Dr. Morton Diamond publishes new book.

An Interview with Dr. Morton Diamond, author of Medical Insights: From Classroom to Patient. By Dr. Guy Nehrenz

(Nehrenz) Tell me about your new book And the approach you take toward teaching and discussing medicine.

(Diamond) “Medical Insights” is not a traditional textbook. Rather, it is a book that is designed to help the student or young clinician learn an efficient and logical approach to medical thinking. Chapter titles are illustrative of this novel effort:

  • The Smartest Answer to a Medical Question: It Depends
  • The Most Important Word in Medical Diagnosis: And
  • Stop and Think
  • Always and Never

(Nehrenz) What do you see as the biggest problem in health professions education and the amount of information addressed?

(Diamond) The health professions student often becomes frustrated and bewildered. First, the student is presented with a massive volume of medical information in each curriculum subject; making matters worse is that the material is presented in a disjointed and fragmented manner.

(Diamond) For example, the subject of ptosis (drooping of the eyelid) is found in the following chapters: pulmonary (bronchogenic carcinoma), neurology (cerebral aneurysm), endocrinology (diabetes mellitus), infectious disease (Lyme disease), autoimmune disease (myasthenia gravis), and diseases of unknown etiology (sarcoidosis). The text does not enlighten the student on how to approach a patient who has ptosis; the student does not learn how to quickly and efficiently differentiate amongst these disorders.

(Nehrenz) Will this book be a good reference for all health professions students?

(Diamond) I think that this book will be valuable to all students in the health professions, most notably, medical students, nurse practitioner students, and physician assistant students.


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