Experiential Learning & Teaching in Higher Education

About This Journal

Experiential Learning & Teaching in Higher Education: A Journal for Engaged Educators (ELTHE) focuses on concepts, practices, and scholarship documenting experiential education. Inquiries and submissions are accepted at any time.

ELTHE is an indexed academic journal published semi-annually by Nova Southeastern University in cooperation with the National Society for Experiential Education.

The ELTHE editorial board welcomes the submission of scholarly work and reports relating to the study, practice, and effectiveness of experiential learning and teaching in higher education. The journal is a publication representing a range of interests and is receptive to a variety of topics, whether general or specific. All scholarly methods and theoretical perspectives, so long as they contribute to readers’ knowledge about experiential learning and/or teaching within higher education, are accepted. The ideal ELTHE submission addresses a significant problem or approach, draws out the implications of its findings clearly, and engages the attention of its audience through a concise, readable presentation.