hazin, F. Carvalho, J. C. Pacheco, Humberto Hazin, David W. Kerstetter, Debra Murie, and George H. Burgess

Population Size and Site Fidelity of North Atlantic Minke Whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata acutorostrata) Off the Atlantic Coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, Gemma B. Bartha, Shannon Gowans, Peter Simard, MIchael Tetley, and Edward O. Keith

Development of Embryonic Gill Vasculature in the Yellow Stingray, Urobatis jamaicensis, Bethany L. Basten, Robin L. Sherman, Alois Lametschwandtner, and Richard E. Spieler


Global Phylogeography of the Dusky Shark Carcharhinus obscurus: Implications for Fisheries Management and Monitoring the Shark Fin Trade, Martin T. Benavides, Rebekah L. Horn, Kevin A. Feldheim, Mahmood S. Shivji, Shelley C. Clarke, Sabine Wintner, Lisa Natanson, Matias Braccini, Jessica J. Boomer, and Simon J. B. Gulak


Ship Surveillance with TerraSAR-X, Stephan Brusch, Susanne Lehner, Thomas Fritz, Matteo Soccorsi, Alexander Soloviev, and Bart van Schie

Peptide-Conjugated PAMAM Dendrimer as a Universal DNA Vaccine Platform to Target Antigen-Presenting Cells, Pirouz M. Daftarian; Angel E. Kaifer; Wei Li; Bonnie B. Blomberg; Daniela Frasca; Felix Roth; Raquibul Chowdhury; 21st Century Biochemicals, Inc.; Husain Ala Al Sayegh; Patricia Blackwelder; Luca Inverardi; Victor L. Perez; Vance Lemmon; and Paolo Serafini

Turbulent Viscosity Variability in Self-Preserving Far Wake with Zero Net Momentum, Katya Dubrovin, Ephim Golbraikh, Michael Gedalin, and Alexander Soloviev

Regime Shifts in a Socio-Ecological Model of Farmland Abandonment, Joana Figueiredo and Henrique M. Pereira

Detecting End-Member Structural and Biological Elements of a Coral Reef Using a Single-Beam Acoustic Ground Discrimination System, Greg Foster, Victor S. Ticzon, Bernhard Riegl, and Peter J. Mumby


Study of the Far Wake of a Large Ship, M. Gilman, Alexander Soloviev, and H. Graber

Reef Coral Reproduction in the Eastern Pacific: Costa Rica, Panamá, and the Galápagos Islands (Ecuador). VI. Agariciidae, Pavona clavus, Peter W. Glynn, Susan B. Colley, Hector M. Guzman, I. C. Enochs, J. Cortes, J. L. Mate, and Joshua S. Feingold

Sponge Biodiversity of the Jason Islands and Stanley, Falkland Islands with Descriptions of Twelve New Species, Claire Goodwin, Jennifer Jones, Karen L. Neely, and Paul Brickle

DNA Barcoding of Billfishes, Robert Hanner, Robin Floyd, Andrea Bernard, Bruce B. Collette, and Mahmood S. Shivji


Analyzing Spatial Patterns in Modern Carbonate Sand Bodies From Great Bahama Bank, Paul Mitch Harris, Samuel J. Purkis, and James Ellis

Catchability of Pelagic Trawls for Sampling Deep-Living Nekton in the Mid-North Atlantic, M. Heino, F. M. Porteiro, Tracey Sutton, Tone Falkenhaug, O. R. Godo, and Uwe Piatkowski

Growth Rates of Florida Corals from 1937 to 1996 and Their Response to Climate Change, Kevin P. Helmle, Richard E. Dodge, Peter K. Swart, Dwight K. Gledhill, and C. Mark Eakin

Effects of Crowding and Wave Exposure on Cirrus Morphology of the Acorn Barnacle, Semibalanus balanoides, J. Matthew Hoch

Spatial Analysis of the Invasion of Lionfish in the Western Atlantic and Caribbean, Matthew W. Johnston and Samuel J. Purkis


Sailfish Habitat Utilization and Vertical Movements in the Southern Gulf of Mexico and Florida Straits, David W. Kerstetter, Shannon Michael Bayse, Jenny Fenton, and John E. Graves

