All theses, dissertations, capstones, and applied clinical projects from graduate students at Nova Southeastern University.


Theses/Dissertations from 1996


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Investigation of Damage by the Ghost Crab (Ocypode quadrata) to the Nests of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) on Hillsboro Beach, Florida, Terri S. Schmidt

Dissertation: A New Design Approach to an Expert System Network Manager Based on an Analysis of Contemporary Distributed Networks, Anil K. Sharma


Dissertation: Low Cost Video For Distance Education, Michael J. Simpson


Dissertation: Regulation of Beta-Glucosidase in Marine Bacteria, Dennis Stetter


Thesis - NSU Access Only: A Preliminary Study of the Population Density, Size Distribution Age and Growth of the Stingray, Urolophus jamaicensis, in Southeastern Florida, James Sulikowski

Theses/Dissertations from 1995


Thesis - NSU Access Only: A Descriptive Study of the Percussive Behavior of Orcas, Orcinus orca, in Johnstone Strait, British Colombia, Nicole Marie Adimey


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Equilibrium Profile Response to Restored and Renourished Beaches in South Florida, Jeffrey Lee Andrews

Dissertation: The Effects of Grammar and Style Checking Software on the Writing of 9th Grade Basic Students in a Process Centered Writing Lab, Bro. Timothy J. Brady


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Impact of Variability in Coastal Circulation on Plankton Distributions Along the Continental Shelf of Southeast Florida, John M. Braker

Dissertation: The Application of Genetic Programming to The Automatic Generation of Object-Oriented Programs, Wilker Shane Bruce


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Egg Production of Calanoid Copepods in Coastal Waters of Florida and its Relation to the Nutritional Environment, Kevin Carter

Dissertation: Effects of Intelligent Computer-Aided Instruction Using Hypermedia, Database, and Expert Systems on the Skills Development and Performance of Entry-Level, Adult, WordPerfect Students, Robert L. Chiodo

Dissertation: Authentic Learning in Engineering Technology Through the use of a Technology and Learning Matrix Based Curriculum, Darrell W. Green

Dissertation: Predicting Naval Aviator Flight Training Performances using Multiple Regression and an Artificial Neural Network, Glenn R. Griffin

Dissertation: A Comparison of Ethical Attitudes of University Students With Those of Experts Using Computer-Related Scenarios, Cindy Meyer Hanchey

Dissertation: Computers in Puerto Rico: Training of Teachers and Applications, Adalecia Hassell


Dissertation: Idea Analysis for the Development of Clinical Trial Strategies, Roberta S. Horowitz


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Serological Changes in Three Species of Sharks (Bonnethead, Sphyrna tiburo; Blacktip, Carcharhinus limbatus and Bull, C. leucas) Associated with Capture and Restraint, Eric V. Hull


Dissertation: Large-Scale Client/Server Migration Methodology, A. Steven Krantz

Dissertation: The Effects of Multimedia on Selected Critical Thinking Skills of Non At-Risk and At-Risk Students, Harold Richard Morris

Dissertation: An Analysis of Current Training Practices used by U.S. and Canadian Members of the Steel Service Center Institute with Employees who are Geographically Located in Widely Dispersed Small Groups, Larry Daniel Moulds


Thesis - NSU Access Only: An Assessment of the Extent and Types of Environmental Crime in Florida, With a Focus on Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, As Measured by Local Prosecutors' Records, Christine M. H. Orthmann

Dissertation: Effects of Graphics and Presentation Format on Information Retention in College Students, Nancy J. Rumfield

Dissertation: The Effects of Programming in a Structured Language on The Critical Thinking Skills of College Students, Karen M. Ryder

Dissertation: Development of a Multimedia Publication in Hospitality and Tourism Ethics for Undergraduate Students and Workplace Training Programs, Dana V. Tesone


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Sublethal Impacts of an Oil Spill on Rhizophora mangle, Avicennia germinans, and Laguncularia racemosa seedlings., Brant W. Touchette

Dissertation: A Novel Wireless Communications Architecture for Supporting Legacy Mainframe Data Transmission, Angela M. Trujillo


Thesis: Alkaline Phosphatase Activity and Phosphorus Limitation in Marine Macroalgae from the Florida Keys and the Bahamas, Christine M. Urnezis


Dissertation: A Taxonomy of workgroup Computing Applications, Warren Von Worley


Thesis - NSU Access Only: An Investigation of the North Atlantic Boundary Layer as Impacted by Air Pollution Originating from Eastern North America, Michelle Patricia Zetwo

Theses/Dissertations from 1994

Dissertation: A Study To Determine The Effectiveness of a Secondary School Hypermedia-Based Instructional Program in Basic Library Skills And Its Relationship to Student Learning Styles, Ronald J. Ashley

