African Americans (AAs) experience numerous challenges that socially, economically, and physically affect their communities. Recent studies have found that a diverse array AAs encounter many struggles as they navigate the United States (U.S.) healthcare system to access care and receive healthcare services. AA communities are significantly affected by the burden of chronic diseases. They face considerable barriers to healthcare services that contribute to adverse health outcomes. This paper explains the daily struggles many AAs face within their communities to access and navigate the healthcare system due to culturally held myths and barriers. This paper discusses commonly held myths among Afro-Caribbean and West Indies populations living within the state of Georgia to suggest a call to action to address health disparities in this population.

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Lucson Joseph, DHSc, MPH, RRT is a vice-president for a non-profit organization that educates minorities about chronic disease management. He is an Infection Preventionist and a licensed Respiratory Care practitioner in the state of Georgia.


I would like to acknowledge Dr. Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup for her contribution and the time and effort put forth to help me write this paper.




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