Species Range Shifts Due to Environmental Changes in Scaled Squid, Pholidoteuthis massyae and Bathyal Octopus, Muusoctopus eureka, Vladimir Laptikhovsky, Alexander Arkhipkin, Paul Brickle, Sarah Hearne, and Karen L. Neely

Genetic, Spatial, and Temporal Components of Precise Spawning Synchrony in Reef Building Corals of the Montastraea annularis Species Complex, Don R. Levitan, Nicole D. Fogarty, Javier Jara, Katie E. Lotterhos, and Nancy Knowlton


Severe 2010 Cold-Water Event Caused Unprecedented Mortality to Corals of the Florida Reef Tract and Reversed Previous Survivorship Patterns, Diego Lirman, Stephanie Schopmeyer, Derek Manzello, Lewis J. Gramer, William F. Precht, Frank E. Muller-Karger, Kenneth Banks, Brian Barnes, Erich Bartels, Amanda Bourque, James Byrne, Scott Donahue, Janice Duquesnel, Louis Fisher, David S. Gilliam, James C. Hendee, Meaghan E. Johnson, Kerry Maxwell, Erin McDevitt, Jamie Monty, Digna Rueda, Rob Ruzicka, and Sara Thanner


Suppression Subtractive Hybridization PCR Isolation of cDNAs from a Caribbean Soft Coral, Jose V. Lopez, Angela Ledger, Lory Z. Santiago-Vázquez, Mihai Pop, Dan D. Sommer, Llanie K. Ranzer, Robert A. Feldman, and Russell G. Kerr


Fine-Structural Analysis of Black Band Disease-Infected Coral Reveals Boring Cyanobacteria and Novel Bacteria, Aaron Miller, Patricia Blackwelder, Husain Ala Al Sayegh, and Laurie L. Richardson

Reproductive Divergence between Growth Forms of Lake Winnipeg Walleye (Sander vitreus), M. D. Moles, T. A. Johnston, B. W. Robinson, Andrea Bernard, C. C. Wilson, M. D. Wiegand, and W. C. Leggett


A Comparison of Circle Hook and J Hook Performance in a Western Equatorial Atlantic Ocean Pelagic Longline Fishery, J. C. Pacheco, David W. Kerstetter, Fabio H.V. Hazin, R. S. S. L. Segundo, John E. Graves, F. Carvalho, and P. E. Travassos

Implications of Reef Ecosystem Change for the Stability and Maintenance of Coral Reef Islands, Chris T. Perry, Paul S. Kench, Scott G. Smithers, Bernhard Riegl, Hiroya Yamano, and Michael J. O'Leary


Green Marine Construction, Sylvain Pioch, Kirk Kilfoyle, Harold Levrel, and Richard E. Spieler


Ecological Design of Marine Construction for Socio-Economic Benefits: Ecosystem Integration of a Pipeline in Coral Reef Area, Sylvain Pioch, Philippe Saussola, Kirk Kilfoyle, and Richard E. Spieler

The Most Temperature-Adapted Corals Have an Achilles' Heel, Samuel J. Purkis, Dorothy-Ellen A. Renegar, and Bernhard Riegl

Survey of Larval Euphausia superba Lipid Content Along the Western Antarctic Peninsula During Late Autumn 2006, Jennifer Putland and Tracey Sutton

Methods to Preserve Coral Reef Futures, Bernhard Riegl and Samuel J. Purkis


Present Limits to Heat-Adaptability in Corals and Population-Level Responses to Climate Extremes, Bernhard Riegl, Samuel J. Purkis, Ashraf S. Al-Cibahy, Mohammed A. Abdel-Moati, and Ove Hoegh-Guldberg

Probability Sampling of Stony Coral Populations in the Florida Keys, Steven G. Smith, Dione W. Swanson, Mark Chiappone, Steven Miller, and Jerald Ault


A New Species of Leucothoid Amphipod, Anamixis bananarama, sp. n., from Shallow Coral Reefs in French Polynesia (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Leucothoidae), James Darwin Thomas and Traudl Krapp-Shickel

