Purpose: Evidence suggested that athletic training doctoral candidates are being socialized through a variety of formal and informal experiences to prepare them for roles in higher education. It is unclear, however, if they are aware of the expectations associated with tenure and/or promotion which are necessary for transition into higher education. Perceptions of tenure and promotion among doctoral students preparing to enter the athletic training professoriate were investigated. Methods: Twenty-four students (16=females, 8=males, average age=28±3 years) completed one-on-one telephone interviews. Data were analyzed using a general inductive approach, with a peer review and multiple analyst triangulation completed for rigor. Results: Four primary themes emerged from the data: 1) there is a limited understanding of the guidelines and criteria for tenure and promotion, 2) knowledge of guidelines and criteria is perpetuated by mentoring, 3) research/scholarship is perceived as paramount for success, and 4) the belief that skills gained, regardless of the domain of tenure, can facilitate success in others. Conclusions: The findings suggest that doctoral students in athletic training are partially aware of the guidelines for tenure, but could benefit from additional mentoring.

Author Bio(s)

Stephanie M. Mazerolle, PhD, ATC, FNATA is an assistant professor of Athletic Training in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Connecticut. She directs the Professional Athletic Training program. Her research focus is centered on professional and organizational socialization.

Thomas G. Bowman, PhD, ATC is an associate professor at Lynchburg College, teaching in the Athletic Training Program. A certified athletic trainer, Dr. Bowman's research is focused on the socialization processes for athletic trainers in a variety of roles.

Joanne Klossner, PhD, ATC is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Maryland. Her research has focused on development of role understanding through professional interactions.



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