Dissertation: A Comparative Study of Preservice and In-service Technological Training for Teachers Within the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools(SACS) Region, Vanessa Armstrong Brown

Dissertation: Guidelines for Incorporating Complex Schematics Into Computer-Assisted Instruction, Patricia A. Collins


Thesis - NSU Access Only: A Feasibility Study of Penaeid Shrimp and Tilapia in Tank Polyculture, Kenneth Arlen Cook

Dissertation: Effects of Participatory Design on Medical Staff's Attitudes Toward The Computerization of Patient Records, Mircea Laurian Halmu

Dissertation: Total Quality Management(TQM): Implementation in a Not-For-Profit Research and Development Organization, Amos E. Holt


Dissertation: Determination of Budgetary Expertise Among Public School Library Media Specialists in the State of Florida, Mary Hosken


Dissertation: A Strategic Plan For Computing and Telecommunications at a University, Dennis J. Huff

Dissertation: Freshman Placement for Computer Information Systems at a Women's Four-Year Liberal Arts College in Alabama, Stephen Carroll Jones


Dissertation: The Electronic Bulletin Board as a Means of Professional Communication Among Physics Teachers, Donald L. McGarry

Dissertation: A Study To Examine The Effectiveness of Computer-Assisted Instruction On Mathematics Achievement When Compared To Traditional Instruction, Mary Ann Jackson McIntyre

Dissertation: Formalization of a Slicing Hierarchy And Development of Associated Procedures For Rectangular Dualization From A Four-Completion using Wall Dominance, John Sam Moore Jr.


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Distributions of Fish Populations in the Natural and Mitigated Mangroves Forests in Southeast Florida., Karen Roberts


Dissertation: The Design of an Effective, Economical Executive Information System For Cedarville College, David L. Rotman


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Carbon Budgets and the Influence of Water Quality on Production in Intensively Managed Shrimp Ponds, Sofia Elodia Russell

Dissertation: The Development of a Portable Authoring System, Raul A. Salazar

Dissertation: The Effects of new Curricular Guidelines, Revised Accreditation Criteria, And Institutional Resources on Program Change in Computer-Related fields in Private Liberal Arts Colleges, Linda L. Simmons

Dissertation: A Survey of South Carolina Industries and Postsecondary Institutions to Determine Computer Skills Needed By High School Graduates, Carolyn Christine Solomon

Dissertation: Developing A Computerized Distance Adult Learning System For A Library Paraprofessional "In-service Training" Course, Jonathan David Sparks

Dissertation: Implementing a Recursive Structure in a Relational Data Model, Padma Viswanathan

Dissertation: A Longitudinal Database Study of the Factors Influencing Retention for the Spring 1992 Degree- Seeking Students At Atlantic Community college, Mary Burke Wall

Dissertation: Assessing The Practice of Systems Administration in United States Federal District Courts, John Robert Wetsch

Dissertation: Teaching the Writing Process Through Computers As An Early Intervention To Third Graders In A Nine Month Elementary School, Debora D. Wicker-Wright

Theses/Dissertations from 1993

Dissertation: The Interaction Between Cognitive Learning Styles And Academic Achievement When Using A Multimedia(Hypermedia) Instructional Delivery System In A High School Zoology Course, Tina M. Barrios

Dissertation: Ascertaining the Perceptions of Physical Therapists Utilizing Computer Technology, Mark A. Brimer


Thesis: Microzooplankton Distributions in the Irish Sea, Carol A. Burkart

Dissertation: A Study of Computer Aversion Factors And their Effect On An Older Adult Population's Computer Anxiety, William Henry Burkett

Dissertation: Computer Use By Teachers In The High Schools Of The Clear Lake Area In Texas And Brevard County In Florida, Alfred E. Fant

Dissertation: Using A Computer Aptitude Test To Investigate Differences Between Students In Selected College Curricula, Douglas A. Frost

Dissertation: Design of A Decision Support Hypertext System To Address Teenage Life Concerns, Jeanine M. Gendron

Dissertation: The Role of Information Systems Courses In Postgraduate Business Education, Peter R. Giuliani


Thesis: A Survey of the Stony Coral Community Composition of Pompano Ledge, Broward County, Florida, with a Preliminary Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Mooring Buoys in Reducing Coral Damage, John D. Hocevar

Dissertation: Effects of Computer-Based Instruction on Student Learning of Psychophysiological Detection of Deception Test Question Formulation, Michael J. Janniro

Dissertation: Cooperative Learning Vs The Lecture Method of Instruction At The Postsecondary Level: Outcomes Concerning Student's Anxiety, Attitude, And Achievement In Computer Classes, Monte J. Johnson

