All theses, dissertations, capstones, and applied clinical projects from graduate students at Nova Southeastern University.


Theses/Dissertations from 1995


Thesis - NSU Access Only: An Assessment of the Extent and Types of Environmental Crime in Florida, With a Focus on Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, As Measured by Local Prosecutors' Records, Christine M. H. Orthmann

Dissertation: Effects of Graphics and Presentation Format on Information Retention in College Students, Nancy J. Rumfield

Dissertation: The Effects of Programming in a Structured Language on The Critical Thinking Skills of College Students, Karen M. Ryder

Dissertation: Development of a Multimedia Publication in Hospitality and Tourism Ethics for Undergraduate Students and Workplace Training Programs, Dana V. Tesone


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Sublethal Impacts of an Oil Spill on Rhizophora mangle, Avicennia germinans, and Laguncularia racemosa seedlings., Brant W. Touchette

Dissertation: A Novel Wireless Communications Architecture for Supporting Legacy Mainframe Data Transmission, Angela M. Trujillo


Thesis: Alkaline Phosphatase Activity and Phosphorus Limitation in Marine Macroalgae from the Florida Keys and the Bahamas, Christine M. Urnezis


Dissertation: A Taxonomy of workgroup Computing Applications, Warren Von Worley


Thesis - NSU Access Only: An Investigation of the North Atlantic Boundary Layer as Impacted by Air Pollution Originating from Eastern North America, Michelle Patricia Zetwo

Theses/Dissertations from 1994

Dissertation: A Study To Determine The Effectiveness of a Secondary School Hypermedia-Based Instructional Program in Basic Library Skills And Its Relationship to Student Learning Styles, Ronald J. Ashley

Dissertation: A Comparative Study of Preservice and In-service Technological Training for Teachers Within the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools(SACS) Region, Vanessa Armstrong Brown

Dissertation: Guidelines for Incorporating Complex Schematics Into Computer-Assisted Instruction, Patricia A. Collins


Thesis - NSU Access Only: A Feasibility Study of Penaeid Shrimp and Tilapia in Tank Polyculture, Kenneth Arlen Cook

Dissertation: Effects of Participatory Design on Medical Staff's Attitudes Toward The Computerization of Patient Records, Mircea Laurian Halmu

Dissertation: Total Quality Management(TQM): Implementation in a Not-For-Profit Research and Development Organization, Amos E. Holt


Dissertation: Determination of Budgetary Expertise Among Public School Library Media Specialists in the State of Florida, Mary Hosken


Dissertation: A Strategic Plan For Computing and Telecommunications at a University, Dennis J. Huff

Dissertation: Freshman Placement for Computer Information Systems at a Women's Four-Year Liberal Arts College in Alabama, Stephen Carroll Jones


Dissertation: The Electronic Bulletin Board as a Means of Professional Communication Among Physics Teachers, Donald L. McGarry

Dissertation: A Study To Examine The Effectiveness of Computer-Assisted Instruction On Mathematics Achievement When Compared To Traditional Instruction, Mary Ann Jackson McIntyre

Dissertation: Formalization of a Slicing Hierarchy And Development of Associated Procedures For Rectangular Dualization From A Four-Completion using Wall Dominance, John Sam Moore Jr.


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Distributions of Fish Populations in the Natural and Mitigated Mangroves Forests in Southeast Florida., Karen Roberts


Dissertation: The Design of an Effective, Economical Executive Information System For Cedarville College, David L. Rotman


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Carbon Budgets and the Influence of Water Quality on Production in Intensively Managed Shrimp Ponds, Sofia Elodia Russell

Dissertation: The Development of a Portable Authoring System, Raul A. Salazar

Dissertation: The Effects of new Curricular Guidelines, Revised Accreditation Criteria, And Institutional Resources on Program Change in Computer-Related fields in Private Liberal Arts Colleges, Linda L. Simmons

Dissertation: A Survey of South Carolina Industries and Postsecondary Institutions to Determine Computer Skills Needed By High School Graduates, Carolyn Christine Solomon

Dissertation: Developing A Computerized Distance Adult Learning System For A Library Paraprofessional "In-service Training" Course, Jonathan David Sparks

Dissertation: Implementing a Recursive Structure in a Relational Data Model, Padma Viswanathan

Dissertation: A Longitudinal Database Study of the Factors Influencing Retention for the Spring 1992 Degree- Seeking Students At Atlantic Community college, Mary Burke Wall

Dissertation: Assessing The Practice of Systems Administration in United States Federal District Courts, John Robert Wetsch

Dissertation: Teaching the Writing Process Through Computers As An Early Intervention To Third Graders In A Nine Month Elementary School, Debora D. Wicker-Wright

