From the Managing Editor

As we ponder today's global financial woes, I am confident I made the right decision to enter the field of healthcare and education 32 years ago. Though the global economy affects everything we do, healthcare seems to be a safer employment bet. We watch as friends and neighbors in other industries lose their jobs of 20 years and see others suffer with layoffs and reduced hours, but healthcare continues to march on. There are effects, however, on hospital systems, private practice, laboratories and many other areas in the healthcare arena.

One area that may be terribly affected is research. For those of us involved in discovery, we are concerned about the pool of research dollars shrinking. No money, no research, no discovery. How can we combat this global research disaster waiting to happen? At this time, not much is being said. As credit dries up, donations from endowments and philanthropists are predicted to drop. We may have to look at new methods of funding research in the future.

But for those continuing their research pursuits, hang in there, I believe the global economy will recover, and we will once again move forward.

From the Editorial Board, our thanks go to all the researchers and authors who have submitted this past quarter. We would also like to welcome our first manuscript from Israel.

In this edition, the authors discuss a wide range of topics dealing with opiate addiction, athletic training, the online environment and research, stem cell therapy, and the effect of venipuncture on students. As always, we look forward to manuscripts from both seasoned and first-time authors and wish all of you happy reading and writing.


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