All theses, dissertations and capstone projects from graduate students at Nova Southeastern University.


Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Dissertation: An Investigation of a COBIT Systems Security IT Governance Initiative in Higher Education, Claude L. Council III


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Reef Macrobenthos Adjacent to a Major Navigational Inlet: Port Everglades, Florida, Jessica A. Craft

Dissertation: Influence of mobility impairment on outcomes in elderly patients hospitalized for an acute ischemic stroke, Mary I. Dallas

Dissertation: A Study of The Impact of Users' Involvement, Resistance and Computer Self-Efficacy on the Success of a Centralized Identification System Implementation, Theon L. Danet

Dissertation: Computer Use by Latino Migrant Families: Increasing K-2 Children's Reading Skills Through Parent Training, Margarita Elorriaga

Dissertation: An Adaptive Machine Learning Approach to Knowledge Discovery in Large Datasets, Kevin Ewert

Dissertation: An Examination of the Effect of Involvement Level of Web Site Users on the Perceived Credibility of Web Sites, Susan Shepherd Ferebee

Dissertation: Lower extremity dynamic alignment in female subjects with patellofemoral pain syndrome versus female controls, Ricardo A. Fernandez

Dissertation: Computer-based Reading Program with At-risk Pre-kindergarten Students, Elizabeth Gail Owens Flangan


Dissertation: Information Policies and Practices of Knowledge Management(KM) as Related to the Development of the Global Aviation Information Network(GAIN)- An Applied Case Study and Taxonomy Development, Jeffrey S. Forrest

Dissertation: Effects of monochromatic infrared energy on transcutaneous oxygen measurements in diabetic subjects with a loss of protective sensation, Holly Franzen-Korzendorfer


Dissertation: A Faculty Development Handbook for Quality Online Instruction, Joan Carol Frese


Dissertation: Using Neural Networks to Develop a New Model to Screen Applicants for Apartment Rentals, Michael T. Furick


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Comparison of Stony Coral Coverate Data Obtained by In Situ Measurements and Image Analysis, Shaun M. Gill

Dissertation: Retrospective study of the correlates of post rotator-cuff surgical outcomes, Meri T. Goehring

Dissertation: A Model of Best Practices for Project Management Strategies in an Administrative Computing System Implementation in Higher Education, Marlene Groman


Dissertation: Developing a Nisga'a Learning Objects Repository for Use in the Schools, Kim A. Hansen


Dissertation: Standards Directory: An Engineering and Technology Standards Digital Library and Information Retrieval System for The Walt Disney Company, Shawn Harrs

Dissertation: Chiro-information © : Towards a Semantic Web Health Record and Ontology for Coordination of Patient Information Between Chiropractic and Allopathic Physicians, Elizabeth K. Hawthorne


Thesis - NSU Access Only: An Optical Remote-Sensing Evaluation of the Status of Acropora palmata in Vieques, Puerto Rico, Luz Raquel Hernandez-Cruz

Dissertation: Relationship of motor skills and social skills to out-of-school activity participation patterns in children with Asberger Syndrome, Claudia Hilton


Dissertation: Scholarly Communication and Knowledge Management in American Zoos, Julia Innes


Dissertation: An Investigation of the Effects of the Gerogis Framework for Integrating TECHnology(In Tech) Training Program on Teachers' Computer Self-Efficacy and Computer Utilization, Ian Johnson


Dissertation: Privacy Policies: A Study of Their Use Among Online Canadian Pharmacies, Joanne Kuzma


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Ecological Assessment of the Coral Reef Community in Northeastern Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) Archipelago, Elizabeth Anne Lacey

Dissertation: Evaluating E-textbooks in a Business Curriculum, Donna N. Losciuto Lane

Dissertation: Applying Decision Theory to Quantify the Cost of Network Security Risk, Cathrine Linnes

Dissertation: A JAVA based API for the Implementation and Maintenance of Domain Specific Collaborative Virtual Environments, Mike B. Litman


Thesis - NSU Access Only: DNA Diagnostics for Internationally Protected and Commercially Traded Shark Species, Jennifer E. Magnussen

Dissertation: Computers as Ubiquitous Tools for Teachers and Learners: A Case Study of the Maine Laptop Initiative, Jack Mara


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Seasonal Trends and Factors Influence Osprey, Pandion haliaetus, Sightings in Port Everglades, Florida, Sarah L. Maurer

Dissertation: An Investigation of the Relationships Between Users and Providers of Information Technology Services for Improved IT Effectiveness, Arthur C. McAdams

Dissertation: Knowledge Management: Evaluating Strategies and Processes Used in Higher Education, Anita F. McCarthy


