Introduction: Level 1 grade A evidence exists to support physiotherapy as a first line treatment of women with stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse (POP). A novel way to provide care for women with pelvic floor dysfunction in a tertiary hospital setting is to mandate attendance at an introductory group education session prior to offering an individual physiotherapy consultation. There is minimal research to date examining the consumer perspective of group physiotherapy for treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. This study aims to evaluate the consumer experience with a view to determining if this model of care meets the needs and expectations of the consumer. Objective: To evaluate the consumer perspective of an educational and practical pelvic floor class prior to offering an individual physiotherapy appointment for women with pelvic floor dysfunction. Method: Over a 6-month period, 39 women completed a voluntary, anonymous survey to evaluate their experience of attending a physiotherapy pelvic floor class. Results: Respondents reported that the information delivered was appropriate, relevant, and engaging and felt more informed and less alone in their symptoms after attending the pelvic floor class. Women reported that they had received the necessary education and practical skills required to begin implementing practical changes that addressed their pelvic floor dysfunction. Conclusion: By providing a consistent, informative, and practical group session for women referred with pelvic floor dysfunction as a baseline entry point to individual care, treatment can be commenced that is acceptable to the consumer. The acceptability of this method of service delivery serves as a basis for further important research evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of group physiotherapy treatment.

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Rose Green is a senior physiotherapist working in the women's Physiotherapy department of the women's and children's hospital Adelaide, South Australia. She holds a post graduate certificate in in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy.




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