Submissions from 2015

Brown Paper Bag Lecture Series, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Deland Regional Public Library Family Fan Fest, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

EXISTANCE, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

The Valdosta National, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Still Human, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Don’t Wait Until You Graduate: Start Your Resume Now, Claire Lutkewitte

Look Again and Again and Again: Writing Descriptions by using Different Perspectives, Claire Lutkewitte

Professional Identity Construction among New Writing Faculty, Claire Lutkewitte, M. Scanlon, A. Brimmer, and J. Kitchens

Usability in the Writing Center, Eric Mason

Between Giving and Taking: Entrepreneurism in the Web 2.0 Classroom, Eric Daniel Mason

Quality Assurance in Graduate Conflict Resolution Studies: Comparative Models for Educating Tomorrow’s Practitioners, Judith Mckay, B. Polkinghorn, and J. Willis

Collaborative Makings Now and Then: Lunsford and Ede, Collaboration and Digital Partnerships, Janine Morris

Facing the Unimaginable: Understanding Student Digital Reading Practices, Janine Morris

Bella Praia, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Breach, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Paranoid Pulse, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Saudade, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

The U Turn, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

The Risks and Rewards of Feminist Methodology in Community-Based Learning and Research, Molly J. Scanlon

Building Ethical Relationships: Community-Based Learning and Research Writing, Molly J. Scanlon and Kelly A. Concannon

Actually Teaching Style: Upping the Ante on Academic Writing, Star Medzerian Vanguri

Submissions from 2014

Franz Schubert Meets MTV, Bill J. Adams

Playing as Animals: Reading Animal Avatars and Animal Alterity in Digital Games, Melissa Bianchi

Systm 3rr0r: Ruptures in Digital Media, Melissa Bianchi

Why Play as Animals? Examining the Human Animal and Capitalist Culture in Shelter, Melissa Bianchi

Game Time: Fun with a Purpose, Melissa Bianchi and Eric Mason

Creating Spaces that Welcome All Students, Shanti Bruce

Creating Writing Center Communities Via the Web, Shanti Bruce

L2 Writers in the WC, Shanti Bruce

Multilingual Writers, Multilingual Tutors: Future Directions of Code Switching/ Mixing/ Meshing in the Writing Center, Shanti Bruce

Courageous Presence: Shifting Stories and Practices of Peace, Kelly A. Concannon

Opening Up, Opening Out: Vulnerability, Identity, and Difference in the Performance of a More Careful Feminist Ethos, Kelly A. Concannon

The Ethics of Language Use, Kelly A. Concannon

The Park Hopper: Collaboration Between University, Secondary, Middle, and Outreach Programs, J. Crawford and L. Bush

SWCA Florida Director’s Day, Kevin Dvorak

The Art of Writing Center Work: Drawing on and Playing to Our Strengths, Kevin Dvorak

The Future of Writing Centers in a Time of Open Educational Transformation: A Special Interest Group Meeting of the International Writing Centers Association, Kevin Dvorak

Writing Center Leadership Symposium, Kevin Dvorak

Writing Centers and Fellows, Kevin Dvorak

Multilingual Writers, Multilingual Tutors: Future Directions of Code Switching/Mixing/Meshing in the Writing Center, Kevin Dvorak and Shanti Bruce

For We’re All Jolly Good Fellows: Course-­Embedded Writing Support and Development, Kevin Dvorak, R. Carpenter, and S. Whiddon

The Park Hopper: Collaboration Between University, Secondary, Middle, and Outreach Programs, Kevin Dvorak, J. Crawford, and L. Bush

Building Curricula and Extra-­Curricula through Creative Approaches to WC Work, Kevin Dvorak and S. Miller

How to Be a Kinder, Gentler, and More Effective Editor, Megan Fitzgerald

Strategies for Building Stronger Relationships between Editors and Writers, Megan Fitzgerald

Can’t Stop the Signal, So Subvert It: Exploring Technodomestic Feminism in Firefly/Serenity, Juliette Kitchens

Instruments of Communication and Torture: Object-Oriented Rhetoric and the Technology of Downton Abbey, Juliette Cross Kitchens

Choreography Intensive: Community Workshops, Elana Lanczi

Collaborative Choreography, Elana Lanczi

College Panel Member and Audition Adjudicator, Elana Lanczi

Dance Awareness Day 2014, Elana Lanczi

Dance Improvisation Masterclass, Elana Lanczi

Dance Improvisation Masterclass 2014, Elana Lanczi

Deconstruction of a Woman, Elana Lanczi

Flow Movement Project, Elana Lanczi

Jazz Dance Masterclass 2014, Elana Lanczi

Lavando, Elana Lanczi

Modern Dance Masterclass 2014, Elana Lanczi

National Water Dance, Elana Lanczi

Art at the Airport Exhibition, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Confluence, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Monochrome, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Real People, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Sea Rising: A Survey of South Florida Artists, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

The Art of Wax, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

THE CONDENDERS, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Effective Teaching Tools for the iPad in the Classroom, Claire Lutkewitte

Going Forward by Looking Back: One Tutor’s Adventure in Archival Research, Claire Lutkewitte

Using Micro-­histories and Stories to Help Undergraduate Writing Students Conduct Research., Claire Lutkewitte

Writing for Mobile Technologies: What our Students Can Do, Claire Lutkewitte

Going Forward by Looking Back: One Tutor’s Adventure in Archival Research, Claire Lutkewitte and Kamila Albert

Effective Teaching Tools for the iPad in the Classroom, Claire Lutkewitte and Pradeep Vanguri

A Genre-Based Approach to Digital Reading, Janine Morris

Undertaking a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition, Janine Morris

Writing Desire in Hannah Arendt: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Biography, Janine Morris

3 Shirts and A Bra, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

COPILOT Music + Sound, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Eureka Music Library, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Hark Hear the Bells, Come Emmanuel, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Le Rock & L’Amour Colloque International, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

: Love Between the Sheets: The Politics of Love and Rock Music, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

New Tricks, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Game Show Exhibition, Annette M. Piskel

Multimodal Composition and the Rhetoric of Comics: A Study of Comics Teams in Collaboration, Molly J. Scanlon

Write Your Name Somewhere Else:’ The Local Street Art Movement in Blacksburg, Virginia, Molly J. Scanlon

Submissions from 2013

American Music – Vocal Presentation, Bill J. Adams

Franz Schubert Meets MTV, Bill J. Adams

French Mélodie: Master and Pupil – Vocal Presentation, Bill J. Adams

If We Were in Love, Bill J. Adams

Regular Hours, Bill J. Adams

To Belt or Not To Belt?, Bill J. Adams

Soccer In America Has (Finally?) Arrived: An Analysis of Two Long Form North American Soccer Magazines, Stephen Andon

Alice as Looking-Glass: A Critical Reflection on the Processes of Adaptation and Reinterpretation across Media Platforms, Melissa Bianchi

From Writing Center to Graduate School: Opportunities, Applications and Advice from Insiders, Shanti Bruce

Getting the Writing Center into FYC Classrooms, Shanti Bruce

The Work We Do on the Web: Revising the SWCA Website, Shanti Bruce

Tutoring Second Language Writers: Lessons from International Educators, Shanti Bruce

Using the Writing Center as a Way to Invent Writing Instruction at all Levels of Education, Shanti Bruce

Half the Sky, Kelly A. Concannon

Our Hidden Work: Informal Mentoring and the Performing of Feminist Ethos, Kelly A. Concannon