Volume 22, Number 2 (2024)




A Perfect Storm?: The Association of Vitamin D with Injury Incidence among Acrobatics and Tumbling Athletes
Katherine M. Lee, Andrew R. Gallucci, Jeff S. Forsse, Leticia Cherpe de Souza, Laura R. Irvin, Emily J. Boyer, Kristin H. Fant, Jeffery Heileson, and LesLee Funderburk


Teaching Exercise Physiology with Flipped Classroom Method in The Era of COVID-19: Experience of a Remote Course
Valéria Panissa, Cláudia Lúcia de Moraes Forjaz, Bruno Rocha de Avila Pelozin, Gabriel Loureiro Martins, Ailma Oliveira da Paixão, Raphael Ferreira de Paiva Barreto, and Patricia Chakur Brum


Student Physical Therapists’ Perceptions of a First Semester Integrated Clinical Experience: A Descriptive Study
Alicia K. Rabena-Amen, Tyler Goslinga, Amber Orchard, Fatema Ghani, and Todd E. Davenport


Experiences of Minoritized Learners in Preparation for Graduate Medical and Health Care Education
Ashley M. White, Lindsey E. Eberman, Matthew J. Drescher, Justin Young, and Kenneth E. Games


Cultural Competence with Humility: A Pre-Post Cohort Study of Student Self-Assessments
Michele L. Tilstra, Cara A. Berg-Carramusa, Karen M. Keptner, and Tiffany J. Peets


Influence of Education on Awareness of Sports Specialization and Injury Prevention Recommendations among Health Care Providers
Shelly Fetchen DiCesaro, Eric Post, Tamara Valovich McLeod, Traci Snedden, Denise Mohrbacher, David Bell, and Tracy Zaslow


The Benefits of Peer Visitation on the Rehabilitation of New Amputees: A Qualitative Study
Bruce N. Elliott; Caitlyn Ofiesh, DPT; Shannon Morrisey DPT; Julie Mulcahy DPT; Kristina Economou DPT; and Dennis Beaudry DPT


Beyond Milestones Online Education Resource for Allied Health Professionals
Sonia Hughes, Carmel M. Blayden Ms, Jennifer Nicol, and Susan Sims

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