Faculty Articles

Faculty Articles


This is a select list of works produced by the faculty of the College of Psychology at Nova Southeastern University


Submissions from 2016

Bridging Cultural Terrains: Expanding the Lens of Art Therapy, Mercedes ter Maat

The Use of Both Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy in the Treatment of a Person with PTSD, Multiple Traumas, Depression, and Suicidality, Kayla K. Thayer, B. Freund, and Gail Ironson

Risk and Protective Factors, Perceptions of Family Environment, Ethnicity, and Schizophrenia Symptoms, Kayla K. Thayer and A. Weisman de Mamani


Gender Differences in Medical Students: A Mixed Method Examination into the Potential Driver of Referral Patterns, David L. Thomas, William Alex Edmonds, and Tom D. Kennedy

My Body is Mine, yet for a Time it was Yours, Isabel A. Thompson

Prevalence of and Disparities in Barriers to Care Experienced by Youth with Type 1 Diabetes, Jessica M. Valenzuela, M. Seid, B. Waitzfelder, and A M. Anderson

Shared Decision-Making among Caregivers and Health Care Providers of Youth with Type 1 Diabetes., Jessica M. Valenzuela, L B. Smith, J. S. Andrews, and R B. D'Agostino

A PER3 Polymorphism Interacts with Sleep Duration to Influence Transient Mood States in Women, T. D. Viena, Ana I. Fins, Jaime Tartar, and Travis J.A. Craddock


Free Will Perceptions and Psychiatric Symptoms in Patients with Schizophrenia, A Weisman de Mamani, Kayla K. Thayer, J Maura, A Martinez de Andino, M J Weintraub, and M Mejia

Free Will Perceptions, Religious Coping, and Other Mental Health Outcomes in Caregivers of Individuals with Dementia, A. Weisman de Mamani, M. J. Weintraub, Kayla K. Thayer, Jessica Maura, Ana Martinez de Andino, and C. Brown

Participants’ experiences of nonsuicidal self-injury: Supporting existing theory and emerging conceptual pathways, K. L. Wester and William Bradley McKibben

Submissions from 2015

One night of sleep deprivation dysregulates behavioral and neurophysiological measures of emotion processing, R. Alfarra, Ana I. Fins, I. Chayo, and Jaime Tartar


Acute Stress Dysregulates the LPP ERP Response to Emotional Pictures and Impairs Sustained Attention: Time-Sensitive Effects, Rima A. Alomari, Mercedez Fernandez, Jonathan Banks, J Acosta, and Jaime L. Tartar

Using a single binge drinking question to identify Russian women at risk for an alcohol-exposed pregnancy, Tatiana Balachova, Linda C. Sobell, Sangeeta Agrawal, Galina Isurina, Larissa Tsvetkova, Elena Volkova, and Som Bohora

The Protective Effects of Brief Mindfulness Meditation Training, Jonathan B. Banks, M S. Welhaf, and A Srour

Under Pressure: An Examination of the Predictors of Choking, Benita Benny and Jonathan B. Banks

Tapentadol Abuse Potential: A Post-Marketing Evaluation Using a Sample of Individuals Evaluated for Substance Abuse Treatment, S. F. Butler, E. C. McNaughton, and Ryan A. Black


Guidelines for School Psychology Graduate Programs in the Provision of Continuing Professional Development, Peter M. Caproni and J. Fletcher

Interventions for Children and Adolescents with Persistent Depressive Disorder, Ralph E. Cash, Sarah Valley-Gray, and S. Worton

Are Hypnosis and Dissociation Related? New Evidence for a Connection, J. M. Cleveland, B. M. Korman, and Steven N. Gold


Anesthetics Act in Quantum Channels in Brain Microtubules to Prevent Consciousness, Travis J. A. Craddock, Ahmed T. Ayoub, Jack A. Tuszynski, and Stuart Hameroff


Achieving Remission in Gulf War Illness: A Simulation-Based Approach to Treatment Design, Travis J. A. Craddock, Ryan R. Del Rosario, Mark Rice, Mary Ann Fletcher, Nancy G. Klimas, Gordon Broderick, and Joel P. Zysman


Using Gene Expression Signatures to Identify Novel Treatment Strategies in Gulf War Illness, Travis J. A. Craddock, Jeanna M. Harvey, Lubov Nathanson, Zachary M. Barnes, Nancy G. Klimas, Mary Ann Fletcher, and Gordon Broderick