Theses/Dissertations from 1993

Dissertation: The Interaction Between Cognitive Learning Styles And Academic Achievement When Using A Multimedia(Hypermedia) Instructional Delivery System In A High School Zoology Course, Tina M. Barrios

Dissertation: Ascertaining the Perceptions of Physical Therapists Utilizing Computer Technology, Mark A. Brimer


Thesis: Microzooplankton Distributions in the Irish Sea, Carol A. Burkart

Dissertation: A Study of Computer Aversion Factors And their Effect On An Older Adult Population's Computer Anxiety, William Henry Burkett

Dissertation: Computer Use By Teachers In The High Schools Of The Clear Lake Area In Texas And Brevard County In Florida, Alfred E. Fant

Dissertation: Using A Computer Aptitude Test To Investigate Differences Between Students In Selected College Curricula, Douglas A. Frost

Dissertation: Design of A Decision Support Hypertext System To Address Teenage Life Concerns, Jeanine M. Gendron

Dissertation: The Role of Information Systems Courses In Postgraduate Business Education, Peter R. Giuliani


Thesis: A Survey of the Stony Coral Community Composition of Pompano Ledge, Broward County, Florida, with a Preliminary Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Mooring Buoys in Reducing Coral Damage, John D. Hocevar

Dissertation: Effects of Computer-Based Instruction on Student Learning of Psychophysiological Detection of Deception Test Question Formulation, Michael J. Janniro

Dissertation: Cooperative Learning Vs The Lecture Method of Instruction At The Postsecondary Level: Outcomes Concerning Student's Anxiety, Attitude, And Achievement In Computer Classes, Monte J. Johnson

Dissertation: Computer Applications At The Village Mailbox, Daniel E. King

Dissertation: A Usability Study of Updated Simulation Software, Dennis A. Kurtz

Dissertation: Applying Expert System Technology To Enhance Computer Performance, Peter Liu

Dissertation: Fighter Pilot Ground-Based Information Acquisition: A Conceptual Model for Information Systems Design, Vincent M. Mancuso


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Nesting Periodicity of Caretta caretta in Broward County, Florida., William E. Margolis

Dissertation: Faculty and Student Assessment of the CITADEL Library User Services, J Edmund Maynard


Thesis - NSU Access Only: An Overview of Xeriscape, Water Conserving Landscape Techniques, Glenn W. Morris


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Effects of Dredging-Induced Sedimentation and Turbidity on Two Species of Stony Corals of Southeast Florida, Stephanie M. Morris

Dissertation: Design of A Strategic Planning Process And A Plan For Information Systems In A Two-Year Rural Community College, Leonel L. Perra


Dissertation: The Introduction of a Catalog Automation And Manufacturing Costing System For Use in a Jewelry Manufacturing Company, Moshe S. Raab

Dissertation: A Needs Assessment Study of An Information Management Center at a Large Community College In Southern California, Angela Satterlee

Dissertation: A Cost-Effective Material Management System With Integrating Accurate and Efficient Forecasting, Purchasing, and Inventory control Subsystems For a Government-Owned Utility, Shan Hung Shih

Dissertation: Attitudes of Inmates Toward The Use of Computer In Tennessee Correctional Institutions, Renee Tobias

Dissertation: The Effects of a Mini-Integrated-Learning System, Traditional Lecture and Drill Instruction, Perceptual Learning Styles, and Gender On Language Mechanics Achievement, Raymond V. Van Groesbeck

Dissertation: A Study of the Effects of A Hypertext Computer-Assisted Instruction in Mathematics on the Achievement Levels of Fifth-Grade Students, Martha Montogomery Williams

Theses/Dissertations from 1992

Dissertation: Computer Pre-Analysis Of Aggregate Data In High School Science Laboratories, Joseph George Amara

Dissertation: Karel The Robot: A Gentle Introduction To The Art Of Programming For The Apple IIE, Howard E. Beckner


Thesis - NSU Access Only: An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Wetland Mitigation in Broward County, Florida Permitted by the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation, Vicki Cruse

Dissertation: An expert system for the prediction of environmental impacts of a logging operation in southeast Alaska, James H. DiGennaro


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Water Quality, Cyanobacteria and Disease Studies in an Operational Shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) Farm: Belize, Central America, Helen Marie Dixon

Dissertation: Developing An Extensible Authoring System For Computer-Based Instructional Technologies, David R. Emmons


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Instability of Density Fronts in Layer and Continuously Stratified Models, Yasushi Fukamachi

Dissertation: The Effects of Using Computer-Facilitated Problem Solving With General Mathematics Students, Don S. Groninger

