The purpose of this paper is to describe a pilot study that will further develop and refine the capstone course for an 11-credit hour Interprofessional Curriculum. The course is being designed to allow students an opportunity to apply interprofessional concepts within the context of a practicum experience. Students were recruited from a variety of Health Science programs. Eleven volunteered to participate representing nursing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. A low-income, urban residence was chosen for the project site. In collaboration with the community site director, students created a resource manual, “Your Guide to Health,” and developed a health promotion/illness prevention Health Fair. Methodology used to evaluate the pilot study included student and faculty perceptions, course evaluations, and administration of the Team Effectiveness Tool (TET). While course evaluations and student/faculty perceptions were positive, several challenges were identified. The results of the pre- and post TET scores were analyzed using a Wilcoxon test. No significant difference was found in the results (Z = -.311, p > .05). Lessons learned from this study will assist in the ongoing development of the capstone course, Integrative Interprofessional Practicum Experience, which will contribute to the preparation of students for collaborative practice.




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