From the Managing Editor

Happy New Year and welcome to the start of the 7th year of the Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice. We have seen quite a transformation and increase in our audience over the years. As an allied health journal, we cover a broad spectrum of the healthcare market and continue to expand our horizons.

With this edition, we are publishing the transcript of a talk given by Ms. Nicole Johnson, MA, MPH, former Miss America , and now diabetes educator, to incoming physician assistant students during their white coat ceremony. A truly inspiring talk talk that hit home with every member of the 200 person audience. Even after 32 years in the healthcare field, it gave me pause to consider the consequences of my own words during many years in trauma, flight medicine, and pediatrics. I hope I did well.

You will see that this is a large edition with many different topics, from BCG vaccine to public health, sleep, and childhood obesity. The authors and editors have work diligently to bring you this edition and we are very pleased with the content.

I wish you all a wonderful and safe new year, and thank you for reading the journal and contributing to its success.


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