Submissions from 2005

Introducing Creative Writing Games into the Composition Classroom, Shanti Bruce

I Wouldn’t Want To Blow My Load on This Paper: Working In and Through the Myths of Contrapower (Sexual) Harassment, Kelly A. Concannon

Teachers “Scared Straight”: Encountering Rhetorical Spaces of Aggression, Hostility, and Objectification in Cyberspace, Kelly A. Concannon

Irish Readings, Mark Duncan

Introducing Creative Writing Games into the Classroom, Kevin Dvorak and Shanti Bruce

New Directions for Teaching Research Writing, Kevin Dvorak and Shanti Bruce

Pushing Boundaries, Channeling North: The Idea of a 'Creative' Writing Center, Kevin Dvorak and Shanti Bruce

At Play in the Fields of the Word: Creating Spaces for Radical Play in Writing Classrooms and Centers, Kevin Dvorak, Shanti Bruce, S. McGlaun, J. Reid, and S. Miller

Gateways, Funhouses, Subways: Writing Centers Working at the Point of Access, Kevin Dvorak and S. Miller

Contributions of Personal Norms on the Integrated Framework of College Students' Alcohol Consumption Behavior, Megan Fitzgerald

The Effects of College Alcohol Campaigns and College Students’ Intention to Consume Alcoholic Beverages, Megan Fitzgerald

Flutter, Elana Lanczi

Mumbo Jumbo, Elana Lanczi

MutterFlutter, Elana Lanczi

MutterFlutter, Elana Lanczi

Szhulamit, Elana Lanczi

WDD Poster, Annette M. Piskel

A Comparative Analysis of Developmental Trends in Graduate Conflict Resolutions Programs in the United States and Canada, B. Polkinghorn and Judith Mckay

Absolut Intertext: Using the Absolut Ad Campaign to Introduce Intertextuality, Star Medzerian Vanguri

Submissions from 2004

Making Composition Matter in a Global Society: Practical Strategies for Introducing (Multi)cultural Studies into the Composition Classroom, Shanti Bruce

Reaching Across Cultures through Writing, Shanti Bruce

Biomedical Ethics Panel, K. Cerminara, Judith Mckay, B. Mulvery, M. Richmond, and D. Thomas

Contrapower Sexual Harassment Workshop, Kelly A. Concannon

Readerly, Writerly, and Arithmetic: Students Misreading Textual Spaces, Kelly A. Concannon

College Conflict Resolution Opportunities, P. Coy, K. Hale, T. Hedeen, Judith Mckay, and W. Warters

Inventing CWAC: Creative Writing Across the Curriculum, Kevin Dvorak

ESL Writers in the Writing Center, Kevin Dvorak, s. Bruce, P. Gillespie, and N. Hayward

Making Our Writing Centers More ESL Friendly, Kevin Dvorak, Shanti Bruce, B. Rafoth, N. Hayward, C. Severino, and R. Thomas

The Role of Religion in the Formation of Dispositions in Sports News, Megan Fitzgerald

Reflecting on Research (Methodologies and Practices), Juliette Kitchens

Bits 'n Pieces, Elana Lanczi

CANT, Elana Lanczi

Not Yet, Elana Lanczi

The Clearing, Elana Lanczi

So You Want to Be a Technical Writer?: Technical Writing and Online Discourse Communities, Eric Daniel Mason

Technologies of Disciplining the Self: A Semio-­Visual Approach, Eric Daniel Mason

The VOICES Family Outreach Project: Using Mediation And Support Services to Address Family Conflict, Judith Mckay

Adaptive Mediation: A Model of Mediation Using Culture, Judith Mckay, R. Aghion, M. Cromwell, and M. Moussa

Submissions from 2003

Conversations with Second Language Writers, Shanti Bruce

IWCA/National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing, Shanti Bruce

Poetry for the People’: The Contributions of a Working Class Activist, Shanti Bruce

Protests and Poetics: An Oral History of an 'Anarchist Individualist', Shanti Bruce

Beyond Superficiality: Progressive Pedagogy, Marginality, and Dialects in Basic Writing Classrooms, Kelly A. Concannon

Struggling With Our Demons: Teachers Exercising Subjectivity, Kelly A. Concannon

A Beat Mind for All Its Reasoning: Bob Kaufman, Cincophrenicpoet Representation of the Working Class, Kevin Dvorak

Editors’ Session, Kevin Dvorak

Instant Writing’s Gonna Get You: Putting the “W” Back in WC, Kevin Dvorak

Revisiting Writing and Conversation as Alternative Practices in the Writing Center, Kevin Dvorak

