Purpose: The purpose of this investigation was to develop, describe, and evaluate burnout curricula using meditation as a burnout reduction strategy. Method: The Maslach Burnout Inventory was the survey method used to assess PA student’s levels of burnout after completing developed burnout curricula. Results: The results showed no relationship between burnout curricula completion and rates of student burnout. However, the findings showed burnout differences across the three cohorts of student classes. Conclusion: While limited by only the three cohorts of students, the study affirmed the need for faculty to stay attuned to aspects of student burnout.

Author Bio(s)

Rachel Chappell, PA-C, DMSc, West Coast University, Associate Professor

George Hebert, Ph.D, Louisiana State University Health Science Center New Orleans. Clinical Assistant Professor

Amber Weydert, PA-C, MMS, LSU HSC NO. Clinical Assistant Professor


The authors would like to thank Rolph Van Anders for providing meditation coaching.




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