Submissions from 2001

The Importance of Good Communication in Mediation, Judith Mckay and J. Potthoff

Higher Education Dialogue, W. Warters and Judith Mckay

Submissions from 2000

IMPROV?, Mark Duncan

Stage Movement, Mark Duncan

Forrest Moments, Elana Lanczi

Messiah, Elana Lanczi

The Good-bye Game, Elana Lanczi

Seeing Through Suffering: Soul-­making and Soul-­loss in Samuel T. Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Eric Daniel Mason

The Confluence of Science Fiction and Technology, Eric Daniel Mason

Conflict Resolution & Anger Management, Judith Mckay

Using Conflict Resolution Skills in the Schools, Judith Mckay

Anger: Yours, Mine & Theirs: Addressing Anger in Mediation, Judith Mckay, J. Potthoff, and M. Rothman Tell

Graphics of the Americas (GOA) Expo and Conference, Annette M. Piskel

Submissions from 1999

CRAFT, Elana Lanczi

Intersections, Elana Lanczi

Intersections, Elana Lanczi

Iridescent Encounters, Elana Lanczi

Mojo For The New Millennium, Elana Lanczi

Mojo For The New Millennium, Elana Lanczi

Rushhhhhh, Elana Lanczi

Submissions from 1998

Winged Woman, Elana Lanczi

The VOICES Model as an Intervention for Family Violence, Judith Mckay

Submissions from 1997

BLISS, Elana Lanczi

Free My Heart: A City Portrait, Elana Lanczi

Inside the Clock, Elana Lanczi

Submissions from 1996

h.j. Wilkins/Dimensions Dance Company, Elana Lanczi

Tunihkivatz, Elana Lanczi

Submissions from 1995

LAW, Elana Lanczi

Submissions from 1994

Cry of the Soul, Elana Lanczi

Which Way to My House?, Elana Lanczi

Submissions from 1993

Damned Rivers, Elana Lanczi

Le Train Du Memoire, Elana Lanczi

Rain Like Bombs, Elana Lanczi

Submissions from 1992

I Really Couldn’t Figure Out Who I Was Being In the Midst of Who I Was; Yet There I Was Standing There, Elana Lanczi

Submissions from 1990

Employee’s Right to Privacy: Access to Personnel Files by Federal Funding Sources, Judith Mckay