Dissertation: Factors Affecting the Use of Computers In Classrooms, Donna F. Herring

Dissertation: A Plan For Implementation of A Computer Assisted Academic Advising System At Centenary College Of Louisiana, Miles E. Hitchcock

Dissertation: A Computer In Use In The Classroom: Its Effect On the Identification of Computer In-Service Training Needs of the Classroom Teacher, Michael S. Houser

Dissertation: The Effects of Computerized Tools In Teaching English Composition For Basic Writers, Harold A. Kime


Dissertation: Instructional use of Computers For Entry-Level Physical Therapy Education In The United States, Edmund M. Kosmahl

Dissertation: Field Office Automation And Evaluation, Bernard J. Kovach


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Effect of Demersal Reef Fish on Two Species of Gorgonian Coral, Kevin G. Kuta


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Evolutionary Significance of Brain Structure in the Florida Manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris), Christopher Douglas Marshall

Dissertation: On Utilizing Computer-Based Teleducation To Facilitate Fulfillment of the CSUSB Mission, G Eric McAllister

Dissertation: Cooperative Science in a Computer-Mediated Communications Environment Effects on Developing the Integrated Science Process Skills of Secondary Students In Pennsylvania, Gary D. Morford

Dissertation: The Effects Of Using Computers In Writing Instruction on Writing Apprehension and Attitude Toward Using Computers, Neal Schleifer

Dissertation: An Investigation Into the Relationship of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator To Learning In a Computer Based Training Setting, Richard L. Smith

Dissertation: A Conceptual Framework & Enterprise Architecture Model To Support Information Systems Technology, Daniel S. Walsh

Dissertation: An Assessment of Trends And Factors Affecting Future Directions In Library And Information Science Education, Jan M. Yates


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Tropical Instability Waves in the Pacific Ocean: Their Seasonal Variation and Asymmetry About the Equator, Zuojun Yu

Theses/Dissertations from 1991

Dissertation: A Study To Examine The Effects Of Computers And Traditional Teaching Methods On 9-11 Year Old Students Learning To Add And Subtract Fractions, Thomas E. Alexander

Dissertation: Integrating Microcomputer Applications into Library Media Courses at Armstrong State College, Savannah, Georgia: A Systematic Approach, Ardella Patricia Ball

Dissertation: An Investigation Of The Effectiveness Of Computer-Assisted Mathematics Instruction As Opposed To Traditional Instruction, Jimmy H. Barnes

Dissertation: Computer Anxiety: Its Related Characteristics And Its Relationship to Achievement In Computer Literacy of Slippery Rock University Students, Linda M. Boettner

Dissertation: A Study of Delayed Time and Real Time Text-Based Computer-Mediated Communication Systems on Group Decision Making Performance, Laurie P. Dringus

Dissertation: Breaking Down the Barriers To Public High School Library Participation in Kentucky's Statewide Multitype Library Network, Mary Donna Foley


Thesis: The Diet and Feeding Habits of the Southern Stingray, Dasyatis americana, in Tropical Shallow Marine Habitats, David S. Gilliam

Dissertation: Project Plan to Establish A College Education Program For Severely Impaired People Through Computer Based Distance Learning, Robert E. Glass

Dissertation: The Development And Evaluation of A Hypertext Computer-Based Training Program to Assist In Developing Publications Skills, Monica Gleason

Dissertation: The Development And Evaluation of A Hypertext Computer-Based-Training Program For The Training of New Substitute Teachers In Old Bridge, New Jersey, Cathy Grimaldi

Dissertation: Design of Specifications And Requirements For The Computer-Based Training System For An Automated Small-Group Home Facility To Accommodate Mentally And Physically Disabled Persons, Diane J. Haley

Dissertation: A Strategic Plan For Academic Computing At Ohio Dominican College, Arthur T. Koch

Dissertation: The Effect of Vocabulary Integration in the Curriculum on Learning at the Junior High School Level, Burton F. Neumeier


Dissertation: A Meta-Analysis of Learner Control In Computer-Based Learning Environments, June A. Parsons


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Sources of Coliphage to the Marine Environment, Isabel Puente


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Digestion and Vacuole Passage Time in the Tintinnid Favella panamenis Feeding on the Dinoflagellate Heterocapsa triquetra, Anthony Russo

Dissertation: An Investigation Into the Effects of Computerization on Academic Advising, Mark W. Smith

Dissertation: Computer Science Teacher Certification And Student Success on the Advanced Placement Computer Science Examinations, William Eugene Stevens


Dissertation: Dissertation Report IS 8995 Using Dialog CIP At Winona State University To Educate End-Users, Kathryn Sullivan