Background: The clinical setting is one of the most valuable educational resources available to institutions training physiotherapy students. The experiences gained at the clinical settings assist graduates to grasp what the discipline of physiotherapy is all about. Objective: To evaluate existing clinical venues providing placement for physiotherapy students at the University of the Western Cape. Methodology: Both quantitative and qualitative methods were employed to gather data. A validated questionnaire was used to gather the quantitative information. The questionnaire consisted of a seventeen-item instrument using a Likert scale which ranged from strongly agree to strongly disagree. Five open ended questions were added to gather qualitative data which would enrich the quantitative responses. The quantitative data was analysed using SPSS and reported using descriptive statistics. The qualitative data were transcribed verbatim by an independent person and emerging themes were identified. Results: The study yielded a response rate of 61%. The majority of the respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the statements relating to satisfaction with clinical placements. The highest negative responses related to the clinicians attitudes and willingness to assist students. Conclusion: Physiotherapy students were found to be satisfied with their clinical rotations but highlighted areas that could be improved to enhance the learning that takes place at the clinical settings.




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