Camp Integrations “Building Skills for Fun and Friends” Integrated Sensorimotor Program


Eric Shamus

Program Description:

Using a day-camp model, this program focuses on providing an enriched therapeutic setting that will support children with special needs to have fun in a social, yet therapeutic, camp experience. The experience provides a wide range of therapeutic approaches with focus on engaging the most powerful aspects of development to result in notable changes at the end of this one-week intensive treatment session.

The overall goal is to maximize the potential of each child, to help them become their best using an integrated therapy approach with occupational, physical, speech and behavior therapy for children with sensory integration dysfunction and learning disabilities.

This year 40 volunteer physical, occupational and speech therapists, faculty and students provided their time and expertise to provide an interdisciplinary therapeutic summer camp for children with varying disabilities. The camp activities consisted of hippotherapy (therapy on horseback), aquatherapy, sensori-motor therapy, therapeutic yoga, music therapy, and social skills training. Research on camp outcomes was funded through a grant awarded by Nova Southeastern University.

Physical Therapist Dr. Rebecca Rosenthal has the full attention of this camper.

DPT student Dena Paige works the mat with this camper.

For more information on this program, contact Dr. Rosenthal

All photos used with permission from Dr. Tovin - Parental consent on file for children. Story by Dr. Eric Shamus