From the Managing Editor

Welcome to the first volume of the new year. I believe the journal continues to grow and improve. This edition is graced with manuscripts from both previous contributors and from authors new to us. The countries represented include Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Topics in this edition include teaching strategies in online education, emotional and social intelligence as it relates to leadership, athletic training, clinical education, and a new look at dyspnea.

We have expanded our use of cover stories to include important organizational and allied health activities. It is my hope to continue to expand the cover story area in order to describe events happening in the world-wide allied health community outside the scope of the normal scientific peer-review process - casual articles about real life events that are important. I want to thank those who contributed stories.

I would also like to thank the editorial and review board members for making this journal what it is today. All of our volunteer experts put in countless hours to improve the quality of the journal.

Enjoy the journal, and as always, thank you for reading the IJAHSP.


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