Beyond Programs: Bolstering Continuums of Care during Mass Reentry, Jennifer Davidtz, Tim Goddard, and Raldolph R. Myers

Beyond Abstinence: An Examination of Psychological Well-Being in Members of Narcotics Anonymous, Christian DeLucia, Brandon G. Bergman, Danette Beitra, Hillary L. Howrey, Stephanie Seibert, Amy E. Ellis, and Jessica Mizrachi

Recovery in Narcotics Anonymous from the Perspectives of Long-term Members: A Qualitative Study, Christian DeLucia, Brandon G. Bergman, Diana Formoso, and Laura B. Weinberg


Improvements in closeness, communication, and psychological distress mediate effects of couple therapy for veterans., Brian D Doss, Alexandra Mitchell, Emily J Georgia, Judith N Biesen, and Lorelei Simpson Rowe

Communication and Coordination, Thomas J. Fagan

Effects of Abuse within Violence Exposed Youth: Desensitization or Masked Effects?, Jan Faust, S. Nelson, and N. Campanile

Scales, Children, Denise Gilstrap, Mindy Dunagan, and Laquita Parker

Multiple Family Therapy, Denise Gilstrap, LaQuita Parker, and Mindy Dunagan


Poor Sleep Quality is Associated with Increased Negativity Bias and Decreased Sustained Attention, C M. Gobin, Jonathan B. Banks, Ana I. Fins, and Jaime L. Tartar

Closing the Gap between Research and Practice: The Two-way Bridge Initiative, Marvin Goldfried, Michelle Gayle Newman, Louis Castonguay, Jairo N. Fuertes, Jeffrey Magnavita, Linda C. Sobell, and Abraham W. Wolf

Closing the Gap between Research and Practice: The Two-way Bridge Initiative, R. M. Goldfried, G. M. Newman, G. L. Castonguay, and N. J. Fuertes


A Storied Figure in Hypnotherapy, Steven N. Gold

Fame, Race, and the Persistence of Trauma, Steven N. Gold


Firefighter Suicide: the Need to Examine Cultural Change, Sarah Henderson, Todd J. LeDuc, Judy Couwels, and Vincent B. Van Hasselt

Firefighter suicide: The need to examine cultural change, S. Henderson, T. J. LeDuc, J. Couwels, and Vincent B. Van Hasselt

A Ten-year follow-up of a Study of Memory for the Attack of September 11, 2001: Flashbulb Memories and Memories for Flashbulb Events, William Hirst, Elizabeth A Phelps, Robert Meksin, Chandan J Vaidya, Marcia K Johnson, Karen J Mitchell, Randy L Buckner, Andrew E Budson, John D E Gabrieli, Cindy Lustig, Mara Mather, Kevin N Ochsner, Daniel Schacter, Jon S Simons, Keith B Lyle, Alexandru Cuc, and Andreas Olsson

Motivational Factors Related to Medication Adherence in Spanish-Dominant Hispanics Living with HIV, R. J. Jacobs, J. Caballero, R. L. Owenby, and Amarilis Acevedo

Cardiovascular Reactivity in PTSD and Depression: Hemodynamic Patterning and Task Differences, Jeffery L. Kibler, Lydia R. Malcolm, M. Tursich, Mindy Ma, Steven N. Gold, and R. Greenbarg


Protecting Psychotherapy Clients From the Shadow of the Law: A Call for the Revision of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) Guidelines for Court-Involved Therapy, Toby G. Kleinman and Lenore E. Walker

Homicide-suicide in police families: An analysis of cases from 2007-2014, V. A. Klinoff, Vincent B. Van Hasselt, and R. A. Black


Does Incidental Disgust Amplify Moral Judgment? A Meta-Analytic Review of Experimental Evidence., Justin F Landy and Geoffrey P Goodwin

Our Conclusions Were Tentative, But Appropriate: A Reply to Schnall et al. (2015)., Justin F Landy and Geoffrey P Goodwin

Weight Loss is not the Answer: A Well-being Solution to the “Obesity Problem", Christine Logel, Danu A. Stinson, and Paula M. Brochu

A Preliminary Study Exploring the Efficacy of Advocacy Training, Jenna C. Lyons, Sydney R. Webster, Brittany L. Friedman, Shannon P. Schiavoni, Keith R. Lit, and Ralph E. Cash

A preliminary study exploring the efficacy of advocacy training, Jenna C. Lysons, Sydney R. Webster, Brittany L. Friedman, Shannon P. Schiavoni, Keith R. Lit, and Ralph E. Cash