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Stress Response in Montastraea cavernosa as a Result of Sediment Loading: Quantitative Histological and Ultrastructural Analysis, Aaron Miller


Thesis: Testing the Effectiveness of Pollution Control Measures at the South Dade Landfill: The Reduction of Un-ionized Ammonia in Landfill Leachate, Matt Mitchell


Thesis - NSU Access Only: "Coral of Opportunity" Survivorship, Growth, and Use with "Coral Nurseries" and "Integrated Stakeholder Involvement" in Coral Reef Restoration, Jamie A. Monty


Dissertation: A Quantitative Analysis of Performance in a Multi-Protocol Ad Hoc 802.11b-based Wireless Local Network, Paul Christian Nielsen Jr.

Dissertation: A Data Warehouse Methodology and Model for Student Data in Higher Education, Harold Palmer


Dissertation: Blogging: An Inquiry into The Efficacy of a Web-based Technology for Student Reflection in Community College Computer Science Programs, Jane W. Perschbach


Dissertation: Effectiveness of Asynchronous Reference Services for Distance Learning Students Within Florida's Community College System, Patricia C. Profeta

Dissertation: The Attitudes and Preferences of Internet Users in Thailand Toward Online Privacy Rights, Kriangsak Pukawan

Dissertation: Electronic Mail Retention Policies in Mid-sized Manufacturing Companies in The United States, David R. Reavis

Dissertation: An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Interview Techniques in the Elicitation of Tacit Knowledge for Requirements Engineering in Small Software Projects, Jonathan Reichental

Thesis: Creation of improved endodontic materials and the development of new biocompatibility standards to screen endodontic materials, Andrew Rigberg

Dissertation: The Construction and Validation of a Resource Cover Page as an Instrument for Cataloging Internet Resources in the Semantic Web, Malik F. Saleh

Dissertation: A Case Study of Information Assurance Field Experience, Helen Schneider


Dissertation: Establishing a New Paradigm in Engineering and Technology education: An Experimental Analysis of Multiple Learning Methodologies and Examination of Cognitive Profiles of Continuing Education Students, James A. Sinclair

Dissertation: How engagement in occupation affects older women's adaptation to low vision, Theresa Marie Smith

Dissertation: Improving the Decision Making Process for Information Security through a Pre-Implementation Impact Review of Security Countermeasures, Glenn Allan Stout

Dissertation: Parallel Hybrid Clustering using Genetic Programming and Multi-Objective Fitness with Density(PYRAMID), Samir R. Tour


Dissertation: An Improved Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm with Adaptable Parameters, Khoa Duc Tran

Dissertation: An Empirical Investigation of Workflow Management Systems Queues: A Case Study of Telephone Call Canter Systems Queue Performance, Arisa K. Ude

Dissertation: Web-Based evaluation Process for an Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, John Ventura

Dissertation: Workplace Technology Competencies for Associate Degree Marketing Programs, Del Wakley

Dissertation: Blending Electronic and Classroom Teaching to Support Deaf and hard of Hearing College Students, Qi Wang

Dissertation: E-Learning for Advanced Learners in Multi-Ability Classrooms, Cheryl Lynn Ward

Dissertation: Quantifying medication use and environmental factors of community-dwelling elderly Guyanese at risk for falls : a cross-sectional study, Ronald G. Wharton

Dissertation: Implementation of the People Capability Maturity Model with Technical Support Personnel in Volusia County School District, Creed R. Wheeler


Thesis: Patterns of Scleractinian Health in Broward County, Florida, Melody J. White

Dissertation: Using Technology With Learning Disabled Readers: A Meta-Analysis, Ann W. Wolf

Dissertation: A Software Replication Model for Rejuvenation Transparency to Clients in a Single Computer Environment, Seong R. Yu

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

Dissertation: A Comparative Study of Childhood Trauma and Current Dissociation in a Sample of Sex Industry Workers, Evelyn Abramovich


Dissertation: Computer-Supported Rehabilitation Management A Case Study of Using Virtual Reality Technology in Ambulatory Training for Post-Acute Stroke Patients, Felix O. Akinladejo


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Electro-Ionization Technology as a Treatment for Ballast Water with a Review of Methods Used to Determine Treatment Effectiveness., Courtney Campbell Arena


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: The Structure Of Fish Assemblages On Vessel-Reefs And Adjacent Natural Reefs In Southeast Florida, Paul T. Arena

Dissertation: A Model for Developing Interactive Instructional Multimedia Applications for Electronic Music Instructors, Antonio D. Biello

Dissertation: The Effects of Learning on Evolvability and its Evolution, Grant William Braught

