Information is critical in making health-related decisions. New communication technologies show great promise in providing ways to develop and deliver changes in health behaviors. The behavioral and communication changes in consumers, patients, providers, and organizations are being noticed at individual, community, and organizational levels due to innovations in electronic health information systems, such as personal health records (PHRs), electronic medical records (EMRs), and electronic health records (EHRs). The noted behavioral/communication changes include improved quality patient care; easy, accurate, and quick information retrieval; rapid information sharing; quick decision making; reduced medical errors due to electronic alerts; increased storage of data and records electronically; and improved information screening and reporting. Literature was reviewed using Pub Med and an internet search. RogerIn recent years, new developments have resulted in the rapid growth of communication technologies such as computer software, the Internet, email, mobile telephones, information systems, and handheld computers. Previously, computer use was predominantly available in high-level government agencies, research laboratories, and large companies. Today, computers and advanced technologies in connection with health data are the new way to manage diseases. Hospitals, healthcare organizations, health departments, and small healthcare facilities, are adopting health information systems and average citizens are using computers to access health-related information. User interfaces have improved and are being interactive with other information systems. The rate of adoption continues to increase as technology becomes cheaper and more accessible. This article discusses the effect of innovation in health information technology on the public




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