CAHSS Faculty Articles

CAHSS Faculty Articles


A selection of faculty scholarship from the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.


Submissions from 1977

The Breton Cantiques: An Approach to Studying Breton Culture through Religious Song Texts, James E. Doan


The Mabinogi and Other Medieval Welsh Tales, Ed. P K Ford, James E. Doan

Mikrokosmos A Pleasant Surprise, L. M. Grow

The Harrowed and Hallowed Ground: An Interview with Bienvenido N Santos, L. M. Grow

The Search for Truth: Book Learning Versus personal Experience in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, L. M. Grow

Submissions from 1976


An Unedited Welsh Poem from Peniarth 49: Cywydd y Gal, James E. Doan

Modern Philippine Literature in English: current Trends and the Tradition, L. M. Grow

The Ghost of time Past: Philippine Literary Criticism in English, L. M. Grow

Submissions from 1975

The Usefulness of Synesthesia in Teaching Freshman Composition, L. M. Grow

Submissions from 1974

A Research Guide on the Mexican Cult of Death, Barbara Brodman

Manifestations of the Mexican Cult of Death in the Short Stories of Jose Revueltas, Barbara Brodman

The Dream Scenes of Invisible Man, L. M. Grow


History of Human Struggle Re-Examined, Neil H. Katz

Submissions from 1973

Sarah Scott: A Reconsideration, L. M. Grow

The Consistency of the Biographia Literaria, L. M. Grow


The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: Multiple Veils of Illusion, L. M. Grow


Nonviolence Studies in the University: A Personal Experience, Neil H. Katz

Submissions from 1971

Additional Heinrich Gomperz manuscripts in the Hoose Library, L. M. Grow