Dietary Niche Overlap in a Nearshore Elasmobranch Mesopredator Community, Jeremy Vaudo and Michael Heithaus


Using Movements, Genetics and Trophic Ecology to Differentiate Inshore from Offshore Aggregations of Humpback Whales in the Gulf of Alaska, Briana H. Witteveen, Jan M. Straley, Ellen Chenoweth, C. Scott Baker, Jay Barlow, Craig Matkin, Christine M. Gabriele, Janet Nielsen, Debbie Steel, Olga von Ziegesar, Alexander G. Andrews, and Amy Hirons

Trophic Levels of North Pacific Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) Through Analysis of Stable Isotopes: Implications on Prey and Resource Quality, Briana H. Witteveen, Graham A. J. Worthy, Kate M. Wynne, Amy Hirons, Alexander G. Andrews III, and Russell W. Markel

Submissions from 2010


Post-Paleozoic Crinoid Radiation in Response to Benthic Predation Preceded the Mesozoic Marine Revolution, Tomasz K. Baumiller, Mariusz A. Salamon, Przemysław Gorzelak, Richard Mooi, Charles G. Messing, and Forest J. Gahn

A “Rosetta Stone” for Metazoan Zooplankton: DNA Barcode Analysis of Species Diversity of the Sargasso Sea (Northwest Atlantic Ocean), Ann Bucklin, Brian D. Ortman, Robert M. Jennings, Lisa M. Nigro, Christopher J. Sweetman, Nancy J. Copley, Tracey Sutton, and Peter Wiebe

Genetic Assessment of Connectivity in the Common Reef Sponge, Callyspongia vaginalis (Demospongiae: Haplosclerida) Reveals High Population Structure Along the Florida Reef Tract, M. B. DeBiasse, Vincent P. Richards, and Mahmood S. Shivji


Caribbean Corals in Crisis: Record Thermal Stress, Bleaching, and Mortality in 2005, C. Mark Eakin, Jessica A. Morgan, Scott F. Heron, Tyler B. Smith, Gang Liu, Lorenzo Alvarez-Filip, Bart J. Baca, Erich Bartels, Carolina Bastidas, Claude Bouchon, Marilyn Brandt, Andrew W. Bruckner, Lucy Bunkley-WIlliams, Andrew Cameron, Billy D. Causey, Mark Chiappone, Tyler R. L. Christensen, M. James C. Crabbe, Owen Day, Elena de la Guardia, Guillermo Diaz-Pulido, Daniel DiResta, Diego L. Gil-Agudelo, David S. Gilliam, Robert N. Ginsburg, Shannon Gore, Hector M. Guzman, James C. Hendee, Edwin A. Hernandez-Delgado, Ellen Husain, Christopher F. G. Jeffrey, Ross J. Jones, Eric Jordan-Dahlgren, Les S. Kaufman, David I. Kline, Philip A. Kramer, Judith C. Lang, Diego Lirman, Jennie Mallela, Carrie Manfrino, Jean-Philippe Marechal, Ken Marks, Jennifer Mihaly, W. Jeff Miller, Erich M. Mueller, Erinn M. Muller, Carlos A. Orozco Toro, Hazel A. Oxenford, Daniel Ponce-Taylor, Norman Quinn, Kim B. Ritchie, Sebastian Rodriguez, Alberto Rodriguez Ramirez, Sandra Romano, Jameal F. Samhouri, Juan A. Sanchez, George P. Schmahl, Burton V. Shank, William J. Skirving, Sascha C. C. Steiner, Estrella Villamizar, Sheila M. Walsh, Cory Walter, Ernesto Weil, Ernest H. Williams, Kimberly Woody Roberson, and Yusri Yusuf

Genetic Tools to Support the Conservation of the Endangered Smalltooth Sawfish, Pristis pectinata, Kevin A. Feldheim, Demian D. Chapman, Colin A. Simpfendorfer, Vincent P. Richards, Mahmood S. Shivji, Tonya R. Wiley, Gregg R. Poulakis, John K. Carlson, Rowena Eng, and Skyler Sagarese

Numerical Simulation of the Wind-Stress Effect on SAR Imagery of Far Wakes of Ships, Atsushi Fujimura, Alexander Soloviev, and Vladimir Kudryavtsev

