Submissions from 2018


Less Instructions, More Choice: Creating Assignments for All Students, Claire Lutkewitte

Plotting a Course for Student Writing through Canvas, Claire Lutkewitte


Engaging the Faculty: Developing Content and Writing Support, Eric Mason, Chris Netterville, and Jacob Weiers


Exploring Interface Design with the Makey-Makey, Eric Mason and Jacob Weiers

Crisis Intervention Team Training, Judith Mckay

Gear Up: An In-Depth Look at Fake News, Janine Morris


#hadtopostthis: Instagram, Community Building, and Digital Literacies in Freshman Seminar, Janine Morris


Keeping Up With the Graduates: Establishing Best Practices for Campuswide Writing Support, Janine Morris

Keeping a Clear Head: Graduate Student Wellness Through Writing Center Work, Janine Morris, Veronica Diaz, and Noemi Nunez

Nova Southeastern University, Janine Morris, Ralph Rogers, and Eric Michael Samansky

Digital Percussion, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Facing Forward, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Little Shop of Horrors, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Music and S.T.E.M., Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Music, Media, and the Law, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Posnack School Theatre, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Reel Music: A Survey of Music in Film, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

SAMVAAD, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

School of Rock – the Musical – Drummer, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

“Present” Acrylic Painting, Molly J. Scanlon

Where Do You Want to Go?: Goal Setting to Get What You Want in Life, Molly J. Scanlon


Experiential Education and Instructional Technology: Adapting Face-To-Face Courses to Online Spaces, Molly J. Scanlon, Tatjana Martinez, Judith Slapak-Barski, Marti Snyder, and Teri Triguba Williams

Behind Closed Doors, Tennille Davis Shuster

Design for Good – PosterFest, Tennille Davis Shuster

Driving Cultural Change: The Role of Distance Learning in an Institutional Experiential Learning Initiative, Molly Slapak-Barski and Molly J. Scanlon Ph.D.

Brazzdance, Augusto Soledad

Brazzdance, Augusto Soledad

Brazzdance, Augusto Soledad

Brazzdance, Augusto Soledad

Taught Master Classes in Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Fusion dance, Augusto Soledad


Styling the Future: Hashtagging, Translanguaging, Naming, and a New Disciplinary Identity, Star Medzerian Vanguri


Results from a Multi-Site Survey of Course-Embedded/Peer-to-Peer Writing Support Programs, Scott Whiddon, Julia Bleakney, Russell Carpenter, Kevin Dvorak, and Paula Rosinski

Submissions from 2017

Liminal Observation in Multidisciplinary Performance: MTV Meets Franz Schubert, Bill J. Adams

To Belt or Not to Belt?, Bill J. Adams

Perspectives of Responsible Design Among Minority, Millennial Graphic Designers, Miriam M. Ahmed

Tracing New Possibilities for Research and Collaboration, Melissa Bianchi

Writing Center Leadership and Administration: 10 Tips, Kevin Dvorak

“Initial Results from a Multi-Site Survey of Course-Embedded Writing Support, Kevin Dvorak, Julia Bleakney, R Carpenter, Paula Rosinski, and Scott Whiddon

Educating a Large Writing Center Staff through Online Blackboard Learning Modules: Planning, Implementation, and Assessment, Kevin Dvorak, Michaela Greer, Jacqueline Lytle, and Emalee M. Shrewsbury

How Embedded Writing Fellows Can Shape First-Year Composition and Writing Center Pedagogy, Kevin Dvorak, Jacqueline Lytle, Emalee Shrewsbury, Morgan Musgrove, Michaela Greer, and Samantha Epstein

Let's Get Engaged: Examining Two Programs Designed to Engage First Year Students, Kevin Dvorak and Barbara Packer-Muti

In Design Training, Megan Fitzgerald Dunn

Newspaper Critique, Megan Fitzgerald Dunn

A Dog’s House, Daniel M. Gelbmann

A Night of Comedy, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Dance Concert, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Reign of Terror, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Drawn Together: Cultivating Research and Theory at the Intersection of Rhetoric and Comics Studies, Susan Kirtley, Rich Shivener, and Molly J. Scanlon

