Background: The purpose of this literature review is to identify successful characteristics that have been found to be associated with effective precepting for the athletic training profession. Athletic training programs use preceptors as their main source of hands-on experience for athletic training students. Thus, a clinical preceptor who possesses these characteristics are better positioned to impact the success of a student’s clinical experience and overall growth. Purpose: To identify successful characteristics for athletic training preceptors. Methods: The findings of the literature review were achieved by the selection of articles that specifically pertained to athletic training and to other health care professions alike that investigated the most effective characteristics associated with clinical precepting. Conclusion/ Recommendations: Athletic trainers currently serving as a preceptor should have a set standard on how to educate a student under their professional guidance. Not only is this a common theme discussed in many articles specific to the athletic training profession, but the strategies and characteristics of precepting are equally as important to other health care professions as well.

Author Bio(s)

Daniella Eiroa DAT, LAT, ATC was a student of the Doctor of Athletic Training Program at Florida International University.

Jeff G. Konin, PhD, ATC, PT, FACSM, FNATA is a Clinical Professor and the Director of the Doctor of Athletic Training Program at Florida International University.


Writing this literature review has been one of the most significant academic challenges that I have ever had to face. Without the support, patience and guidance I received from my mentor Dr. Wendy Hebert and classmate Shaniece Jackson, this research would not have been possible. Once again thank you for your efforts and continued support. I could not have done it without you.





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