Background: Bilateral lower limb amputation is becoming more frequent in recent years. This case report will outline the pre-operative and post-operative physiotherapy protocol for bilateral lower limb amputations following dry gangrene. Additionally, this case was evaluated to see if postoperative physiotherapy treatment consisting of prevention of complications, patient education, independent self-care, and functional mobility improved outcome. Case: A 76-year-old man came to the hospital with clinical features of dry gangrene of both feet. Preoperatively he was given education on care for his limbs along with the therapy plan following surgery. Pain on VAS scales were taken prior to surgery and postoperatively as well. Results: Preoperative education helped the patient improve his pain status, which is an important aspect for postoperative rehabilitation. Decreasing pain on VAS facilitated early rehabilitation which further helped lessening the chances of postoperative complications. Conclusion: Pre- and early post-operation rehabilitation improve patient outcomes such as improved pain levels, range of motion and prevention of complication related to bilateral lower limb amputation.

Author Bio(s)

  1. Pranali R Gaikwad, is a Postgraduate at MGM Institute of Physiotherapy, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. EMAIL: pranalig997@gmail.com, 8652819243
  2. Manish Prannath Shukla,is an Associate Professor in the MGM Institute of Physiotherapy, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. manish.shukla20@gmail.com, 9960290614
  3. Santosh P Dobhal is an Associate Professor in MGM Institute of Physiotherapy, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. ptsantosh07@gmail.com, 9923401079


The author would like to thanks to department of surgery for their support and assistance during rehabilitation




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