Dissertation: Computer Applications At The Village Mailbox, Daniel E. King

Dissertation: A Usability Study of Updated Simulation Software, Dennis A. Kurtz

Dissertation: Applying Expert System Technology To Enhance Computer Performance, Peter Liu

Dissertation: Fighter Pilot Ground-Based Information Acquisition: A Conceptual Model for Information Systems Design, Vincent M. Mancuso


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Nesting Periodicity of Caretta caretta in Broward County, Florida., William E. Margolis

Dissertation: Faculty and Student Assessment of the CITADEL Library User Services, J Edmund Maynard


Thesis - NSU Access Only: An Overview of Xeriscape, Water Conserving Landscape Techniques, Glenn W. Morris


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Effects of Dredging-Induced Sedimentation and Turbidity on Two Species of Stony Corals of Southeast Florida, Stephanie M. Morris

Dissertation: Design of A Strategic Planning Process And A Plan For Information Systems In A Two-Year Rural Community College, Leonel L. Perra


Dissertation: The Introduction of a Catalog Automation And Manufacturing Costing System For Use in a Jewelry Manufacturing Company, Moshe S. Raab

Dissertation: A Needs Assessment Study of An Information Management Center at a Large Community College In Southern California, Angela Satterlee

Dissertation: A Cost-Effective Material Management System With Integrating Accurate and Efficient Forecasting, Purchasing, and Inventory control Subsystems For a Government-Owned Utility, Shan Hung Shih

Dissertation: Attitudes of Inmates Toward The Use of Computer In Tennessee Correctional Institutions, Renee Tobias

Dissertation: The Effects of a Mini-Integrated-Learning System, Traditional Lecture and Drill Instruction, Perceptual Learning Styles, and Gender On Language Mechanics Achievement, Raymond V. Van Groesbeck

Dissertation: A Study of the Effects of A Hypertext Computer-Assisted Instruction in Mathematics on the Achievement Levels of Fifth-Grade Students, Martha Montogomery Williams

Theses/Dissertations from 1992

Dissertation: Computer Pre-Analysis Of Aggregate Data In High School Science Laboratories, Joseph George Amara

Dissertation: Karel The Robot: A Gentle Introduction To The Art Of Programming For The Apple IIE, Howard E. Beckner


Thesis - NSU Access Only: An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Wetland Mitigation in Broward County, Florida Permitted by the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation, Vicki Cruse

Dissertation: An expert system for the prediction of environmental impacts of a logging operation in southeast Alaska, James H. DiGennaro


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Water Quality, Cyanobacteria and Disease Studies in an Operational Shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) Farm: Belize, Central America, Helen Marie Dixon

Dissertation: Developing An Extensible Authoring System For Computer-Based Instructional Technologies, David R. Emmons


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Instability of Density Fronts in Layer and Continuously Stratified Models, Yasushi Fukamachi

Dissertation: The Effects of Using Computer-Facilitated Problem Solving With General Mathematics Students, Don S. Groninger

Dissertation: Factors Affecting the Use of Computers In Classrooms, Donna F. Herring

Dissertation: A Plan For Implementation of A Computer Assisted Academic Advising System At Centenary College Of Louisiana, Miles E. Hitchcock

Dissertation: A Computer In Use In The Classroom: Its Effect On the Identification of Computer In-Service Training Needs of the Classroom Teacher, Michael S. Houser

Dissertation: The Effects of Computerized Tools In Teaching English Composition For Basic Writers, Harold A. Kime


Dissertation: Instructional use of Computers For Entry-Level Physical Therapy Education In The United States, Edmund M. Kosmahl

Dissertation: Field Office Automation And Evaluation, Bernard J. Kovach


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Effect of Demersal Reef Fish on Two Species of Gorgonian Coral, Kevin G. Kuta


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Evolutionary Significance of Brain Structure in the Florida Manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris), Christopher Douglas Marshall

Dissertation: On Utilizing Computer-Based Teleducation To Facilitate Fulfillment of the CSUSB Mission, G Eric McAllister

Dissertation: Cooperative Science in a Computer-Mediated Communications Environment Effects on Developing the Integrated Science Process Skills of Secondary Students In Pennsylvania, Gary D. Morford

Dissertation: The Effects Of Using Computers In Writing Instruction on Writing Apprehension and Attitude Toward Using Computers, Neal Schleifer

Dissertation: An Investigation Into the Relationship of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator To Learning In a Computer Based Training Setting, Richard L. Smith

Dissertation: A Conceptual Framework & Enterprise Architecture Model To Support Information Systems Technology, Daniel S. Walsh