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Current Issue: Volume 15, Number 4 (2017)




Pilot Study: What Measures Predict First Time Pass Rate on the National Physical Therapy Examination?
Jamie Bayliss, Rosanne M. Thomas, and Marsha Eifert-Mangine@msj.edu


Correlation of formative assessments as the means of predicting summative performance in paramedic students
William J. Leggio Jr, Alan M. Batt, Jennifer C. Berry, Tom Fentress, Marilee L. Vosper, Kelly Walsh, and James Dinsch


Developing Clinical Faculty Understanding of Interprofessional Education: An Inter-institutional, Interprofessional Approach
Debra A. Bierwas, Oaklee Rogers, Brenda Taubman, Lorie Kroneberger, Holly Carroll, and Patrick Enking


Lifestyle Medicine Professionals in Training: A Survey of Behaviors, Knowledge and Needs
Camille A. Clarke, Jonathan P. Bonnet, Marsha Gail Davis, and Elizabeth P. Frates

Systematic Review

Case Study


Role Emerging Placements in Undergraduate Occupational Therapy Training: A Case Study
Martin Fitzgerald, Abigail Kate Smith, Nazman Rehman, and Michelle Taylor

Opinion Piece

Review Article


Paramedic patient advocacy: a review and discussion
Alan M. Batt, Gerard Ward, and Joseph J. Acker

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