An active lifestyle among children and adolescents plays an important role in their normal growth and development. However, studies from different countries have shown a decreasing participation of children in physical activity. In the Philippines, very little is known of adolescent’s involvement in physical activity. Objective: To determine the physical activity (PA) levels using pedometers of the adolescents in Metromanila and factors associated with the level of physical activity. Method: This study is a cross sectional study assessing physical activity patterns using the Yamax Pedometer (SW-200) of adolescents in a selected school in Metromanila. Results: A total of 90 males (15.17 ±1.38; BMI =21.69 ± 4.6 kg/m2) and 78 females (14.85 ± 1.19; BMI = 21.89 ± 4.9 kg/m2) participated in the study. Males had a mean number of steps 10,933.18 ± 4189.5/day while females had a mean of 8307.47 ± 4767.45 steps/day, with males having a significantly higher mean count (p value =0.002). Being male and regular physical exercise were factors associated with a higher pedometer count with a ß (SE) of -171.8 ± 744.1 (95% CI: -2941.3, - 2.5) and ß (SE) 775.6 ± 289.8 (95% CI: 203.4, 1347.8), respectively. Conclusion: Males were generally more active than female adolescents with females having a lower step count compared to studies from other countries. Participation in regular physical activity should be encouraged to prevent the increasing prevalence of lifestyle related diseases.




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