All theses, dissertations, capstones, and applied clinical projects from graduate students at Nova Southeastern University.


Theses/Dissertations from 2002


Dissertation: The Design of Online Learning Communities for Older Adults, Martha Marie Snyder

Dissertation: An Investigation into the Effectiveness of a Portable Electronic Meeting System in a Co-located Computer Supported Cooperative Work-Environment, Ronald P. Sperano


Thesis: Coral Recruitment to Various Artificial Substrata, Miami Beach, FL, Nicholas C. Straccione


Dissertation: A Comparison of the Use of Artificial Neural Networks, Fractal Time Series and Fractal Neural Networks in Financial Forecasts, Beverly A. Swisshelm


Dissertation: Y2K Serendipity: Benefits and Spinoffs, Roy Gwen Taunton


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Biological Assessment of Three Artificial Reef Materials: Tire-Concrete Aggregate, Gravel-Concrete Aggregate, and Limestone Boulder, Brian K. Walker

Dissertation: A Study to Determine the Predictions of Success in a distance Doctoral Program, Carole E. Wilkinson


Thesis: A Comparison of Aeration Methods and Diets for Larval Culture of the Edible Sea Urchin, Tripneustes ventricosus (Echinodermata: Echinoidea), Ray Wolcott

Dissertation: An Investigation of a Distributed Search Mechanism Consisting of a Set of Cooperative Agents Implemented With Different Heuristics Schemes, MunTuck Yap

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

Dissertation: Knowledge Discovery by Attribute-Oriented Approach Under Directed Acyclic Concept Graph(DACG), Wenyi Bi

Dissertation: Reliability of the Hareau thumb opposition goniometer, Janine Hareau Bonomi

Dissertation: Long-term effectiveness of two occupational therapy interventions on the lives of people with MS : a randomized controlled trial, Sherrilene Classen


Thesis: Abundance and Distribution of Commensal Amphipods From Common Marine Sponges of Southeast Florida, Stacie E. Crowe

Dissertation: A Model for the Delivery and Evaluation of Asynchronous and Interactive Synchronous Library Services at Southern Adventist University, Ann T. Greer


Dissertation: Guidelines for Development of Courses for Delivery Over The Iowa Communications Network, Gary F. Hasman

Dissertation: Intellectual Capital Management Among Project Managers in the Information Technology Domain, Diane S. Hayes

Dissertation: The Design of a Logarithmic File Data Allocation Algorithm for Extent Based File Systems, Dominique A. Heger

Dissertation: Computer-Aided Performance Analysis using Product-Form Queueing Networks to Model Steady-State Behavior: An Examination of a Medical Device Communications Network, David B. Hendrickson


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Classification of Acropora cervicornis in Nearshore Waters of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Scott A. Herber

Dissertation: Development of Computer Skills in Physical Therapist Students, Cheryl J. Hill

Dissertation: An XML Based Authorization Framework for Web-based Applications, David Jacobs

Dissertation: Faculty Attitudes Toward Educational Technology: An Extension of Bullard's Analysis of Selected Variables, Sallie J. Johnson

Dissertation: A Software Reengineering Method for Evolving a Structured Legacy System to an Object-Oriented System Model Using the Unified Modeling Language, David R. Jones

Dissertation: Relationship between sensory processing and self care for children with autism ages two to four, Sonia Kay


Dissertation: The Extraction of Classification Rules and Decision Trees from Independence Diagrams, Robert W. Kerbs

Dissertation: The Value of Distance Learning MBA Programs to Employers and Employees, Amy E. Koresdoski

Dissertation: Effectiveness of two different occupational therapy interventions with individuals with multiple sclerosis : a randomized controlled trial, Catherine Peirce

Dissertation: A Firm Level Study of Information Technology Productivity Using Financial and Market Based Measures, Alan R. Peslak


Dissertation: Dynamic Update Techniques for Online Maps and Attributes Data, Thanh H. Pham

Dissertation: Newborn hearing screening justification and guidelines for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Paola Poullet-Veguilla

Dissertation: Constraints of Migrating Transplant Information System's Legacy Data to an XML Format For Medical Applications Use, Kenneth W. Revels

Dissertation: Electronic Commerce and Internet Advertising, Virginia L. Rosenkrans


Dissertation: Comparison of Student Performance and Attitude in a Lecture Class to Student Performance and Attitude in a Telecourse and a Web-based Class, William J. Ryan

Dissertation: The Development of an Intranet-based Electronic Performance Support System for Knowledge Management Workers, Patricia M. Sperano

