The purpose of the paper is to examine the view of men in nursing. It is a discussion on whether a systemic trend to marginalize men in nursing exists and the impact this systemic trend has on the nursing profession as a whole. The trend to marginalize men in nursing is examined through the use of a general literature search. The literature search performed looks for examples and statistics on the number of men in nursing and the view of men in nursing, held within the profession and by the population at large. The smaller trends within nursing, from the use of gender biased-language to sex-based discrimination within the education of nurses are all explored, especially within the context of the marginalization of men in nursing. The impact these smaller trends have on the wider trend to marginalize men, and the impact they have on the profession, are also explored. The systemic trend to marginalize men in nursing means men will never be truly accepted in nursing, which in turn, will exacerbate the current nursing shortage the profession is experiencing.




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