Objectives: The purpose of this study was to validate the association between dental screenings and follow-up care to support the level of awareness of dental hygiene services available in the community by increasing access to care and determine patients’ knowledge of dental insurance status. Methods: A first-time dental screening was conducted, and complimentary care was provided for those who followed through with dental hygiene care at the clinic. Survey questionnaires were administered to participants following screening and clinic care. Results: Ten participants of the 50 screened received care at the clinic. Less than half of those screened (41 %) had a dental visit over a year ago. Most participants were not aware of the low-cost dental services available. Twenty percent (20%) of participants did not know if they had dental insurance coverage. Conclusions: Dental screening participants are likely to schedule an appointment for dental services. Raising awareness of low-cost dental care services available in the community by offering screenings at local events may increase access to care.

Author Bio(s)

Susan H. Davide, MSEd, MS, RDH, is an Associate Professor in the department of Dental Hygiene at New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Margarita Rivera, MSDH, RDH, is an Assistant Professor in the department of Dental Hygiene at Farmingdale State College in Farmingdale N.Y.


The authors thank Nazrin Akbarova, Dirien Santos and Roseanna Torres, student research assistants, for their active involvement and support.




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