Dissertation: Practice patterns of occupational therapists related to driving, Wendy Stav

Dissertation: The Linkage of Competitive Strategy, Information Technology (IT) Maturity and Size With Strategic Response to Financial Liberalization: An Investigation of Thai Financial Institutions, Triroj Virojtriratana

Dissertation: Constructing Virtual Internet Agents to Improve Learning, Giocondo E. Weiner

Dissertation: A Study of The Correlation of The ISO-9000 Quality Control Program on The Financial Results of Information Technology Companies Who Have Achieved ISO-9000 Certification, John W. Williams

Theses/Dissertations from 2000

Dissertation: A Comparison of Internet Training Programs with Traditional Classroom Instruction for Local Government Employees, Manuel Astte


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Manuscript 1: Elasmobranch Bycatch Observed on Pelagic Longlines Off the Southeastern U.S. Coast, 1992-1997, Lawrence R. Beerkircher


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Manuscript II: A Demographic Analysis of the Silky Shark, Carcharhinus falciformis, Population Off the Southeastern United States, Lawrence R. Beerkircher

Dissertation: Web Information System(WIS): Information Delivery Through Web Browsers, Joseph Bianco

Dissertation: Finding a Fitness Function to be Used with Genetic Algorithms to Solve a Protein Folding Problem: The ab initio Prediction of a Protein Using Torsion Angles, Noni McCullough Bohonak

Dissertation: An Adaptive Neural Network Approach to Intrusion Detection and Response, James D. Cannady Jr.

Dissertation: Approximation of Marginal Probabilities While Learning Bayesian Networks, Joseph E. Cannon

Dissertation: A Study to Determine Technological Skills and Competencies Needed for Office Employment as Reported by Selected Employers in the South Central Kentucky Lake Cumberland Area Development District, Patricia H. Cowherd


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Comparative Studies of the Development and Survival of Litopenaeus vannamei Larvae Grown Entirely on Single or Multiple Species of Phytoplankton, Erik DeMicco

Dissertation: Problem-Based Learning in Computer-Mediated Versus Face-to Face Groups: A Comparison of Learning Behaviors and Outcomes of Entry-Level Physical Therapy Students in a Module on Women's Health, Jancis K. Dennis

Dissertation: Mathematics Software and Achievement on the Ohio Ninth Grade Proficiency Test, Patricia M. Deubel

Dissertation: An Investigation of Critical Thinking in Synchronous and Asynchronous Computer Conferencing Environments, Lisa Deziel-Evans

Dissertation: Success Factors Among Community College Students in an Online Learning Environment, Paula B. Doherty

Dissertation: Professionalism and the audiology student : characteristics of Master's versus Doctoral degree students, Lucas W. Doyle

Dissertation: An Expandable Markov Model for the Design of Intelligent Communicative Agents in managed Health Care, Douglas T. Dune


Dissertation: Middle School Reading Clubs: A First Step Toward Increasing Pleasure-Reading Time, James Fazzone

Dissertation: An Object-Oriented Model for Interorganizational Collaborative Planning, Robert H. Grenier


Dissertation: Complete Randomized Cutting Plane Algorithms for Propositional Satisfiability, Stephen Lee Hansen

Dissertation: Survey of current workplace requirements and financial benefits in the profession of audiology, Charles L. Harvey

Dissertation: A Data-Driven Soft Real-Time Expert System for Producing Coral Bleaching Alerts, James C. Hendee


Thesis - NSU Access Only: An Investigation of Temporal and Spatial Variability of Egg Production in the Gulf of Mexico: A Study of Six Calanoid Copepods, Lee A. Houchin

Dissertation: The Design of an Interoperable and Adaptable Workflow Management System Using XML, Tesera L. Ju

Dissertation: Structural Design of a Fast Convergence Algorithm: A Semi-Universal Routing Protocol, Gabriel Kengni

Dissertation: A Bayesian Framework to Determine Patient Compliance in Glaucoma Cases, Raghu B. Korrapati

Dissertation: Perceived experiences of well senior women engaged in occupational lifestyle redesign, Elysa Lipschutz

Dissertation: The Requirement for a Contemporary X 400 Mall System for Distributed Networks, James S. Logan


Dissertation: Smart Card Systems: Development of a Paradigm for a University-Wide Smart Card Student Identification System, Joanne M. Marlowe

Dissertation: Technology-Based Training for Teachers of the Visually Impaired in the Use of Speech-Supported Telecommunications, Margaret F. Marston