Effects of Crowding and Wave Exposure on Penis Morphology of the Acorn Barnacle, Semibalanus balanoides, J. Matthew Hoch

Lipid Correction for Carbon Stable Isotope Analysis of Deep-Sea Fishes, Joel C. Hoffman and Tracey Sutton

Elevated Sedimentation on Coral Reefs Adjacent to a Beach Nourishment Project, L. K. B. Jordan, Kenneth Banks, Louis E. Fisher, Brian K. Walker, and David S. Gilliam

Meso- and Bathy-pelagic Fish Parasites at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR): Low Host Specificity and Restricted Parasite Diversity, Sven Klimpel, Markus W. Busch, Tracey Sutton, and Harry Wilhelm Palm


Temporal Resolution and Spectral Sensitivity of the Visual System of Three Coastal Shark Species from Different Light Environments, D. Michelle McComb, Tamara M. Frank, Robert E. Hueter, and Stephen M. Kajiura

Florida Reef Sponges Harbor Coral Disease-Associated Microbes, Karita Negandhi, Patricia Blackwelder, Alexander V. Ereskovsky, and Jose V. Lopez


Upper Ocean Response to the Atmospheric Cold Pools Associated With the Madden-Julian Oscillation, Suyang Pei, Toshiaki Shinoda, Alexander Soloviev, and Ren-Chieh Lien

The Paradox of Tropical Karst Morphology in the Coral Reefs of the Arid Middle East, Samuel J. Purkis, Gwilym Rowlands, Bernhard Riegl, and Philip Renaud


Microzooplankton Grazing and Productivity in the Central and Southern Sector of the Indian River Lagoon, Florida, Jennifer Putland and Tracey Sutton

The Gulf: A Young Sea in Decline, Charles R. C. Sheppard, Mohsen Al-Husiani, F. Al-Jamali, Rob Baldwin, James Bishop, Francesca Benzoni, Eric Dutrieux, Nicholas K. Dulvy, Subba Rao V. Durvasula, David A. Jones, Ron Loughland, David Medio, M. Nithyanandan, Graham M. Pilling, Igor Polikarpov, Andrew R. G. Price, Samuel J. Purkis, Bernhard Riegl, Maria Saburova, Kaveh Samimi-Namin, Oliver Taylor, Simon P. Wilson, and Khadija Zainal


Sonar Measurements in Ship Wakes Simultaneous with TerraSAR-X Overpasses, Alexander Soloviev, Mikhail Gilman, Kathryn Young, Stephan Brusch, and Susanne Lehner


Effects of Bubbles and Sea Spray on Air–Sea Exchange in Hurricane Conditions, Alexander Soloviev and Roger Lukas

Diversity and Community Structure of Pelagic Fishes to 5000m Depth in the Sargasso Sea, Tracey Sutton, Peter Wiebe, Laurence P. Madin, and Ann Bucklin

Evolutionary Transitions in Symbioses: Dramatic Reductions in Bathymetric and Geographic Ranges of Zoanthidea Coincide with Loss of Symbioses with Invertebrates, Timothy D. Swain


The 13C Suess Effect in Scleractinian Corals Mirror Changes in the Anthropogenic CO2 Inventory of the Surface Oceans, Peter Koenraad Swart, Lisa Greer, Brad E. Rosenheim, Chris S. Moses, Amanda J. Waite, A. Winter, Richard E. Dodge, and Kevin P. Helmle

Occurrence of an Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola) Larva in the Florida Current, D. L. Trimm, J. Shenker, Amy Hirons, and S. Mochrie

Mother–Offspring Isotope Fractionation in Two Species of Placentatrophic Sharks, Jeremy Vaudo, P. Matich, and Michael Heithaus

Deep-Sea Sampling on CMarZ Cruises in the Atlantic Ocean – an Introduction, Peter Wiebe, Ann Bucklin, Laurence P. Madin, Martin V. Angel, Tracey Sutton, Francescn Pages, Russell R. Hopcroft, and Dhugal Lindsay