Collaborative Mentoring in Creating a Community-Based Literacy Center, Juliette Kitchens, Samantha Epstein, Priya Chopra, and Morgan Musgrove

Now What?: Creating the Post-Job Market Action Plan, Juliette Kitchens, Claire Lutkewitte, and Molly J. Scanlon

Responding to Student Writing, Juliette Kitchens and Star Vanguri

Dance Awareness Day 2017, Elana Lanczi

Dance Improvisation Masterclass 2017, Elana Lanczi

Dance Improvisation: Strategies and Opportunities to Deepen Student Learning, Elana Lanczi

Modern Dance Masterclass 2017, Elana Lanczi

Some Place Away from Here..., Elana Lanczi

Put Your Best Foot Forward Online: How to Develop an Online Portfolio, Whitney S. Lehmann

Art Talk: A conversation about Afro-Luminosity and the Art of Black Miami, Kandy Lopez

Fear the Invisible, Kandy Lopez

Who Are You?, Kandy Lopez


3rd Annual Hand Pulled Prints: The Current Practice in Printmaking, Kandy G. Lopez

America 2016, Kandy G. Lopez


Art Week, Kandy G. Lopez

Color, Line and Form / Color, Linea, y Forma – Art Exhibition, Kandy G. Lopez

Discrimination & Disparity: Relentlessly Persisting, Kandy G. Lopez


Inner Worlds, Kandy G. Lopez

Scratching the Surface, Kandy G. Lopez

We the People: Political Art in an Age of Discord, Kandy G. Lopez


Collaboration and Contention: Reflections on Building a Literacy Center, Karina Lozano, Juliette Cross Kitchens, and Kelly A. Concannon


Letting Students Speak: Making the Classroom Student-Centered through Multimodal Projects, Claire Lutkewitte

Coffee, Friendship, Writing: Graduate Student Writing Groups and the Question of Community, Janine Morris

Fight Back Against Fake News, Janine Morris

Building Alliances between WAC, WID, STEM, and Creative Writing, Janine Morris, Sara Cooper, Chris Drew, and Erick Piller

A Dog’s House - Music Composer, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Cue Music! How to Effectively Communicate Your Ideas to a Film Composer, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Leaving Only Bubbles, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Music and Moving Pictures: The Importance of Healthy Dialogue Between a Filmmaker and a Film Composer, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

NSU Department of Writing & Communications Marketing Video: B.A. Program - Film Composer, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

NSU Department of Writing & Communications Marketing Video: M.A. Program - Film Composer, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Once upon a Mattress, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Posnack School Theatre, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Reign of Terror – Sound Designer, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Samples of Sampling, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

SHADE (Soundtrack) – Composer, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

The Impact of Hispanic Culture on the U.S., Jessica Muñiz-Collado

The World of Percussion, Jessica Muñiz-Collado


Using Micro-Narratives against the Backdrop of Disciplinary Lore: Creating a Mixed Methods Study of Faculty Identity, Molly J. Scanlon, Claire Lutkewitte, and Juliette Cross Kitchens


Embracing a Changing Tide: Embracing Experiential Education at Nova Southeastern University, Molly J. Scanlon, Teri Triguba Williams, Martha Snyder, and Shari Saperstein

Shade, Augusto Soledade, Jessica Muñiz-Collado, and Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Hard Box Office Truth: The Fragility of Traditional Masculinity in Hollywood, and a Case for Good Old-Fashioned Feminism, Kate Waites

Submissions from 2016

Applied Augmented Reality, Melissa Bianchi

Awkward Animal Avatars: Examining Goat Simulator as a Case of Botched Taxidermy, Melissa Bianchi

Digital Counter-Publics: Writing Action through Augmented Reality Criticisms, Melissa Bianchi

Inklings of Ecological Disaster: The Rhetorics of Species Transformation in Nintendo’s Splatoon, Melissa Bianchi

Multilingual Writers: Result from a Cross-institutional Research study, Shanti Bruce

Improv/Public Speaking for Business, Mark Duncan

Performing With the Masks of Commedia del Arte', Mark Duncan

Tips for Peer Editing, Kevin Dvorak

Finding and Localizing Stories, Megan Fitzgerald Dunn

Communication is Key—How to Build Not Break Your Staff, Megan Fitzgerald