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Colonization Rates, Annual Temporal Variation, and Some Ecological Interactions of the Microbial Epibiont Community on the Prop Roots of the Red Mangrove Tree, Rhizophora mangle, Brian Todd Maybruck

Dissertation: A Model for an Agent-Based Information System, George G. McKevitt


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Seasonal Distribution of Marine and Non-Marine Fungi Along the New River Estuary, Fraser Mickle

Dissertation: Minimizing Parallel Virtual Machine [PVM] Tasks Execution Times Through Optimal Host Assignments, Progress Q. T. Mtshali

Dissertation: Knowledge Acquisition using Multiple Domain Experts in the Design and Development of an Expert System for Disaster Recovery Planning, Frank W. Nasuti


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Salt Water Intrusion in Cape Coral, Florida 1980-1999, Keith B. Overton


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Effectiveness of Chemical Inducers on Settling and Settlement of Scleractinian Coral Larvae on Various Substrates, Christopher David Petrie


Thesis: A Taxonomic Evaluation of the Comatulid Genus Stephanometra (Echinodermata:Crinoidea), Dana Lin Rankin


Dissertation: Persistence Differences in Community College Courses Taught in Classrooms and Through Alternative Formats, Andrew A. Runyan

Dissertation: A Comparison of the User Interface Features of the Free Versions of MEDLINE on the Internet World Wide Web, Lynette C. Schneider


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Studies on the Roles of Reef Design and Site Selection in Juvenile Fish Recruitment to Small Artificial Reefs, Robin L. Sherman

Dissertation: The Failure Analysis Matrix: A Usable Model for Ranking Solutions to Failures in Information Systems, Michael C. Signor


Dissertation: The Feasibility of Developing a Computer Based Expert System to Mitigate Nuclear Power Plant Accidents, Jesse E. Smith

Dissertation: An Investigation of Computer-based Training user Satisfaction, and Transfer of Knowledge in Industrial Safety Training, Kenneth Mason Spencer


Dissertation: Implementing a Virtual Reality Paradigm in Human Anatomy/Physiology College Curricula, Helen St. Aubin

Dissertation: A Performance Comparison of Tree-Based Genetic Programming versus Stack-Based Genetic Programming versus Stack-Based Genetic Programming Using the Java Virtual Machine, Robert J. Steinhoff


Dissertation: A Model for Transforming Legacy Systems in a client/Server Environment Based on the Unified Modeling Language(UML), Leon Stevens

Dissertation: A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Three Models of Distance Education on Student Achievement and Level of Satisfaction, Virgelean J. Thorn

Dissertation: Implication of Contrats and Sizze Sensitivities in Information Cueing, John J. Viren


Thesis - NSU Access Only: A Comparison of Fauna Between Littoral Shelf Mitigation Areas of Varying Design Parameters, Brian P. Voelker

Dissertation: Families, children with autism and everyday occupations, Elizabeth Werner


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Initial Inquiry Into the Phylogeny of the Family Comasteridae (Echinodermata: Crinoidea) From Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Data, Christopher M. White

Dissertation: Training Aviation Maintenance Technicians with Information Retrieval Systems, Michael J. Williams


Dissertation: State Government Cost Recovery for Electronic Information Dissemination: A Comparative Study, Donald R. Wismer

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

Dissertation: Designing Computer Systems to Control Several Small Experiments in a Space Environment, Eric S. Ackerman

Dissertation: An Expert System for the Selection of Electronic Payment Systems Based on Organizational Security Requirements, Archie N. S. Addo


Dissertation: Multi-User Domain Object Oriented (MOO) as a High School Procedure for Foreign Language Acquisition, James A. Backer

Dissertation: Design of the Electronic Classroom Graphical User Interface: Nova Southeastern University's Multimedia Electronic Classroom Project, Kathleen J. Cahalan

Dissertation: Effects of Student Participation in a Self-Contained Fifth Grade Multimedia Classroom On Student Achievement and Adjustment To The Middle School Setting, Dorthea A. Camp-White

Dissertation: The Critical Distance-Learning Metrics for Student Needs and Satisfaction, Ruey-Ming Chao


Dissertation: Linking Printed Books to Computerized Speech, Edward D. Crook

Dissertation: Impact of classroom amplification on literacy measures in first grade, Beata Darai

Dissertation: A Project Management Prototype for Collaborative Projects on the Internet, Yaw Frimpong


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Juvenile Reef Fish Recruitment Processes in South Florida: A Multifactorial Field Experiment, David S. Gilliam