An increased prevalence of urinary incontinence (UI) is reported in patients with chronic lung disease because of the stress that repeated coughing places on the pelvic floor. To date, it is not known if lung transplantation (LTx) affects the prevalence of UI. Purpose: to compare the prevalence, severity and impact of urinary / faecal incontinence in adult patients pre- and post-LTx. Method: patients registered with the Royal Adelaide Hospital Lung Transplant Unit were eligible for participation. The prevalence, severity, and impact of incontinence was measured using a questionnaire administered in a private interview. Results: Ninety-four patients (44 males, 50 females; 42 pre-LTx, 52 post-LTx; mean age 46.3 years [SD 13.0]) completed the questionnaire. The prevalence of UI was significantly higher in patients pre-LTx (69.0%) than patients post-LTx (30.8%), whereas the prevalence of faecal incontinence was similar in the two groups (16.7% pre-LTx, 13.5% post-LTx). In most patients with UI, it was episodic, the amount leaked was small, it was most often associated with coughing and sneezing, and it was perceived as causing few problems. Conclusion: LTx appears to be associated with a significant decrease in the prevalence of UI.




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