Dissertation: Development and Implementation of a Plan for an Online Educational Technology Program Leading to Cross Endorsement for Connecticut Educators, Antoinette P. Bruciati

Dissertation: An Investigation of the Effects of The Integration of Computing Technology in a Science Curriculum on Female Students' Self-Efficacy Beliefs Toward Computing, Donna Cady

Dissertation: Information Privacy as Required By The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA): Awareness and Barriers to Compliance as Experienced by Small Health Care Practitioners in Rural West Virginia, Tracy M. Christofero

Dissertation: An Analysis of The Implementation of an Online Collaboration System to Support Legal Communities of Practice, Barbara L. Ciaramitaro

Dissertation: The Online Resource Selection Instructional Design Script, Deborah Elizabeth "Sunny" Cohen

Dissertation: An Evaluation of the Consistency of Judicial Sentencing Systems that Incorporate Subjective Factors, Mark A. Cohen

Dissertation: A Survey of the Massachusetts Cities and Towns to Examine Interest Filtering Policies in Public Schools, Ralph J. Covino II

Dissertation: The Development of an Information Literacy Indicator for Incoming College freshmen, Ron Critchfield

Dissertation: A Study of the Impact of Price Elasticity on the Adoption Decision of Minicomputers, Dorrell W. Crittenden

Dissertation: Using the OASIS to predict risk of falls in older adults, Jacqueline Crossen-Sills

Dissertation: Integrating Online Social Environments Into Community College Student Organizations, Nicholas A. DiTirro

Dissertation: An Investigation of Learners' Attitudes and Preferences that Relate to Participation in Internet-Based Instruction at Coastal Carolina University, Joyce Dorman

Dissertation: Using a Bayesian Belief Network for Going-Concern Risk Evaluation, Azad Ejaz

Dissertation: An Evaluation of Program for Cooperative Cataloging(PCC) Records Used in Non-PCC Libraries, Robert O. Ellett Jr.

Dissertation: The Effects of Using the Practical Ear Training Tool(PET) Paired with Mnemonic Imagery on Enhancing Traditional Ear Training Methods for Undergraduate Music Students, Michael K. Estep


Dissertation: Evaluating Particle Swarm Intelligence Techniques for Solving University Examination Timetabling Problems, Daniel R. Fealko

Dissertation: Journalism and Mass Communication Education in The Age of Technology, Heather Starr Fiedler


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Effects of Elevated Temperature and Reduced Irradiance on the Photosynthetic Output and Mortality of Montastrea cavernosa, John Gregory Foster


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Effects of Reduced Light and Elevated Temperature on the Zooxanthellae Concentrations and Diameters, Pigment Concentrations, and Colony Color of Montastrea cavernosa, Kristi A. Foster

Dissertation: Long-term effect of single event multiple level orthopedic surgery on the functional classification of children with cerebral palsy, Ellen M. Godwin


Dissertation: A Self-Adaptive Evolutionary Negative Selection Approach for Anomaly Detection, Luis J. Gonzalez

Dissertation: Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Generic Course Management System (CMS) Tutorial for College Faculty, Mary E. Gosman

Dissertation: Medical Decision Making Under Stress-Evaluating the Role of Computerized Medical Simulation Education, Jeffrey A. Groom


Thesis: Highly Streamlined PCR-Based Genetic Identification of Carcharhinid Sharks (Family Carcharhinidae) for Use in Wildlife Forensics, Trade Monitoring, and Delineation of Species Distributions, Marcy Henning


Dissertation: Establishing an Online Community of Practice for Instructors of English as a Foreign Language, Christopher M. Johnson

Dissertation: Applying Genetic Algorithms in the Identification of Novel Behavior Patterns in Network Data Streams, Todd A. Johnson



Dissertation: Successful Implementation of Decision Support Systems for Supply Chain Management within Manufacturing Companies, Robert K. Joyce


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Acclimation and Cultivation of Pacific White Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei in Low Salinity Waters and Well Waters of South Florida, Frank A. Kahoun III

Dissertation: A Study of Motivation, Achievement, and Study Skills in an Online Community College Course in Beginning Algebra, Robert Kaiden


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Systematics, Ecology, and Functional Morphology of Commensal Amphipods (Leucothoidae) in the Western Caribbean Sea and Southeast Florida, Kristine N. Klebba

Dissertation: Performance of Classification Tools on Unstructured Text, Janet L. Kourik

Dissertation: Using concept Maps for Knowledge Acquisition in Satellite Design: Translating "Statements of Requirements on Orbit" to "Design Requirements", Michael J. Kramer