The purpose of this paper is to share online resources available to students at a global level, to include healthcare administration programs and any other course of study. While somewhat daunting in nature, this editorial offers faculty of healthcare administration (and other related programs of study) the opportunity to explore what course materials (of any format) may be posted to commercial external websites by current and/or previous students for ongoing collaboration among academic cohorts. Findings include an opportunity for students in any program, at any level, to post individual and/or copyrighted course materials on public, external websites, often with an underlying motivation of financial remuneration for their efforts. Best practices for identifying individual course resources posted externally to the course are provided, while a potential solution for more effective and productive collaboration within the course and the internal course online learning management system is offered.

Author Bio(s)

Cristian H. Lieneck is an Associate Professor of Healthcare Administration in the School of Health Administration at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. His research interests include physician practice management and core competencies of healthcare administrators.

Salvador Esparza is an Associate Professor and Director of Health Administration at California State University-Northridge. He has consulted for major tertiary health care organizations throughout the country with particular emphasis on operations, organizational and leadership development.





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