CAHSS Faculty Articles

CAHSS Faculty Articles


A selection of faculty scholarship from the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.


Submissions from 2001


Reviewed Work: Talking Dirty to the Gods by Yusef Komunyakaa, Andrea Elizabeth Shaw-Nevins


Reviewed Work: Talk Yuh Talk: Interviews with Anglophone Caribbean Poets by Kwame Dawes, Andrea Elizabeth Shaw-Nevins


Theater of the Recruits: Boal techniques in the New York Police Academy, Grace A. Telesco and Alisa Solomon

Framing the Framed Self: A Reading of Victor Nunez’s Ruby in Paradise, Kathleen J. Waites

Submissions from 2000

Tales of the Elders of Ireland: A New Translation of Acallam na Senórach, James E. Doan

The Eagle Wing Expedition (1636) and the Settlement of Londonderry, N.H. (1719): Two Episodes in Ulster-Scots/Scotch-Irish History, James E. Doan


The Voyage of St. Brendan: Celtic Otherworld Tale, Christian Apologia, or Medieval Travelog?, James E. Doan

Análisis y Disen̋o de Investigación y Extensión a Nivel de Finca: Análisis de Adaptabilidad, Peter E. Hildebrand, Elena P. Bastidas, and Victor E. Cabrera


What's in a Name?: Capturing the Essence of Campus Mediation, Neil H. Katz


New Legislation in Germany Concerning Same-Sex Unions, Stephen Ross Levitt

Shakespeare on Management: Leadership Lessons for Today's Managers, Ben Mulvey


Structuring Home-Based Therapy: Four Phases to Effective Treatment, Michael D. Reiter


Utilizing the Home Environment in Home-Based Family Therapy, Michael D. Reiter

The Use of Visual Scaling with White’s Externalization Technique, L. Shilts and Michael Reiter

Anne Sexton, Kathleen J. Waites

Mary Shelley, Kathleen J. Waites and Suzanne E. Ferriss


Searching for Family Therapy in the Rockies: Family Therapists Meet A Paleontologist, Dan Wulff, Sally St. George, and Ronald J. Chenail

Submissions from 1999


"You just look at our work and see if you have any freedom on earth": Ghanaian Women's Accounts of their Work and their Health, Joyce Avotri-Wuaku and Vivienne Walters


Gender Issues and Women Participation in Irrigated Agriculture: The Case of Two Private Irrigation Canals in Carchi, Ecuador, Elena P. Bastidas


Limitations of Counseling and Testing in CDC's HIV Prevention Efforts, William W. Darrow, Robert D. Webster, Steven P. Kurtz, Abraham K. Buckley, and Robert R. Stempel

Folklore and the Fantastic in Twelve Modern Irish Novels, James E. Doan


Making Symptoms Vanish: Hypnosis and the Mystery of the Sudden Cure, Douglas G. Flemons

Critics of Philippine poets, L. M. Grow

Scattered Felicity in Philippine Poetry, L. M. Grow

Butterflies under Cover: Cuban and Puerto Rican Gay Masculinities in Miami, Steven P. Kurtz


Without Women: Masculinities, Gay Male Sexual Culture and Sexual Behaviors in Miami, Florida, Steven P. Kurtz

How Honest Are You?, Ben Mulvey

Asian Americans and Affirmative Action, Claire Michele Rice

Identity Conflicts: The Impact of Relief, Development and Conflict Resolution Programs on Conflict Dynamics, Mary Hope Schwoebel

Zora Neale Hurston, Kathleen J. Waites

Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte, Kathleen J. Waites and Suzanne E. Ferriss

Unclothing Gender: The Postmodern Sensibility in Sally Potter’s Orlando, Kathleen J. Waites and Suzanne E. Ferriss

"Your heart is never free": Women in Wales and Ghana Talking about Distress, Vivienne Walters, Joyce Avotri-Wuaku, and Nickie Charles


From Rights to Resources: The Southern Federal District Courts and the Transformation of Civil Rights in Education, 1968-­‐1974, Charles L. Zelden

Submissions from 1998


Impact of HIV Counseling and Testing on HIV-Infected Men who have Sex with Men: The South Beach Health Survey, William W. Darrow, Robert D. Webster, Steven P. Kurtz, Abraham K. Buckley, Kesuri I. Patel, and Robert R. Stempel


Gender and the 1798 Rebellion, James E. Doan

The Siege of Derry in Ulster Protestant Mythology, James E. Doan

The Siege of Derry in Ulster protestant Mythology, Ian McBride, James E. Doan

Writing the Wind: A Celtic Resurgence, The New Celtic Poetry, James E. Doan

Teaching, Training and Technology: Multiple Relationships to the Cyberworld, Jerry E. Gale and Ronald Chenail

Response to ‘The Case of Mr. B', Ben Mulvey

Changing Conversations, Anne H. Rambo

Using Circular Scaling Questions to Deconstruct Depression: A Case Study, Michael D. Reiter and L. Shilts

Building a New Foundation, R. Stevens, C. Westwell, and Ronald J. Chenail


The Judge Intuitive: The Life and Judicial Philosophy of Joseph C. Hutcheson, Jr., Charles L. Zelden

Submissions from 1997

Pragmatics of Human Relationships, Dorothy Becvar and Raphael Becvar

A Developmental Model for Advising Student-Athletes, Mark J. Cavanaugh

One Dies, Get Another: Convict Leasing in the American South, 1866-1928, Timothy W. Dixon

An Island in the Virginian Sea’: Native Americans and Irish in English Discourse, 1585-1640, James Doan

