Editorial and Manuscript Review Policy and Procedure

IJAHSP welcomes articles for consideration for publication. IJAHSP gives strong preference to articles that focus on the practice and science of allied health or education of allied health professionals. Articles may focus on theoretical, conceptual or policy issues or may present findings from original research and development.

Authors submitting articles that present findings from original research are strongly encouraged to include the full data sets and the syntax used to analyze the data so that readers may replicate and/or extend analyses, and reviewers can determine scientific validity. When appropriate, authors are also encouraged to include any visual, audio, or software demonstrations required to convey one’s point of view.

Authors are responsible for all statements made in their manuscripts and for obtaining permission for the use of copyrighted materials. Manuscripts submitted to IJAHSP should be prepared in accordance with the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals, (JAMA 1993;269:2282-6 or latter version). Include an abstract that is approximately 250 words or less. For more information on format:

American Medical Association Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors (AMA) by Cheryl Iverson (Editor), Annette Flanagin, Phil B., Md. Fontanarosa

Articles should be no more than 12 single-spaced pages. Font should be Arial Narrow, 10 pitch font. Page size must be set to LETTER not A4. Appendixes, tables, etc, must be in portrait page layout, not landscape unless included as an appendix. Please include an abstract of 500 words or less with the manuscript. Abstracts should have no references.

Authors are normally informed of the publication decision within 30 days. Significant changes and revisions will cause the process to take longer. All published articles in this peer-reviewed journal will be reviewed by members of the editorial board and review board. As a peer-reviewed journal, the IJAHSP submits all of its published articles for review by experts on the editorial board and review board.

When a manuscript is received in the office of the Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice, it is sent to Managing Editor for Initial Review. It is then assigned to an Associate Editor (Editorial Board Member) for review and assignment to reviewers with general or specific expertise in the subject matter of the article. Reviewers have 21 days to complete their review and will recommend one of the following:

  • Accept as is
  • Accept with minor changes
  • Reject and Resubmit after major revision
  • Reject outright
  • Reject without review

Any disagreement between reviewers will be resolved by the Assigned Associate Editor and Managing Editor. If the manuscript is considered publishable with changes, a secure link to the reviewer’s comments will be sent to the author for further comment or revisions. Also at this time, the comments of all reviewers will be available to those who reviewed the manuscript to allow one reviewer to read the comments of the other reviewer on the manuscript. Authors will be given 60 days to complete any suggested revisions and return to the editor.

At that time, the author's revised manuscript will be returned to the primary reviewers. The reviewers are given a second 21 days for further review. This process will be repeated up two 4 times as necessary. All final decisions will be made by the associate editor assigned to the manuscript as overseen by the managing editor. All decision letters are reviewed by the managing editor prior to being sent to the author. Once accepted, the manuscript will be scheduled for copy edit and publication. Issue placement of the manuscript is at the discretion of the managing editor and editorial board and can be based, number of manuscripts accepted, content and other similar considerations. No author shall be published in more than 1 manuscript in the same issue.

Conflict of Interest

Editors who make final decisions about manuscripts have no personal financial involvement in any of the issues they might judge. Other members of the editorial staff, if they participate in editorial decisions, provide editors with a current description of their financial interests (as they might relate to editorial judgments) and disqualify themselves from any decisions where they have a conflict of interest. Published articles and letters include a description of all financial support and any conflict of interest that, in the editors' judgment, readers should know about. Editorial staff or reviewers will not use the information gained through working with manuscripts for private gain.

Helpful Resources

For Additional Policies Followed by the IJAHSP, Its Editors and Reviewers, see http://www.councilscienceeditors.org/services/draft_approved.cfm

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