From the Managing Editor

Here we are, the end of the 5th volume of publication and 129 manuscripts have graced the pages of this journal. It's been a great journey so far. As can be seen with this edition, 5 countries are represented. We had no idea when we started the journal that so many individuals would contribute. This is the wonder of quality open access journals, especially a journal like the Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice.

The IJAHSP is volunteer effort from editing to commentaries, manuscript review, and publication. The only costs are the manuscript system and the server that are underwritten by Nova Southeastern University. Authors pay nothing to publish with us. I thank all of you, the reviewers, editors, and authors, and your places of business for allowing you the time to undertake scholarly activity on the behalf of the journal. Or to your families who let you ignore them.

We continue to support the open-access movement, but only when run responsibly. There must be a set of rules and structure to what is published on the web, especially when represented as an authoritative journal. I believe we have done that, and will continue to do so, and improve with each and every edition.

Our mission remains the same: "To provide an international opportunity for first time and seasoned authors to publish their work in a fair, responsible, and supportive interdisciplinary forum, while providing quality peer review."

There is no one feature of this journal that makes us unique. What does make us unique is the combination of features: this is an open-access, international, multidisciplinary, internet journal that is accepting of both first time and seasoned authors. Our reviewers and editors go the extra mile to make working with the Journal an educational and mostly painless experience for the author. The purpose of this journal is to present what allied health practitioners around the world are doing. The Journal will remain discipline generic, whereas many, if not most, are discipline specific.

In this issue, the countries represented are Australia, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. Subjects include, aging, clinical education, satisfaction within pharmacy practice, evaluation in primary care, teledentistry, incontinence and lung transplantation, balance, and others. Where else but in an interdisciplinary, international journal could you see such a mix of subjects and professions?

Thank you and enjoy this edition.


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