Volume 9, Number 4 (2011)



I Propose a Toast
Robert Grosz


Dr. Watson, I Presume…
Peter Holub



Evaluation of a Pilot Study for a Capstone Course: Integrative Interprofessional Practicum Experience
Rita Wunderlich, Cheryl Cavallo, Peggy Gettemeier, Katie Eliot, and Irma Ruebling


Technical Challenges and Solutions: Creating Virtual Environments for a Health Science Interprofessional Course
Erika deJong, Dave Chodos, Pawel Kuras, Patricia Boechler, Eleni Stroulia, Michael Carbonaro, and Sharla King


Implementation of Supplemental Instruction for Physical Therapist Students in an Exercise Physiology Course
Kim Levenhagen, Cheryl Cavallo, Ethel Frese, Ginge Kettenbach, and Elaine Wilder

Case Study

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