Revisiting Writing and Conversation as Alternative Practices in the Writing Center, Kevin Dvorak and Shanti Bruce

Playful Transformation: Inviting Creative Writers into the Writing Center through Workshops and Playshops, Kevin Dvorak, E. Goldin, and S. Miller

Dispute Review Boards, K. Harmon and Judith Mckay

Shifting Modes: ESL Students and the Writing Center Consultation, Juliette Kitchens

Working with ESL Writers in the Writing Center, Juliette Kitchens

EllemenNO-P, Elana Lanczi

Unbroken: Sketch #1, Elana Lanczi

Woven, Elana Lanczi

On the Rhetorical Uses of Silence, Post 9/11, Eric Daniel Mason

Scoutcraft(ing): A Visual Rhetoric of Masculinity, Eric Daniel Mason

Training the Corporate Body: Violent Women on Screen, Eric Daniel Mason

Racism and Models of Practice: Where’s the Research?, Judith Mckay

The Cutting Edge: The Use of Practicum in Graduate Conflict Resolution in Residential and On-Line Formats, Judith Mckay and J. Dyer

The SHOW: Fashion of Paper, Annette M. Piskel

Submissions from 2002

Ensuring Student-Centered Takes Center Stage: Do Students’ Constructions of Female Instructors Prevent Truly Libratory Praxis?, Kelly A. Concannon

Improv Workshop, Mark Duncan

New Works, Mark Duncan

Bob Kaufman’s California Conquest, Kevin Dvorak

Written English Proficiency Test Workshop, Kevin Dvorak

Engaging the Critical and Creative: Creative Writing Workshops Out of the Writing Center, Kevin Dvorak and E. Goldin

Engaging the Critical and Creative: Creative Writing Workshops Out of the Writing Center, Kevin Dvorak, E. Goldin, and S. Miller

Villa Lobos, Elana Lanczi

Spurious Voices: The Implications of "Spoofing" for Composition Teachers, Eric Mason

Annotating Cyberspace: Totalitarian Texts and Subversive Supplements, Eric Daniel Mason

Annotating Ulysses: Walking the Streets of Dublin Online, Eric Daniel Mason

Cultural Studies and the Hegemony of Evolutionary Discourse, Eric Daniel Mason

Enthymematic Literacy: Teaching Argument in a Late Capitalist Society, Eric Daniel Mason

Le Chronotope du Saint: Sacred Time from the Legend to the Novel, Eric Daniel Mason

Narrating the Chronotope of the Saint: Ordinary Time in the Novel, Eric Daniel Mason

Tempestuous Memory: Early Modern Rituals of Forgiveness, Eric Daniel Mason

Interdisciplinary Collaboration: The Partnership of Conflict Resolution with Health Care Disciplines in 11 Providing Community Services to Underserved Populations, Judith Mckay and J. Chang

AIGA/MIA Exposed 02’ Show, Annette M. Piskel

NWSA Faculty Art Exhibition | Expanded Paths, Annette M. Piskel

Submissions from 2001

Guided Writing & Voice, Mark Duncan

Opening Communications, Strengthening the Lines of the Writing Triangle: Student, Teacher, Tutor, Kevin Dvorak, C. Gullidge, and D. Moore

Understanding the Paradigms in an Inter-disciplinary Training Model, G. Herzberg and Judith Mckay

Give Me Back My Bone, Elana Lanczi

Literacy as Power in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Eric Daniel Mason

Building Community Partnerships for Peace: A Case Study, Judith Mckay and K. Jenkins

The Importance of Good Communication in Mediation, Judith Mckay and J. Potthoff

Higher Education Dialogue, W. Warters and Judith Mckay

Submissions from 2000

IMPROV?, Mark Duncan

Stage Movement, Mark Duncan

Forrest Moments, Elana Lanczi

Messiah, Elana Lanczi

The Good-bye Game, Elana Lanczi

Seeing Through Suffering: Soul-­making and Soul-­loss in Samuel T. Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Eric Daniel Mason

The Confluence of Science Fiction and Technology, Eric Daniel Mason

Conflict Resolution & Anger Management, Judith Mckay

Using Conflict Resolution Skills in the Schools, Judith Mckay

Anger: Yours, Mine & Theirs: Addressing Anger in Mediation, Judith Mckay, J. Potthoff, and M. Rothman Tell

Graphics of the Americas (GOA) Expo and Conference, Annette M. Piskel