Purpose: To date, few interprofessional education initiatives have included just medicine and pharmacy learners. This research sought to explore learners’ and facilitators’ views of an interprofessional education medicines pilot study involving medical students and pharmacy interns. Methods: Qualitative feedback was gathered from the participating learners and a facilitator focus group was undertaken. Results: Medical student and pharmacy intern learners reported enjoying taking part and found the simulation and overall initiative to be authentic. They described learning most about each other’s roles and responsibilities and about teamwork, collaborative management, and collaboration. Some logistical improvements were suggested. The facilitators judged that the topic of medicines, with medical and pharmacy learners taking part, to be a match made in heaven. Conclusions: Medical student and pharmacy intern learners found the medicines topic and discipline grouping facilitated their learning. Some topics and groups of disciplines are ideally matched for IPE and such a nexus should be capitalised upon.

Author Bio(s)

Eileen McKinlay, MA, RN, is an Associate Professor and Interprofessional Education Campus Leader at the University of Otago Wellington. She is a nurse.

Melanie Brown, MHealSc(Rehabilitation), is a Research Fellow at University of Otago Wellington.

Debbie Wallace, MPS PGCertClinEd, is the EVOLVE Programme Manager at the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand. She is a pharmacist.

Caroline Morris, PhD, BPharm, is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Otago Wellington. She is a pharmacist.

Amanda Garnett, BSc Ed (Hons), is the Interprofessional Education Administrator at the University of Otago Wellington.

Ben Gray, MBHL, MBChB is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Otago Wellington. He is a general practitioner.


We thank Linda Bryant for advice in assisting in development of the curriculum for the IPE Medicines Pilot, Peter Gallagher for advice on the research design and for moderating the facilitator focus group and Elle Butterworth for administration of the Pilot. We also thank the Interprofessional Education Centre, University of Otago and the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand for financial support and encouragement to run this pilot.




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