HIV-Related Attention Bias and Processing Deficits in the Regulation of Emotion: An ERP Analysis, Roger C. MacIntosh, Jaime Tartar, Susan Widmayer, and M Rosselli

Ethnic Differences in Knowledge of Cardiovascular and Diabetes Risk Factors and Health Behaviors, Mindy Ma and Jeffrey L. Kibler


Racial/ethnic differences in knowledge of personal and target levels of cardiovascular health indicators, Mindy Ma and Alyson Ma

Cultural influences on HIV testing among Latino youth, Mindy Ma and Lydia R. Malcolm

Celebrating a strong mentor: Dr. Catharina Chang, William Bradley McKibben

Introducing Holly J. Hartwig Moorhead: Chi Sigma Iota’s new chief executive officer, William Bradley McKibben

It takes three: The fundamentals of triadic supervision, William Bradley McKibben

One man’s attempt to write about his professional identity development, William Bradley McKibben


Evaluating the Distorting Effects of Inattentive Responding and Social Desirability on Self‐Report Scales in Creativity and the Arts, William Bradley McKibben and Paul J. Silvia

Assessing Abuse Potential of New Analgesic Medications following Market Release: An Evaluation of Internet Discussion of Tapentadol Abuse, E. C. McNaughton, Ryan A. Black, S. E. Weber, and S. F. Butler

Object Familiarity and Acculturation do not Explain Performance Differences between Spanish-English Bilinguals and English Monolinguals on the Boston Naming Test, Esther Misdraji-Hammond, Nicholas K. Lim, Mercedes Fernandez, and Maria E. Burke

Applicability of the SMART model of transition readiness for sickle cell disease, S. Mulchan, Jessica Valenzuela, L. Crosby, and C. D. Pow Sang

Beyond Depression: Correlates of Suicidal Behavior in Abused Children, S. Nelson, Jan Faust, K. Doyle, and Christian DeLucia

Health Literacy Predicts Participant Understanding of Orally-Presenting Informed Consent Information, Raymond L. Ownby, Amarilis Acevedo, K. Goodman, J. Caballero, and D. Waldrop-Valverde

The Problem with Passion, M. L. Perryman, Mindy Dunagan, and A. M. Winburn

Improving the quality of evaluation research in correctional education: The use of propensity score matching, Jason E. Piccone

Scrupulosity and implicit and explicit beliefs about God, Steven Pirutinsky, Jedidiah Siev, and David H. Rosmarin


Texas suicide safer schools, Scott Poland and Donna S. Poland

Honoring the Past, Embracing the Present, Focusing on the Future, J. Potash and Mercedes B. ter Maat

Scrupulosity and contamination OCD are not associated with deficits in response inhibition, J. Rasmussen, Jedidiah Siev, A. Abramovitch, and S. Wilhelm


Are thoughtful people more utilitarian? CRT as a unique predictor of moral minimalism in the dilemmatic context, E. B. Royzman, Justin F. Landy, and R. F. Leeman


Psychological expert witness testimony and judicial decision making trends., David L. Shapiro, LeKisha Mixon, Melissa Jackson, and Jonathan Shook

Supervision and Mentoring for Early Career School Psychologists: Availability, Access, Structure, and Implications, A. Silva, D. Newman, M. C. Guiney, Sarah A. Valley-Gray, and C. Morsi

Topical Review. Provider-Patient Interactions: An Important Consideration for Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities in Youth, L. Smith and Jessica Valenzuela

Motivational interviewing: Improving the delivery of psychological services to law enforcement, B. Steinkopf, K. A. Hakala, and Vincent B. Van Hasselt

The Healthy Aging Group: A Mental Health Treatment Model for Improved Quality of Life for Older Adults and Care Providers, Ashley M. Stripling


In Defense of Cortisol, Jaime L. Tartar


Changes in Attention to an Emotional Task after Sleep Deprivation: Neurophysiological and Behavioral Findings, Jaime L. Tartar, Ramey Alfarra, Ana I. Fins, and Issac Chayo

Sleep Restriction and Delayed Sleep Associate with Psychological Health and Biomarkers of Stress and Inflammation in Women, Jaime L. Tartar, Ana I. Fins, Andrea Lopez, Linett A. Sierra, Sarah A. Silverman, Samuel V. Thomas, and Travis J. A. Craddock


Examining Factors Involved in Stress Related Working Memory Impairments: Independent or Conditional Effects?, Jaime L. Tartar, B A. Tamayo, and Jonathan B. Banks

