Submissions from 2019

She Kills Monsters, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Facing Forward, Daniel M. Gelbmann, Mark Duncan, and William Adams

Designing and Conducting Quantitative Primary Research, Juliette Kitchens

Summer CRDM Writing Workshop series, Juliette Kitchens

Crafting Effective Conference Proposals, Juliette Kitchens and Janine Morris

Awaken (Dance Works), Elana Lanczi

College Audition Workshop Panel, Elana Lanczi

Dance Awareness Day 2019, Elana Lanczi

Dance Improvisation Masterclass 2019, Elana Lanczi

Letgooo-Ha!, Elana Lanczi

Modern Dance Masterclass 2019, Elana Lanczi

Concrete & Adrift: On the Poverty Line Exhibition, Kandy Lopez


Artists Draw Their Studios, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Conversation on Artist’s Studio Practice, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Environmental Collage Workshop, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno


Humane Experience : Art in Healthcare (An evening of Poetry, Visual and Literary expressions of Patients and Providers), Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno


Radio Silence, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno


Reconstructing Identity: An Exploration of Identity and Diaspora Through Artistic Practice, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno


Sankofa: The Record Extends, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno


The Other Half of the Sky, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

America 2016, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Portrait Painting, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno


A Focus on "Why?": Performing Writing Through Teaching and Peer Review, Claire Lutkewitte

Infographics and Data Visualization: Experimenting with Adobe Creative Cloud in First-Year Composition, Janine Morris


Focus, Accountability, Motivation: The Benefits of Institutionally Supported Online Writing Groups, Janine Morris, Hanh King, Nikita McCaskill, and Robin Jackson


Launching a Strategic Social Media Presence for the NSU Write from the Start Writing and Communication Center, Janine Morris, Whitney Sessa Lehmann, Nikki Chasteen, Monique Cole, Adam DeRoss, Petra Jurova, and Noemi Nunez

Arise and Go, Jessica Muñiz-Collado


Blind Love, Jessica Muñiz-Collado


Blurred Dreams, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Hispanic Americans: A History of Serving our Nation, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Leadership Through Performing & Visual Arts, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Listening to the World’s Music: Reaching the Nations Through Relative Worship, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Reel Music and Beyond: Making a Living Using Scoring for Media Techniques Beyond the Screen, Jessica Muñiz-Collado


The Avengers Save Composition: A Live Comic Book Performance on How to Teach Writing Using Graphic Novels, Gian Pagnucci, Brian Burke, Darius Cureton, Sandra Eckard, Nicol Eppel, Brandon Galm, Nick Katsiadas, Olivia Maderer, and Carl Sell


The Korvac Saga: The Avengers Teach Writing, Defeat the Supervillains, and Save the Universe and the University (A Live Comic Book Performance)!, Gian Pagnucci, Chauna Craig, Darius Cureton, Brandon Galm, Julia Galm, Nicol Eppel, and Sandra Eckard

Self-Care and the Art of Breathing, Molly J. Scanlon


Written Critical Reflections – The Cornerstone of ExEL Assessment, Molly J. Scanlon


Faculty Development: Web-Enhance and Blended Learning in Experiential Learning, Judith Slapak-Barski, Molly J. Scanlon, and Kevin Dvorak


Faculty and Staff Development: Web-Enhanced and Blended Learning in Experiential Learning, Judith Slapak-Barski, Molly J. Scanlon, and Kevin Dvorak


The Centrality of the Center: Best Practices for Developing a Robust Communication Center on Campus, Michael G. Strawser, Shawn Apostel, Russell G. Carpenter, Kimberly M. Cuny, Kevin Dvorak, and Karen Head


Style and the Future of Composition Studies, Star Medzerian Vanguri, William Fitzgerald, Rebecca Moore Howard, Andrea Olinger, and Brian Ray


Why Do This and What Do I Need?: A Workshop for Preparing SWCA Certification Proposals, Scott Whiddon, Russell Carpenter, Courtnie Morin, Kevin Dvorak, and Joy Bracewell

Submissions from 2018


Healthy Belting: To Belt or Not to Belt?, Bill J. Adams


Acting and Singing With Archetypes: Part 1, Bill J. Adams, Allison Hetzel, and Marlene Johnson

Minority, Millennial Graphic Designers and the Road to Hell, Miriam M. Ahmed

Incentivizing Responsible Design: What Makes It Worth It?, Miriam M. Ahmed, Jose Fernandez, Ambica Prakash, and Jerome Harris

Rhetoric Beyond VegasStrong: Considering Epideictic Responses by Sports Teams after Tragedies, Stephen Andon

