Manuscript Checklist

Prior to Submitting a Manuscript, You must be able to answer yes to all questions below.

  • Is the article in Arial narrow 10 Pitch Font?
  • Is the reference list correct? Are the references listed in numerical order and not alphabetical order?
  • Is the manuscript formatted in single spacing?
  • Are all citation numbers at the end of sentences (not within) and after the punctuation?
  • Are all citations superscript? See example of proper citations below.
      Skull fractures, common to motor vehicle accidents, are different than in falls.1,2
  • Is the text of the article left justified, not full justified?
  • Is the font all the same color? (Black)
  • Are photographs, figures, and diagrams in jpg, png, tif, or gif format? They should be separate from the manuscript but added as additional files.
  • Are all Tables created using the Table Function in Word? Are numbers separated by cells in the table and not tabs?
  • Are the tables in the manuscript in the correct placement and not at the end of the manuscript?
  • Does the author use standard bullets in the table if any, and not graphic images for bullets? No graphics are allowed in Tables. Graphics constitute Figures.
  • Is the paper size set to Portrait - Letter and not Landscape or A4?
  • Have all author names been removed from the manuscript, figures, tables, etc? Names should be placed in the boxes provided on the submission screen.