The authors explored the use, demographics, knowledge, and the impact of a statewide smoking ban on smokeless tobacco use among college students. Participants and Methods: During spring of 2008, 417 students enrolled at a Midwestern state university completed a 12-item survey. Results: Twenty-two percent of males in this sample have recently used smokeless tobacco. Participants had a mean knowledge score of 7.8, constructed from nine items on the survey. Non-users scored higher (p<.001) than users and females scored higher (p<.001) than males. Users (N=34) did not demonstrate a significant difference (p=.71) in use after the implementation of a statewide smoking ban. Conclusions:Knowledge does not appear to be the only factor influencing the use of smokeless tobacco. Additional research is needed to investigate other factors including the impact of a statewide smoking ban on smokeless tobacco use.




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