#SaveTheCrew: Evaluating the Rhetorical Response of Fans to the Threat of Team Relocation, Stephen Andon


Japanese Theatre Technical Adaptations for Western Plays RV Schooner, Kelly Berry and Daniel M. Gelbmann

The Power of Play: Gamifying the Learning Process, Melissa Bianchi and Eric Mason

The Power of Play: Gamifying the Learning Process, Melissa Bianchi and Eric Mason

Memoir Writing Workshop, Shanti Bruce

Staff Training and Professional Development, Shanti Bruce

Solo Piano Works by Beethoven and Schubert, Michael Caldwell

Evidence on the Effectiveness of Course-Embedded Consultant Programs in First-Year Writing Classrooms, Russell Carpenter and Kevin Dvorak

Establishing Connections Between Peer Writing Tutor Work and Student Engagement, Russell Carpenter, Kevin Dvorak, Jacqueline Lytle, and James McClure

How to Write a Literature Review, Kelly A. Concannon


Disrupting the Stories We Tell: Emotion, Identity, and Embodiment in the Writing Center, Kelly A. Concannon, Eric Mason, and Janine Morris

Disrupting the Stories We Tell: Emotion, Identity, and Embodiment in the Writing Center, Kelly A. Concannon, Eric Mason, Janine Morris, and Devon Fitzgerald Ralston

Keeping a Clear Head: Mindfulness for Teens, Veronica Diaz and Noemi Nunez

Placing Course‐Embedded Writing Tutors into First‐Year Composition Courses: Overview and Results, Kevin Dvorak and Shanti Bruce


New Opportunities for Student Engagement through Writing Centers, Kevin Dvorak and C. Carpenter


A Transition to Using Online Learning Modules for Staff Education, Kevin Dvorak, Kelly A. Concannon, Jacqueline Lytle, Emalee M. Shrewsbury, and Michaela Greer

Daughters of the Post-Revolution: Contemporary Cuban Women Writers, Yvette Fuentes

Broadway Bash, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Dance Works, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Facing Forward, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Little Shop of Horrors, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Student Choreography Showcase, Daniel M. Gelbmann

The House of Blue Leaves, Daniel M. Gelbmann

The Mayfly: a 24 Hour Theatre Project, Daniel M. Gelbmann

“And What are We if Not Women Up for the Challenge?”: Women’s Leadership in the Whedonverses and Beyond, Juliette Kitchens, Cynthia P. Burkhead, Victoria Willis, and Julie L. Hawk


‘It’ll All be Right as Rain’: The Life and Death (and Life) of Transubstantial Bodies in the Buffyverse, Juliette Cross Kitchens, Heather M. Porter, and Amy Lynn Williamson


Your Transition Toolkit: Successfully Moving from Graduate Student to Early Career Professional, Juliette Kitchens, Claire Lutkewitte, and Molly J. Scanlon Ph.D.

#4C2019 Conference Proposal Workshop, Juliette Kitchens and Janine Morris

Summer CRDM Writing Workshop series, Juliette Kitchens and Janine Morris

#4C2018 Conference Proposal Workshop, Juliette Kitchens, Janine Morris, and Claire Lutkewitte

Responding to Student Writing, Juliette Kitchens and Star Vanguri

Dance Awareness Day 2018, Elana Lanczi

Dance Improvisation as a Tool to Deepen Student Learning, Elana Lanczi


Dance Improvisation Master Class, Elana Lanczi

Dance Improvisation Masterclass 2018, Elana Lanczi

Force of Nature, Elana Lanczi

Letgooo-Ha!, Elana Lanczi

Modern Dance at Play, Masterclass, Elana Lanczi

Modern Dance Masterclass 2018, Elana Lanczi

Tangled Roots, Elana Lanczi

Build Your Brand: Creating Digital Portfolios that Stand Out, Whitney S. Lehmann

Creating Experiential Learning Opportunities for Students That Tie into Your Department’s Goals, Whitney Sessa Lehmann

How to Create a Brand and Identity for Your Organization, Whitney Sessa Lehmann

Arts (IT) - Innovation Talk, Kandy Lopez

Careers in the Art Lecture Series, Kandy Lopez

The Art of Resistance, Kandy Lopez

Share My Reel Exhibition, Kandy G. Lopez

smART Gallery, Kandy G. Lopez


Afterglow, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Decade: NSU Art + Design Tenth Anniversary Exhibition, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno


Exhibition - Art and Culture Center/Hollywood, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

(In)Visible, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Pushing the Pull, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno