All theses, dissertations and capstone projects from graduate students at Nova Southeastern University.


Theses/Dissertations from 2005

Dissertation: The Effects of Using the Practical Ear Training Tool(PET) Paired with Mnemonic Imagery on Enhancing Traditional Ear Training Methods for Undergraduate Music Students, Michael K. Estep


Dissertation: Evaluating Particle Swarm Intelligence Techniques for Solving University Examination Timetabling Problems, Daniel R. Fealko

Dissertation: Journalism and Mass Communication Education in The Age of Technology, Heather Starr Fiedler


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Effects of Elevated Temperature and Reduced Irradiance on the Photosynthetic Output and Mortality of Montastrea cavernosa, John Gregory Foster


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Effects of Reduced Light and Elevated Temperature on the Zooxanthellae Concentrations and Diameters, Pigment Concentrations, and Colony Color of Montastrea cavernosa, Kristi A. Foster

Dissertation: Long-term effect of single event multiple level orthopedic surgery on the functional classification of children with cerebral palsy, Ellen M. Godwin


Dissertation: A Self-Adaptive Evolutionary Negative Selection Approach for Anomaly Detection, Luis J. Gonzalez

Dissertation: Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Generic Course Management System (CMS) Tutorial for College Faculty, Mary E. Gosman

Dissertation: Medical Decision Making Under Stress-Evaluating the Role of Computerized Medical Simulation Education, Jeffrey A. Groom


Thesis: Highly Streamlined PCR-Based Genetic Identification of Carcharhinid Sharks (Family Carcharhinidae) for Use in Wildlife Forensics, Trade Monitoring, and Delineation of Species Distributions, Marcy Henning


Dissertation: Establishing an Online Community of Practice for Instructors of English as a Foreign Language, Christopher M. Johnson

Dissertation: Applying Genetic Algorithms in the Identification of Novel Behavior Patterns in Network Data Streams, Todd A. Johnson



Dissertation: Successful Implementation of Decision Support Systems for Supply Chain Management within Manufacturing Companies, Robert K. Joyce


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Acclimation and Cultivation of Pacific White Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei in Low Salinity Waters and Well Waters of South Florida, Frank A. Kahoun III

Dissertation: A Study of Motivation, Achievement, and Study Skills in an Online Community College Course in Beginning Algebra, Robert Kaiden


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Systematics, Ecology, and Functional Morphology of Commensal Amphipods (Leucothoidae) in the Western Caribbean Sea and Southeast Florida, Kristine N. Klebba

Dissertation: Performance of Classification Tools on Unstructured Text, Janet L. Kourik

Dissertation: Using concept Maps for Knowledge Acquisition in Satellite Design: Translating "Statements of Requirements on Orbit" to "Design Requirements", Michael J. Kramer


Dissertation: The Brazilian-Portuguese MCMI-III: Diagnostic Validity of the Alcohol Dependence and Drug Dependence Scales, Cristina Lilian Magalhaes

Dissertation: A Predictive Model to Test Icons for a Global Audience, Richard P. Marcour

Dissertation: Model for Planning, Designing and Implementing a Wireless Local Area Network in a University Classroom, Joan S. McGrory

Dissertation: A Comparative Study of Unsupervised Neural Networks in Detecting Financial Misstatements, Derek Mohammed


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: The Impact of Work-Life Balance and Family-Friendly Human Resource Policies on Employees' Job Satisfaction, LaRoyce E. Morgan


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Distribution and Significance of Fecal Indicator Bacteria in Beach Sand and Seawater in a Sub-Tropical Environment, Kara L. Nowosielski


Dissertation: A Study of the Relationships Between End-User Information Systems Problems and Helpdesk Critical Success Factors in Higher Education, Richard Dale Parrott

Dissertation: Patterns of participation in out-of-school activities among children in homeless shelters, Theresa Petrenchik

Dissertation: Strategic Information Technology Investment Decisions in the Banking Industry, Tony J. Read

Dissertation: The Value of an Online Learning Environment to an Adult Basic Education Program, Traci M. Reed

Dissertation: Correlational study between structured clinical observations and the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test, Gustavo Alejandro Reinoso


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Genetic Connectivity Throughout Florida and the Caribbean: Comparative Phylogeography of Diverse Reef Taxa with Contrasting Reproductive Strategies, Vincent P. Richards

Dissertation: The Effects of an Internet Monitoring System on Non-Educational Internet Usage and Achievement Levels of Adult Students Seeking Computer Networking Certifications, Brian K. Sheppard


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Importance of Strain Differences in the Opportunistic Pathogen Acanthamoeba, Megan Shoff

Dissertation: The Impact of an Online Conference in Education: A Case Study, Miri Shonfeld

Dissertation: Development and Implementation of a Problem-Based Learning Model in a Finance Course: A Case Study, Sharon Shuey

Dissertation: Valued occupations, social participation, and quality of life of the brain injury survivor: A Path Analysis, Charles Douglas Simmons

Dissertation: A Descriptive Study of the Internet Search Behaviors Employed by Deaf Adolescents Completing Fact-Based Search Tasks, Chad E. Smith


Dissertation: The Effects of Computerized Smell of Memory, Brandon Spencer

Dissertation: A Cognitive Study of The Use of the Internet by Minority Small Business Owners for Information Research and The Design and Development of a Small Business Information Portal, Sherry Leanne Strum

Dissertation: Development of Telecommunications in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Whithende Musa Tabu

Dissertation: A Model of Trusted Computing Acceptance in Higher Education, Jeff Teo

Dissertation: Sinclair Curriculum eXchange (SCX) Sharing Learning Resources to Improve Part-Time Instruction, Nancy Thibeault

Dissertation: Knowledge Discovery in Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems, Robert Vermilyer


Dissertation: Predicting software Size and Development Effort: Models Based on Stepwise Refinement, David P. Voorhees

Dissertation: An Investigation of the Feasibility of Using Web-Centric Methods Versus Traditional Face-to-Face Methods in Delivering a Course in Bibliographic Instruction, Berthamae L. Walker

Dissertation: A New Statistical Approach for Anomaly Intrusion Detection, Yun Wang

Dissertation: Software Engineers: License, Certify or Classify ? Modeling Practitioners Through SPECS, Sharon A. Wheeler

Dissertation: A Suggested E-business Process Model to Apply Knowledge Management to Solve Training Problems of New Employees, Marcie E. Zaharee

Dissertation: Teaching Data Structure Using a Programming by Example System: Effects on Students Achievement and Cognitive Load, Steven A. Zale


Thesis - NSU Access Only: A Comparison of Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops Truncatus), Atlantic Spotted Dolphin (Stenella frontalis), and Pilot Whale (Globicephala Sp.) Vocalizations in the Western North Atlantic and Northern Gulf of Mexico, Susan C. Zaretsky

Theses/Dissertations from 2004


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Efficient PCR-Based Identification of Shark Products in Global Trade: Applications for the Management and Conservation of Commercially Important Mackerel Sharks (Family Lamnidae), Thresher Sharks (Family Alopiidae) and Hammerhead Sharks (Family Sphyrnidae)., Debra Abercrombie


Thesis: Cultivation of Wrack Collected Seagrasses, Irene Arpayoglou

Dissertation: An Assessment of the Portfolio-based Technology Requirement for Preservice Teachers in North Carolina, Daniel N. Baer

Dissertation: A Front-Loaded Agile Software Process for Web Applications, Eduardo L. Bautista


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Population Densities and Feeding Behavior of the Amphinomid Polychaete, Hermodice carunculata, in Acropora cervicornis Assemblages in Southeastern Florida, Megan E. Berkle


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Fecal Indicator Organisms and Pathogenic Protozoa in South Florida Beach Sand: Implications for Public Health, Tonya Davidian Bonilla

Dissertation: A Study of Chief Information Officer Effectiveness in Higher Education, Wayne A. Brown

Dissertation: Credible Webcast for Financial Communications, William C. Brown


Dissertation: Using Autonomous Robots to Integrate Middle School Academic Standards, Technology Standards, and 21st Century Workplace Skills, Barbara M. Burckart


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Enhanced Survival of Escherichia coli in Subtropical Beach Sand and Implications for Water Quality Managers, Marie L. Cuvelier


Dissertation: A Use-Case Model for a Knowledge Management System to Facilitate Disaster Relief Operations, Eileen Eudy


Thesis: Diel Activity Patterns, Space Utilization, Seasonal Distribution and Population Structure of the Yellow Stingray, Urobatis jamaicensis (Cuvier, 1817) in South Florida with Comments on Reproduction., Daniel P. Fahy

Dissertation: Evaluating Bayesian Classifiers and Rough Sets for Corporate Bankruptcy Prediction, Margo L. Fitzpatrick

Dissertation: A Simulation Model of Large-Scale Software Reuse Implementations: A System Dynamics Approach, Donald P. Frazier


Dissertation: The Education of Information Security Professionals: An Analysis of Industry Needs vs Academic Curriculum in the 21st Century, Albert L. Fundaburk

Dissertation: Method and Apparatus for Enhanced E-Mail Filtering and Routing Employing Directory-Based Information and Policies, David L. Gardner


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Prevalence and Distribution of Staphylococcus aureus and Other Potential Health Risk Indicators in South Florida Beaches, Melissa V. Green


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Factors Affecting Predatory Success of White Sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) at Seal Island in False Bay, South Africa, Neil Hammerschlag

Dissertation: A Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Framework for Selecting Suitable Learning Management Systems, Rosemary Q. Hayes

Dissertation: A Process Model for the Development of a Culture Learning and Improvement Portal to Enhance the Foreign Language Curriculum, Sherman X. Hou

Dissertation: Student Retention and Completion Rates in a Postsecondary Online Distance Learning Environment, Faye K. Ingle


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Changes in Coral Populations on the Northwest Coast of Roatan, Honduras, Subsequent to the 1998 Coral Bleaching Event and Hurricane Mitch, Jennifer R. Keck

Dissertation: A Software Development Life-Cycle Model for Web-Based Application Development, Barbara M. King

Dissertation: Technology Integration and Pre-service Teacher Training: The Effectiveness of Embedding Technology Use in Three Pre-Methods Courses, Elaine M. Lawrence


Dissertation: The Impact of Distance Learning on Faculty Contracts and Policies in Florida Community Colleges, M. Kate LeGrand

Dissertation: An Extensible Markup Language (XML) Application for the University Course Timetabling Problem, Jeffrey L. Lehman


Dissertation: Implementation of an Individual Professional Development System Using a Web-Accessible Database, Edward R. Lovitt

Dissertation: Effectiveness of Video-Based Augmented Reality as a Learning Paradigm for Aerospace Maintenance Training, Nickolas D. Macchiarella

Dissertation: Determining the Effectiveness of College Students in Searching the Internet, Mohamed K. Mansour


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Influence of Physical and Anthropogenic Factors on the Distribution of Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) Nests in Broward County, Florida. (1990-1999), Catherine A. Mattison

Dissertation: The Effects of Instant Messaging on Performance and Communication Apprehension in a Business Computer Application Class, Theresa McDonald


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Commercial Protocols for the Inland Culture of Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone 1931) (Crustacea; Decapoda; Penaeidae) in Zero-Exchange, Freshwater Systems, David Z. McMahon

Dissertation: Effectiveness of Faculty Training About Academic Accommodations: Impact on perceptions and Intentions, Nancy Vandewiele Milligan

Dissertation: Implementation of Wireless LAN in a University Environment: The Western Michigan University Haworth College of Business Case Study, Patricia K. Morgenstern

Dissertation: Improving Information Systems Security Through Management Practices: A Non-technical Approach, Karen D. Nard


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Molecular Genetic Approaches to Species Identification and Delineation in Elasmobranchs, Janne T. Nielsen

Dissertation: The Effect of the High School Environment on Encouraging Girls to Major in Computer Science, Lisa M. Olivieri


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Identification of Drinking Water as a National and Regional Strategic Resource, Within a Coastal Zone Management Framework, in Broward County, Florida., John P. O'Sullivan

Dissertation: An Investigation of the Web Sites of the 100 Largest Nonprofit Organizations in the United States, E. Kent Palmer

Dissertation: Wireless Integrated Secure Data Options Model (WISDOM) for Converged Network Security, James F. Ransome

Dissertation: School-Based Support for Elementary School Teaching with Technology, Pamela Rawls

Dissertation: Cognitive Based Adaptive Path Planning Algorithm for Autonomous Robotic Vehicles, Adam A. Razavian

Dissertation: Development of an Instructional Design Model for Problem-Based Online Learning Environments in Continuing Medical Education, Karen A. Richards

Dissertation: Human-Agent Interaction and Web-based Systems: A Study of User Performance and Software Agent Learning, Mina Richards

Dissertation: Infusing Online Components into the Academic Coursework of High Schools in the State of New York using HSTOR-E, Kathleen Doty Roberts

Dissertation: A Model to Increase Persistence in Postsecondary Online Learning, Ellen R. Scalese

Dissertation: The EC Institute's Certification in Electronic Commerce: From Development to Implementation of a New Professional IT Credential, Patricia Sendall


Dissertation: Data Driven Calculations Histories to Minimize IEEE-755 Floating-point Computational Error, Lawrence E. Shafer


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Competition Among Juvenile Acropora on Shallow Reefs, Okinawa, Japan, Aya Shinohara


Dissertation: A Framework for the Identification of Electronic Commerce Visual Design Elements that Enable Trust within the Small Hotel Industry, R. Todd Stephens