Crucial Knowledge Gaps in Current Understanding of Climate Change Impacts on Coral Reef Fishes, S. K. Wilson, M. Adjeroud, D. R. Bellwood, M. L. Berumen, D. Booth, Y.-Marie Bozec, P. Chabanet, A. Cheal, J. Cinner, M. Depczynski, David A. Feary, M. Gaglliano, N. A. J. Graham, A. R. Halford, B. S. Halpern, A. R. Harborne, Andrew S. Hoey, S. J. Holbrook, G. P. Jones, M. Kulbiki, Y. Letourneur, T. L. De Loma, T. McClanahan, M. I. McCormick, M. G. Meekan, Peter J. Mumby, P. L. Munday, M. C. Ohman, Morgan S. Pratchett, Bernhard Riegl, M. Sano, R. J. Schmitt, and C. Syms

Factors Influencing Mating Success in the Acorn Barnacle, Semibalanus balanoides, Brian Yuen and J. Matthew Hoch

Submissions from 2009


Reticulate Evolution and Marine Organisms: The Final Frontier?, Michael L. Arnold and Nicole D. Fogarty

A Unique Vascular Configuration among the Efferent Branchial Arteries and Splanchnic Arteries in the Yellow Stingray, Urobatis jamaicensis, Bethany L. Basten, Robin L. Sherman, Alois Lametschwandtner, and Richard E. Spieler

How Different Is Different? Defining Management and Conservation Units for a Problematic Exploited Species, Andrea Bernard, Moira M. Ferguson, David L. G. Noakes, Bruce J. Morrison, and Chris C. Wilson


The Emerging Role of LiDAR Remote Sensing in Coastal Research and Resource Management Full Access, John C. Brock and Samuel J. Purkis


Tracking the Fin Trade: Genetic Stock Identification in Western Atlantic Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks Sphyrna lewini, Demian D. Chapman, Danillo Pinhal, and Mahmood S. Shivji


Productivity Improvement of Red Clinging Crab Mithraculus forceps Through Modeling, Joana Figueiredo

Artemia franciscana Enrichment Model — How to Keep Them Small, Rich and Alive?, Joana Figueiredo, Robert van Woesik, and Junda Lin


Interpretation of Single-Beam Acoustic Backscatter Using Lidar-Derived Topographic Complexity and Benthic Habitat Classifications in a Coral Reef Environment, Greg Foster, Brian K. Walker, and Bernhard Riegl

Spectral Sensitivity, Visual Pigments and Screening Pigments in Two Life History Stages of the Ontogenetic Migrator Gnathophausia ingens, Tamara M. Frank, Megan Porter, and Thomas W. Cronin


Rapid Recovery of a Coral Reef at Darwin Island, Galapagos Islands, Peter W. Glynn, Bernhard Riegl, Adrienne M. S. Correa, and Iliana B. Baums

Diurnal, Land-Based Predation on Shore Crabs by Moray Eels in the Chagos Archipelago, N. A. J. Graham, Samuel J. Purkis, and A. Harris

Adaptive Plasticity of the Penis in a Simultaneous Hermaphrodite, J. Matthew Hoch

An Individual Barnacle, Semibalanus balanoides, with Two Penises, J. Matthew Hoch and Brian Yuen


Surface Mucous as a Source of Genomic DNA from Atlantic Billfishes (Istiophoridae) and Swordfish (Xiphiidae), John P. Hoolihan, Nerida G. Wilson, Ronald M. Faugue, Andrea Bernard, Rebekah L. Horn, Derke Snodgrass, and Duane R. Schultz

Deep-Sea Mystery Solved: Astonishing Larval Transformations and Extreme Sexual Dimorphism Unite Three Fish Families, G. David Johnson, John R. Paxton, Tracey Sutton, Takashi P. Satoh, Tetsuya Sado, Mutsumi Nishida, and Masaki Miya


Climate Change, Coral Reef Ecosystems, and Management Options for Marine Protected Areas, Brian D. Keller, Daniel F. Gleason, Elizabeth McLeod, Christa M. Woodley, Satie Airame, Billy D. Causey, Alan M. Friedlander, Rikki Grober-Dunsmore, Johanna E. Johnson, Steven Miller, and Robert S. Steneck