A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Online Self-Management Program for People with Arthritis Pain, K. J. Trudeau, L. Pujol, P. DasMahapatra, and Ryan A. Black

Perceptions of Competencies among School Psychology Trainers and Practitioners: What matters?, Sarah A. Valley-Gray, Ralph E. Cash, C. Spearman, P. Fenning, C. Hazel, A. Harris, C. Riccio, Y. Diaz, and S. Grunewald


Inferring Broad Regulatory Biology from Time Course Data: Have We Reached an Upper Bound under Constraints Typical of In Vivo Studies?, Saurabh Vashishtha, Gordon Broderick, Mary Ann Fletcher, Travis J. A. Craddock, and Nancy G. Klimas

Looking back and looking forward: Psychological and legal interventions for domestic violence, Lenore A. Walker

Who is the real witch in the hunt for truth about child sexual abuse: Review of Cheit’s, The Witchhunt Narratives, Lenore A. Walker

Seeking help for non-suicidal selfinjury: A social network analysis approach, K. L. Wester, E. Clemens, and William Bradley McKibben

Assessing sexually intrusive thoughts: Parsing unacceptable thoughts on the Dimensional Obsessive-Compulsive Scale, C. T. Wetterneck, Jedidiah Siev, T. G. Adams, J. C. Slimowicz, and A. H. Smith

Submissions from 2014


Analysis of the Strength of Interfacial Hydrogen Bonds between Tubulin Dimers Using Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules, Ahmed T. Ayoub, Travis J. A. Craddock, Mariusz Klobukowski, and Jack A. Tuszynski

Where’s the Impairment: An Examination of Factors that Impact Sustained Attention Following a Stresso, Jonathan Banks, Jaime Tartar, and M. Welhaf

Clinical trainees' knowledge and beliefs about 12-step organizations: Implications for training and future practice, Brandon G. Bergman and Christian DeLucia

Comparing Fit and Reliability Estimates of a Psychological Instrument using Second-Order CFA, Bifactor, and Essentially Tau-Equivalent (Coefficient Alpha) Models via AMOS 22, Ryan A. Black, Y. Yang, D. Bietra, and S. McCaffrey

Age differences in autobiographical memories of negative events, A. Boals, B. Hayslip, and Jonathan Banks


Do Media Portrayals Of Obesity Influence Support For Weight-Related Medical Policy?, Paula M. Brochu, Rebecca L. Pearl, Rebecca M. Puhl, and Kelly D. Brownell

Self-change among Spanish speakers with alcohol and drug use disorders in Spain and the United States, José L. Carballo, Linda C. Sobell, Mariam Dum, Mark B. Sobell, José R. Fernández-Hermida, Roberto Secades-Villa, and O. García-Rodríguez


Changes in prevalence of prescription opioid abuse after introduction of an abuse-deterrent opioid formulation, T. A. Cassidy, P. DasMahapatra, Ryan A. Black, S. Matthew, M. S. Wieman, and S. F. Butler


Incorporating Internet-based Interventions into Couple Therapy: Available Resources and Recommended Uses., Larisa N Cicila, Emily Georgia Salivar, and Brian D. Doss

Social problem solving skills mediates the relationship between traumatic stress and moral disengagement among inner-city African American high school students., L. K. Coker, U. Ikpe, J. Brooks, and B. Page


The feasibility of coherent energy transfer in microtubules, Travis J. A. Craddock, Douglas E. Friesen, Jonathan Mane, Stuart Hameroff, and Jack A. Tuszynski


A Role for Homeostatic Drive in the Perpetuation of Complex Chronic Illness: Gulf War Illness and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Travis J. A. Craddock, Paul Fritsch, Mark A. Rice Jr., Ryan M. del Rosario, Diane B. Miller, Nancy G. Klimas, Mary Ann Fletcher, and Gordon Broderick


Keeping Time: Could Quantum Beating in Microtubules be the Basis for the Neural Synchrony Related to Consciousness? , Travis J. A. Craddock, Avner Priel, and Jack A. Tuszynski

An evaluation of deficits in semantic cueing and proactive and retroactive interference as early features of Alzheimer's Disease, E. Crocco, R. E. Curiel, Amarilis Acevedo, and S. J. Czaja


Autobiographical Narratives can be Used with Confidence to Collect Information about Ex-Smokers' Reasons for Quitting Smoking., Alex Cuc, Linda C. Sobell, Mark B. Sobell, J. J. Ruiz, and Andrew C. Voluse