Oscar Wilde and the Poetics of Ambiguity, James E. Doan

"An Island in the Virginian Sea": Native Americans and the Irish in English Discourse, 1585-1640, James E. Doan

Review of Harlene Anderson’s Good mother? Bad mother?: A dissolving dilemma, Douglas G. Flemons


Review of Harlene Anderson’s Good Mother? Bad Mother?: A Dissolving Dilemma, Douglas G. Flemons

The slippery truth about false memory, Douglas G. Flemons

The Slippery Truth about False Memory, Douglas G. Flemons

Attending to Relationships: Editor’s Introduction, Douglas G. Flemons and Jerry Gale


Participating in the Culture of Cancer: A Demilitarized Approach to treatment, Douglas G. Flemons and Judith A. Shulimson


An Interview with Robert Bor, City University of London, Shelley K. Green

Introduction: Special Section on AIDS/HIV, Shelley K. Green

And Quiet Flows the Dawn, L. M. Grow

Gathering Grief: The Lonely room of Isabelo T Crisostomo, L. M. Grow

Synopsis of a Practical Guide: Guidelines for Ethics Committees, Ben Mulvey


A Personal Journey, Anne H. Rambo


Clients Helping Therapists Find Solutions to their Therapy, Lee Shilts, Anne H. Rambo, and Laurie Hernandez

Premarital and Remarital Counseling: the Professional’s Handbook, Robert F. Stahmann and William J. Hiebert

Submissions from 1996

Federal Justice in Western Missouri: The Judges, the Cases, the Times, Timothy W. Dixon

Negotiating Identity: Rhetoric, Metaphor and Social Drama in Northern Ireland, James E. Doan

Negotiating Identity: Rhetoric, Metaphor and Social Drama in Northern Ireland, Anthony D Buckley and Mary Catherine Kenney, James E. Doan

Evaluating therapists' practices in a postmodern world: A discussion and a scheme., D. Flemons, Shelley K. Green, and A. Rambo

Evaluating therapist’s practices in a postmodern world: A discussion and a scheme, D. Flemons, S. Green, and Anne Hearon Rambo


Evaluating Therapists’ Practices in a Postmodern World: A Discussion and a Scheme, Douglas G. Flemons, Shelley K. Green, and Anne H. Rambo


Research and Practice: A Reflexive and Recursive Relationship- Three Narratives, Five Voices, Jerry E. Gale, Ronald J. Chenail, Wendy L. Watson, Lorraine M. Wright, and Janice M. Bell

Treating People in Families: An Integrative Framework, William C. Nichols

Putting your Major into Practice, Claire Michele Rice

Submissions from 1995

Some Correlates of Maturity, Mark J. Cavanaugh

Irishness and (Post)Modernism, John S Rickard, Ed., James E. Doan

The Irish Ulysses, James E. Doan

Contralateral Meaning of Heart: Recursive Phenomenon and Cultural Imperative, C. Filippino, Ronald J. Chenail, and J. Rozanski

Review of Paulino Lim, Jr, Sparrows Don’t Sing in the Philippines, L. M. Grow

The Laughter of My Father: A Survival Kit, L. M. Grow


Steps in the Analysis and Interpretation of On-Farm Research-Extension Data Based on Adaptability Analysis (AA): A Training Guide, Peter E. Hildebrand and Elena P. Bastidas

Review of The New Language of Change: Constructive Collaboration in Psychotherapy, Anne H. Rambo

Florida's Tomato Producers Adopt Sustainable Practices, M. E. Swisher and Elena P. Bastidas

Florida's Potato Producers: Moving toward Sustainability, M. E. Swisher, Elena P. Bastidas, and G. J. Hochmuth

Florida's Sweet Corn Producers Adopt Sustainable Practices, M. E. Swisher, Elena P. Bastidas, and G. J. Hochmuth

Submissions from 1994


Social Role Negotiation Skills for Substance-Abusing Adolescents: A Group Model, Thomas W. Blume, Shelley K. Green, Harvey Joanning, and William S. Quinn

Sich selbst und andere in Therapie und Forschung rekonstruieren: Eine Meta-Analyse, Ronald J. Chenail

May it Please the Court, Timothy W. Dixon

Cattle Lords and Clansmen, James E. Doan

The Triplet Who Couldn't Be: A Matter of Language, Shelley K. Green


Family Therapists' Response to AIDS: An Examination of Attitudes toward AIDS, Persons with AIDS (PWAs), and Homosexuals, Shelley K. Green and Monte Bobele

The Crafted Fact: Cornelio S Reyes' 'Yesterday's tomorrow', L. M. Grow

Tita Lacambra-Ayala: The Penetrating Eye, L. M. Grow

Ubi Sunt: Francisco Arcellana's Sacrament of Death, L. M. Grow

Florida's Tomato Producers: Are They Moving toward Sustainability?, M. E. Swisher and Elena P. Bastidas

Size of Grower as a Predictor of Adoption of Selected Agricultural Production Practices, M. E. Swisher and Elena P. Bastidas

Submissions from 1993

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me, Frank McGuinness; The Irish Literary Tradition, J E Caerwyn Williams and Patrick K Ford; and Sweeney's Flight, Seamus Heaney with photographs by Rachel Giese, James E. Doan

The Scotch-Irish and the Formation of a Celtic Southern Culture in the 18th and 19th Centuries, James E. Doan

The Effects of a Gay/Lesbian Panel Discussion on College Student Attitudes toward Gay Men, Lesbians, and Persons with AIDS (PWAs), Shelley K. Green, Paul Dixon, and Valerie Gold-Neil

Review of Edilberto K Tiempo, Snake Twin and Other Stories and T D Agcaoili, Collected Stories (Volume 1), L. M. Grow