About This Journal

The IJAHSP was established by the College of Allied Health, now the Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences, at Nova Southeastern University in response to a growing interest in the advancement of allied health professionals as integral members of the health care team. The first publication of the Journal was in January 2003 with Volume 1 Number 1 and continues as a quarterly publication. Our goal is to help first-time and seasoned authors publish information of relevance to all practitioners.

The IJAHSP provides a global interdisciplinary forum where initiatives involving the science, practice, and education of allied health professionals are shared. In the interest of the broad scope of the journal, our editorial and review boards are composed of practitioners, researchers, scholars, and educators from universities, hospitals, and private practices across the globe. It is because of these individuals that the journal continues as a free service to the health science community.

All articles are peer-reviewed by a minimum of two members of the editorial and review boards and are approved for publication by the Editorial Board, and the Editor-in-Chief. All articles are recognized, registered, and on file with The Library of Congress Catalog of Publications as submitted on CD-ROM in html and pdf.

Aims and Scope

The mission of the journal is to publish both first-time and seasoned authors. As such, we work with our authors to bring a manuscript to fruition. A big part of the task is to focus globally. With this in mind, we work to maintain the integrity of the authors home language. To expand on this, we use the English spelling from the authors country and do not "Americanize" their manuscript.

For example. We do not change colour to color or paediatrics to pediatrics. We do this to maintain the integrity of the manuscript in the authors own country. We do however assure that the grammar is correct and appropriate to the US audience.

We appreciate the extra work this creates for both our reviewers and editors, and would like to thank our review and editorial board members for the additional effort.

Papers submitted for review to the Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice must be original works on the part of the authors, must not have been published previously, and must not be under review with another publication at any time during the review process.

Due to the nature of the journal and its wide base of professions represented, the IJAHSP is extremely interdisciplinary. We welcome manuscripts from around the globe describing the education and practice of allied health professionals. Given this diversity, it is the aim of the journal to provide a platform where the sharing of ideas and knowledge is a universal act of professionalism.

Length and Format of Manuscript

The length of submitted works may vary greatly. Given the electronic format of the journal, the length of manuscripts is less of a concern; however, we do recommend nothing longer than 15 pages.

As you format your manuscript, pay close attention to the Guide to Authors, and the Editor/Reviewer/Author Checklist linked on the home page.

Publication Fees

This Journal is a free, open access, online journal; there is no advertising, nor are there any fees whatsoever to the author for publishing his/her study nor to the readers (for anything, including downloading the full text of any article).